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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2002
Following the familiar Dan Brown relentless chasing formula, this book zips the reader through all 360 pages with ruthless vervour around some particular tight blind corners even by Mr Browns standards.
The story revolves around the events both political and personal surrounding the discovery of an alien meteorite, but even at the political level it's the personal characters that make this book an intense rush of a read.
I almost didn't order this book when I noticed it was billed as an American political thriller, but don't let that put you off its as accessible as Disney in summer and twice the fun.
This book is excellent.
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2006
Ok, to start with I belong to the Angels and Demons is better than The Davinci Code camp. You know where I stand. Deception point, is a clever, although formulaic thriller, deeply rooted in science-fact as per Brown's other work. This novel is an action packed story, full of twists and suspense that you'd probably expect. You'll be able to guess where the plot goes throughout the novel and turn your nose up and the pointless love interest, but there's still some very good suspense, and the predictability of the direction of the novel does not detract from it's overall impact. The final action scene was brilliantly choreographed, a masterpiece of cause and effect. Initally a "samey" feel, yet after a quarter of the book you'll be hooked and won't put it down until it's all over.
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2004
After being blown away by reading his fourth, and most recent, novel "The Da Vinci Code" I went back and read Brown's previous three novels. Although they don't quite read the heights of "The Da Vinci Code", all three are excellent reads.
"Deception Point" is Brown's third novel. This time there is no sign or Art History or Christianity to be found. The book is centred around an earth shattering discovery in the artic. But the discovery may not be quite what it seems and people will kill because of this.
Overall I found it an excellent 9/10 read. It had me gripped throughout the book. The characters were strong and there were plenty of twists throughout. In fact by about halfway through the book it almost turns into a "who done it" with you guessing (in my case unsuccessfully!" to the end.
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on 8 March 2004
On reading this review you will fall into one of two catergories. You will have either read some of Dan Brown's work and will be looking for more of the same. Deception Point will not fail to deliver. Alternatively you will have never read Dan Brown's work, in which case, read on...
If you are looking for a book that you LITERALLY cannot put down, then this is it. At the end of every chapter he generates an overwhelming desire to read 'just one more'. It is truly gripping.
The story is a fast paced thriller, with an invigorating mix of superb descriptive writing mixed with accurate science and in depth facts about the inner workings of the American political system. It sees the main characters involved in a monumentous scientific discovery in the Artic Circle, which has complicated connontations in the presidential race back in Washington. The answers lie in a conspiracy that runs right to the top.
If you have read any of his other books then expect more of the same. He takes a slightly different angle in Deception Point. There is slightly less information packed in, which I personally feel gives the plot some more room breath. The characters are fantastically diverse and beautifully described, and the plot will have you guessing right till the end.
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on 17 February 2006
I have just finished reading this book and I have to say that it just tops off all of Dan Brown's fantastic reads. I started off with the Da Vinci code to see what all the hype was about, loved every second of reading that book so decided to see if his others matched up, and boy to they ever! Reading the back of his other books I thought I wouldn't find them all that interesting (being an avid crime fiction reader) but I just couldn't put them down! I found myself walking along the street trying to read once I was off the train because it was so adictive! The twists and turns of this book made it a thoughroughly enjoyable read despite all the facts and figures thrown at you.
I could see all his books making it into films, Im not sure they would be able to capture the suspence and magic Dan Browns has done though. I cannot wait for another installment of one of his books!
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on 16 August 2004
Where can i start with this book? 'Brilliant' doesn't seem to do it enough justice! This book is a political/conspiracy mix and Dan constantly 'flips' between the two throughout the book to keep driving the story forward, he leaves the political side with a 'cliff-hanger' while he switches back to the conspiracy which he then leaves on a 'cliff-hanger' before going back to the political game that is going on throughout the book. This was a very refreshing approach from Dan Brown as I was beginning to think his books could only contain characters with a strange penchant for tweed!
I was very surprised how quickly I raced through this book and at the end even found myself wondering if it was better than the Da Vinci Code... I think it's just that little bit better, I'm not sure why but Deception Point really made me want to read it where-as the Da Vinci Code simply intrigued me with interesting theories to keep me reading but it never really sucked my in so that I couldn't put it down.
This book is a very well balanced piece of work from Dan and one I believe has been slightly overlooked by most due to the Da Vinci Code, not because it's a bad book - personally I found it to be alot better as a whole than the Da Vinci Code - but because it isn't controversial enough.
