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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 August 2017
I read a Maeve Kerrigan book by this author and immediately ordered another, then the full series of six books. Terrific. I noted the five star reviews for another of her characters. Jess Tennant. I have just finished this book. What a let down. Pure 'Girls own' and 'Bunty' - about a sixteen year old detective!!! Friends all same age. Will he kiss me will he not. Does he like me. Does he not. Could drive a horse and cart through the 'plot' - saw the ending long before I made myself read to the end.
Cannot believe this is written by the same author - perhaps it is for very young readers. I am so mad I bought all in this series as I thought they would be along the same lines as her detective Maeve Kerrigan.
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on 22 March 2013
How to Fall takes place in a perfectly drawn coastal village where everyone knows everyone's business, with a cast of characters that cover the whole spectrum from batty old ladies to bad girls and misunderstood boys, and a policeman with designs on the main character's mother... maybe...

Jess Tennant is the kind of teenager that most girls aspire to be: intelligent, pretty, funny, sarky and most of all, intuitive. The plot could be loosely described as a 'whodunnit', with Jess trying to uncover the mystery of what really happened to her dead cousin Freya; but it's much more than that.

I've recently read quite a few YA novels and despite being far from a YA myself I'm finding that it's becoming one of my favourite genres. I'll definitely be reading the next in this series.
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on 27 April 2017
quite a weak plot, it wasn't clear from the write up before I downloaded that it was aimed at a teenager audience.
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Jess Tennant returns with her mother to the seaside village where her mother and identical twin grew up. Jess's cousin had died the previous year in what was supposed to have been an accident falling off a cliff however it appears that there is more to her death than was discovered at the time. Jess's striking resemblance to Freya , the cousin who died , enables Jess to concoct a way to delve into the circumstances surrounding her cousin's death bringing her in to contact with the local goth gang and their hangers on. The whole plot seems a little contrived and a little far fetched with the mystery of why Jess's mother was so reluctant to return adding to the overall confusion. A good book but not one of her best.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 November 2013
Freya is found drowned - but was it suicide or murder? Her cousin, Jess Tennant, is determined to uncover the truth. But asking questions may prove deadly - anyone could be a suspect and everyone is hiding something...

So, Jane Casey, Author of the wonderful Maeve Kerrigan (or in my fangirl state the Derwent series) of books dips her toes into the wonderful world of YA for the first time with what is set to become another fantabulous series this time starring Jess Tennant..teenage girl, reader (of course) and tenacious when it comes to finding out the things she wants to know..

Jess has arrived in Port Sentinel for the Summer - and finds that people are looking at her strangely. No she hasnt forgotton to dress or anything, it turns out that she is the spitting image of her cousin Freya, now deceased and when Jess discovers that there may be secrets lurking within this seemingly friendly town, she is determined to find out the truth. Did Freya fall? Or was she pushed...

Now I read a fair bit of Young Adult Fiction because a lot of it is brilliant, often better than so called Adult fiction - but a lot of what I have read does tend to be Dystopian or have some kind of vampire/werewolf/zombie apocalypse at its core and thats all to the good. But my first love was Crime Fiction and I have not found a lot of YA in that area (well with the obvious wonderful exception of that staple of my youth - the Nancy Drew books!) - all I can say is, if its going to be this good perhaps more authors of "grown up" crime fiction should consider giving it a go.

What Jane Casey does so perfectly here is use all the staples required in order for teenagers to love it (girl meets boy, theres something to keep them apart, ooh there's another boy) and to be able to relate to it (the cool set, the one bitchy girl who rules the roost, the outcasts) but does it without resorting to cliche. Then she adds in a very compelling mystery that has the same quality and energy to it that her adult books has but with a younger feel and a snappy writing style that will definitely appeal to teenage readers.

Plus you have got a great mix of characters. Ones you can root for (For me Jess, and often it has to be said the rather flighty Darcy) , ones you can hate with a passion (Natasha...oh and Dan *glares*) and ones that are peripherally in your vision that you kind of want to know more about. And as this is a series I'm sure we will - because in another clever move you have a complete story which around the edges has some characters you know have more to tell. I'm kind of hoping the next book might tell me a little more about Sylvia...and the Owl thing. Yep, sorry you are going to have to read it now to see what I'm banging on about.

So all in all I loved it. Very much. More Please.

Happy Reading Folks!
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on 20 February 2013
'How to Fall' is a young adult crime thriller, described as 'Mean Girls with murder'. The story shows what happens when female rivalry goes too far. I'm a big fan of intricately plotted and exciting crime thrillers but there seem to be so few around which are written specifically for a YA audience. Jane Casey, normally an author of adult books, has transitioned smoothly to a younger readership and has delivered a truly gripping story.

