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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 28 June 2017
Highly recommend this book and the rest of the series
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on 23 May 2017
So bloody good man. The whole series is just brilliant. Can't wait to watch the film man. Lauren Kate is just brilliant.
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on 3 June 2017
Very good condition would use again
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on 26 March 2017
Great :)
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on 16 August 2017
Exactly as described and prompt delivery
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on 23 August 2012
Oh deary me. Billed as a romantic collection of love stories from Kate's Fallen universe (slotting in neatly between 'Passion' and Rapture'), for me this was the Valentine that didn't deliver. The date that brings you hazelnut chocolates even though you have allergies. The one who gives you a book of cuddly dog pictures even though you're a cat person. The one that tries, but somehow manages to completely and repeatedly miss the mark.

The lovely-as-ever cover pretty much sums up the premise with the tagline, 'A Fallen Novel in Stories'. The book is made up of four interlinking Valentine's Day tales, two of which were good, and two of which weren't so good (if Amazon allowed half-stars, I'd have given it a 2.5 star rating - half good, half bad!). The first, that of Shelby and Miles, was pretty good. They're such loveable and amusing characters already, and the story takes the spark we saw in 'Passion' and gently fans it into a sweetly romantic flame. The second, Roland's story, was a duff one for me. He's such a cool and confident character, it was a bit of a disappointment to see him turning into a fawning stalker over a girl from his past. Arriane's unexpected angel-demon lesbian love story was a pleasant surprise at first, until I realised that three pages in she, too, lost 90% of her humour and energy, and became some kind of melodramatic Wuthering Heights-esque wench instead. Finally we returned to Luce and Daniel, where the book picked up again with their familiar brand of true love, eternal longing, and grand romantic gestures (and the return of the deliciously acerbic gargoyle Bill). At least we started and ended on a high note, right?

Ultimately I think Kate made the same mistake here that she did in 'Passion' - she tried to tell too many stories in one book, and it ended up falling flat. I also can't understand divesting her most brilliant characters - the ones who offer light relief to counterbalance the intense romance of Daniel and Luce - of so much of their strength, humour and charm. Instead they get dragged down into heartbreak and overly dramatic confrontation, their tales becoming a jumbled torrent of clunky philosophy and highly-strung emotions. Not exactly a happy book for Valentine's Day! Oh, and one more thing - this quote bothered me: "Why, I was younger than Lucinda when I was a mother made... Seek happy nights to happy days..." Is it just me, or is that Shakespeare's Lady Capulet, then the Nurse, quoted pretty much word for word? This Romeo and Juliet fan was not amused.

I guess in the end, this is probably one of those books that you're better off reading for yourself. Personally, I was very disappointed, and would have been even more so had I splashed out on a hardback copy for some romantic Valentine's Day reading. I think it's more of an add-on to the series than a vital part of it (though I haven't read 'Rapture' yet, so please correct me if I'm wrong!) - perhaps it's one for die-hard fans only? Despite all this, I'm still really looking forward to Luce and Daniel's grand finale, where I've heard Kate is finally back on the top form she displayed in 'Fallen' and 'Torment'. Fingers (and wings) crossed!
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on 6 February 2012
What better way to fill the time between books in a series you love, than a lovely valentine's novella?

Fallen In Love had the same feel as the other books in the Fallen series, but shorter and with something beautiful - a new insight into the angels.

We get snippets of Roland's lost love, his struggle with balancing who he is and someone he thinks will never accept him...and wonders if it is even fair to ask her to try. Arriane gets her own chapter and Cam gets a small look in also (thank goodness - I am majorly Team Cam!)...but the most touching was Miles and Shelby and their portion of the book.

The nephilim work together with the angels to try and give Luce and Daniel something the never get - a Valentine's day together and no drama with it.

There isn't a lot to be said about Fallen In Love...it's short and to the point and oh so perfectly written. Fallen fans will adore it and make the wait for Rapture that bit more easier. Or harder. Depends how you look at it!

It is a very, very quick read and the main focus is definitely not on Luce and Daniel, but on the other angels. That said, it was a very, very good quick read.
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on 11 February 2013
I picked up this book by chance one day and I am so glad I did.
This compelling, mysterious love story of a bond between two strangers, is possibly one of the best I have ever read.