Admittedly this book isn't perfect, there are times when you're left slightly sceptical at how characters get out of a few of the situations they're in (not because the story misleads but because they suddenly get the upper hand rather too conveniently) which does spoil the book a bit and is one of Dan's main failings when he writes (he always seems to make even the simplest 'action' sequence too complex for it to be believable). Aside from this I cannot recommend the book highly enough, Deception Point is the book to read if you're a Dan Brown sceptic.
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on 6 September 2004
Look on the back cover of any Dan Brown book and you'll notice something of a recurring theme - a stunning and mysterious female scientist, preferably an expert in cryptology, teams up with a slightly foppish academic male, pitting their combined wits against the most evil forces of the world... same deal here. But whilst The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons provided a fairly readable romp, Deception Point seriously drags. True, there are a few good twists and turns along the way which provide a bit of fun as they catch you off guard. But there's a lot of repetition, a fair wodge of tedious characters with little or no development and something or a tendency by Dan Brown to launch into mind-numbing detail where it's just not called for. One too many nights spent with an Encarta CD, maybe.
Someone with a fairly limited grasp of English, quoted on the front cover, calls the novel "unputdownable" - it really is very easy put down, and Mr. Brown's constant use of italics to emphasise every other word starts to grate after a while.
Do yourself a favour - enjoy breaking "the Code" and enjoy the unexpected twists of Angels and Demons, but stop there and blow your five quid on something a little more original.
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on 17 February 2004
I liked this book. The idea of a techno-thriller involving lots of hard science mixed with political skullduggery really appealed to me. The plot is quite twisted and moves along at a brisk pace, keeping you wondering what in the world is going to happen next.
My biggest criticism is that it's hard to take the characters seriously when the author doesn't take them seriously. Almost all of the characters kid around and talk/act like unruly teenagers. At one point the President of the United States steals the main protagonist's mobile telephone! Very funny, but are we supposed to think this is realistic behavior from real adult characters?
Despite this problem with the characters I'm looking forward to reading more of Dan Brown's books.
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HALL OF FAMEon 11 March 2003
"Deception Point", would have rated as my second choice out of the novels that Dan Brown has written if I had not already read his newest, "The Da'Vinci Code". And this is hardly a negative comment as his books continue to get better, and if I were to read, "Angels And Demons", once again the best I might do is pick a tie for my favorite. But his newest is the most recently read so Angels will get the number two spot.
If you have not read this man's work you will enjoy him if you enjoy the work of Mr. Cussler. His characters are not recurring as in Mr. Cussler's work, but they share the pace and a bit of the fantastic that both authors often are known for. Dale Brown is also a fan of Dan Brown, and he too is known for his ability to have readers flipping pages as quickly as they can be read. This author has also come to be endorsed by others such as Nelson DeMille, so if you enjoy these other writers and have not tried Dan Brown, you have a great find waiting for you.
The author begins by explaining that every piece of hardware/technology used in this tale exists, and by doing so places himself in the company of others who use reality as the basis for a fantastic tale. There is plenty of existing technology that is a marvel; it does not always need to be invented to entertain.
You may remember a few years ago that NASA suggested some rock from Mars demonstrated the fossilized remains of bacteria. The author has taken a version of this idea and placed it several hundred feet under the ice above the Artic Circle, added an embattled President, and has let the fun begin. What he does particularly well in this book is to mislead the reader. He supplies all manner of undesirable people or persons so consumed with themselves after soaking in the unreality of Washington D.C. for so long, he offers plenty of people to suspect. Our nation's capital offers plenty of smarmy individuals, creating new and interesting villains and possible villains is to be commended.
Dan Brown's first book was a good read and his books have continued to improve. My favorite was easily Angels and Demons, but I think his new book will be my favorite. "Deception Point" is also worth every bit of your time if you enjoy a great yarn.
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on 16 January 2006
After reading Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code I was absolutely amazed, i enjoyed them so much and instantly went out to purchase Brown's other works. Deception Point has nothing to do with the Robert Langdon tales and it has a whole new concept.
This is not going to be a long ranting,analysing and critical review; just a few points. Read this book, it is written in a fantastic way, a cocktail of twists and leaving us on a knife edge. I must say at times the story seemed to be going a bit far and i began to think, ok this is not what i was hoping, i soon opened up my mind and realised that this is fiction, who cares whats realistic or belieavble. When i read a book i am looking for something that can take me away from every day life and transport me to a whole new world.I agree with there being a few pointless yet interesting scientific facts in there,
all in all a great read, not worthy of five stars but get a copy and see what you think. I reckon it wont be long before somebody starts milking this for a film, if they do i hope they make it good.
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