Jess arrives with her mother in the small town of Port Sentinel after the apparent suicide of her cousin Freya. After one too many things fail to add up, Jess determines to leave no stone unturned in her quest to unravel the truth about what really happened.

The book has a fantastic opening scene which left me with my heart in my mouth and had me instantly gripped. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next and although I was only going to read a few chapters, I ended up reading practically the whole book in one sitting.

Jess Tennant is one of those characters who I instantly warmed to and admired. I would love to have had a best friend like her. She's incredibly level headed and smart, determined and intelligent and she's not afraid to stand up for herself. All qualities which I really admire. Jess could definitely be seen as a modern day Nancy Drew. She may be a teenage sleuth but she is quick thinking and leaves no stone unturned in her quest to determine what happened to Freya.

I enjoyed the small town setting which narrowed down the number of suspects but equally led to a sense of claustrophobia. It felt like there were secrets hidden behind every door in the small community and even the most upstanding of citizens seemed to have a secret which they didn't want revealed.

I really liked the story and the characters. It was brilliantly written, tense and exciting with a mystery lying at the heart of the plot. I literally did not have a clue what was going to be revealed. One minute I thought I knew exactly who the guilty party were and the next an unexpected revelation made me change my mind completely.

I can't wait to get my hands on more by Jane Casey. Her debut young adult offering definitely makes her one to watch!
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It's a year since Jess's cousin Freya fell to her death from the cliffs in the small seaside town of Port Sentinel. Now 16-year-old Jess and her mother are visiting the town for the summer and Jess thinks the verdict of accidental death might not be telling the full story. So she begins to investigate, getting to know the other young people in the town and finding out about the relationships and jealousies that might have led to Freya's death.

The book is told in the first person from Jess's viewpoint. She is a strong character, intelligent, brave, beautiful (of course), stubborn and with a lot of Casey's trademark humour. I enjoyed these elements of her character but felt that she also came over as incredibly nosey and pretty insensitive to other people's feelings which made her hard to like as much as I felt we were supposed to. Some of the other characters felt a bit stereotyped and I was disappointed that YA fiction still seems to need the strong male to come along and rescue the girl from her obstinate folly a bit too often. On the other hand, the male in question was deep, super-handsome, the strong, silent type, and the romance element of the book worked very well, I thought.

This book is for Young Adults - I'd guess primarily for girls from about 12 up. Sadly, I haven't been a young adult since back sometime in the last millennium so clearly not the target audience for this book. However I love Jane Casey's Maeve Kerrigan series, which I must now assume are for Old Adults, so was interested to see how her style would work in this genre. Overall, I enjoyed the book and suspect I would have enjoyed it even more when I was a teenager. Casey's writing is excellent as always and the plotting is strong. An entertaining read for people like me who have enjoyed Casey's other work and are impatiently waiting for Maeve's next outing; and highly recommended for the target group of YAs. I look forward to seeing some reviews from younger people to see what they think.
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on 12 April 2013
I really enjoyed this book and hardly put it down from start to finish. Although aimed at teenagers, there is plenty in 'How to Fall' for adult readers (like myself) to enjoy. Elements of the story were predictable, but the author used enough hooks to keep me guessing and reading, and the fast-paced narrative made this a gripping book.

The lead character is likeable without being too perfect, and although I found the romantic side of the story a little too obvious, it wasn't very much a b storyline, and so didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book, and would add to the appeal for some readers.

Casey ensures there are plenty of suspects involved in the 'what happened to Freya' investigation, and many hints of hidden secrets. I did enjoy how some elements were left open-ended at the close of the book, although I appreciate this may be frustrating for some readers.

I would throughly recommend this book for both teenage and adult readers, especially fans of Lee Child, James Patterson and similar authors.
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on 17 April 2014
I read the book as I really like the Kerrigan books, I did not realize this one was a book for teenagers. The story was contrived and lame, the protagonists simply annoying. I skipped to the end less than halfway through and saw that I had not missed much.
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on 27 December 2015
this book is absolutely heartwarming, interesting however can be sad. jess who is freyas dead cousin is investigating and interfering in finding the truth about an accident; the fall by freya. Darcy who was to me a fake friend pushed away freya for some selfish gang thats popular making up things freya would believe. eg. fake boyfriend who she insists very quickly to be her dream boy. will who people assume who was involved is nowhere in that category he is kind sweet and if you picture his character he is a hero on the other hand ryan who is more likely to be known more by people than will which then again he was in the popular group but chilled back about their plan he didnt know how to torture freya to death. ryan isnt the type of guy that comes about as much as will
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