Daniel and Lucinda's journey, although seeming to just be starting, has actually been tackling the will of the God for hundreds of years, over and over again.

The way this book has been written, blew my mind. It's so thrilling, so detailed, so unbelievably romantic and passionate. I felt with every word written, the emotion that Lauren Kate must have felt, when writing this magnificent story.

The story does not start slow, it gripped me from the very first chapter. An awkward girl, being shifted from Dover Prep to a strange, alien, dank, castle like school with strange boys with sunburst tattoos and alarming green eyes. Only to be shocked by another strange boy in a red scarf with alarming purple eyes.

Her personality evolved as a character, as the book evolved into a whirlwind story of ever lasting passion and heartache. I love how Lauren Kate gave each and every character a particular personality, no two are the same, and I felt like I had gotten to know each and every one, which is why it pained me to no end, when one character is savagely dismissed.

This book had every ingredient to make a fantastic read. When I first read this book, the second had not come out, so I read it three times over, until Torment went to print. It isn't often a book had that effect on me.

Well done Lauren Kate, for taking Angels and Demons to the next level in this on going, fantastic, chest compressing, thrilling story...truly amazing.
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on 15 February 2012
I saw this in the library and first of all thought it was a gorgeous cover, I looked at it and read the blurb and was curious. I read Passion yesterday as I knew this one came after it and then went straight on to this one.
This is a book of short stories showing the romance/love story of some of the different characters, namely Shelby & Miles, Arriane, Roland, Luce & Daniel. It takes place I would guess about 2/3 of the way through Passion.
I really enjoyed the short stories, it was a real look into their lives and let you see another side of them. The story of Shelby and Miles was probably my favourite, but Arriane's was the most sensitive/emotional.
Each story is set during a Valentines Day in Medieval England and they each lead to the next one, so it still feels like a progression through the story.
This is probably my favourite in the series so far as it digs a little deeper. I really enjoyed it and wanted to know more about the characters and what happens next. I think some of them will feature in the next book 'Rapture'. This copy also has the first chapter from Rapture in it - just enough to make you want more. I don't normally read taster chapters as they just annoy me because I know it will just make me want more and I can't have it, but with this one for some reason I couldn't resist and I read it. Boy I wish I hadn't as I really do want more now.
For fans of the series this is a must, or even if you are looking for some sweet romance/budding love stories then this would be a great read.
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I have to say that usually I'm not really a fan of short stories mainly because I find that they're not long enough to get to know the characters and there's not enough time for plot development but when I heard about Fallen in Love I figured I'd give it a go as those reasons are irrelevant with these four short stories as they centre around the characters of the Fallen world, a series that I love.

The book is set alongside the same timeline as Passion, the third book in this series, and takes place in Medieval England on Valentine's Day as Luce and Co travel through the announcers.

There are four short stories centring around each characters Valentine's Day giving us readers a chance to learn more about the secondary characters love lives unlike the rest of the series where the focus is mainly on Luce and Daniel.

The first story is Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles where the friends blossom into something more whilst trying to help the Lucinda of the past have a romantic Valentine's Day with Daniel. The second story is Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland where we get to learn of the only woman Roland has ever loved a mortal girl who Roland loved and lost during this time period and revisits on this Valentine's Day through an announcer. The third story is Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane where we learn about Arriane's great love with a demon girl named Tessriel and how being on opposing sides comes between them. And lastly for the grand finale we have the star couple in Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda which is the story of the one and only Valentine's Day that Luce and Daniel ever got to spend together.

Surprisingly my favourite stories where Roland's and Arriane's. Both of them have sad heart-breaking tales of lost love which shows a different side to them both as characters and made me feel like I got to know them a little better. I found Arriane's story especially interesting as it gives us some insight as to why she refuses to be on Lucifer's side and why she's a total martyr for Luce and Daniels love. I have to say that I've never been a particular fan of Roland but after reading his story and what he selflessly does for his lost love my heart really went out to him and I like him a lot more now.

Fallen in Love doesn't add anything hugely new to the main storyline of this series but what it does do is give a deeper insight into the lives and loves of the secondary characters. It's a short, quick, romantic, read that gives a little extra something to the fans of the series and also makes a good refresher of Passion ready for the series finale in Rapture. Although I don't see why it would strictly need to be read as part of the series it makes a good little in between books read that I'd recommend to fans of the series.
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