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on 18 March 2000
OK, how about curried sweet potato roti? (Delicately spiced filling wrapped in tortillas or chappatis). Or harira, a fragrant North African soup with potatoes, saffron, lentils and fresh coriander? Whether you are a committed vegetarian/vegan or an open-minded omnivore, there will be plenty to inspire you. I was a vegetarian of 20+ years who 'lapsed' for a few years but decided to go back to a vegetarian diet as part of my millennium shake-up, not to mention an interest in organic food. I had always been a big fan of the original Moosewood books from the early eighties and jumped at the chance to buy this new one. I wasn't disappointed. The recipes take their inspiration from around the world and are absolutely delicious. They are easy to follow, fun to cook and I think it is one of the best cookery books around if you are interested in eating tasty, good quality food. It's also hard to beat in terms of recipe variety and presentation. In addition, for those who are vegan or who want to reduce their intake of dairy produce, most dishes are either vegan or adaptable and if you are a demi-vegetarian, there is a section of wonderful fish recipes also. And of course, there is nothing to stop meat eaters adding some grilled organic chicken...
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on 3 February 2008
I own a lot of good vegetarian cookbooks, but this one really stands out as being my favourite. Usually, I find I only end up making a few recipes from a cookbook. However, I have so far made 25 recipes from this book and there are many more that I still want to try.

This book has a large variety of recipes, covering cuisines from all over the world. It is also very well laid out into different sections covering different food groups. Each recipe includes suggestions on what else to serve the meal with, including starters, desert etc.

The American terminology, 'cup' measurements etc is a little difficult to understand at first. However, you quickly get used to this, and although some of the ingredients sound exotic, I have found I have been able to get most of them from my local supermarkets. I also bought some cup measures from Robert Dyas which I have found very useful for this book.

The recipes have all, almost without exception, been really delicious, and my husband and I have both really enjoyed trying new food made from this book.
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on 2 September 1998
What a wonderful suprise, the Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites has made going "veggie" easy and tasty for both myself and my "die hard" meat and potatoe guy! This book not only introduces the reader to new foods and tastes, it does so in a simple easy to follow way. The glossary is quite helpful in this book and even the authors views shared in the beginning on food and the writing of this book got us both off to a great start eating healthier....The recipes are not just low-fat they are naturally healthy and are composed of unprocessed flavorfull foods.....we've loved using this cook book!
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on 8 August 2008
Moosewood came into my life by a quirk of fate and literally changed my life. This, in my opinion, is the best of the Moosewood books simply because everything in it is low in fat and high on taste. The clever use of herbs and spices (you will see your store cupboard swell with these) means that there is no reliance on fats to give the flavours. My favourite has to be the Caribbean Stew with Jerk Tofu. I tend to serve this with quinoa. Also, the Almost Fat Free Cornbread is to die for. I have yet to cook a bad meal out of this book and use it at least once a week.The book also contains a break down of nutritional values for every recipe which is useful if you are watching your weight. There is a handy section at the back giving a breakdown of various types of ingredients that may be less main stream and information on how to cook grains and beans for best results. There is a meal planning section and also and perhaps most useful for us Brits, there is a handy conversion table at the back to convert from American measures.
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on 16 November 1999
I found a lot of recipes using ingredients I hadn't tried before - it has really increased my culinary range. A great cookbook all veggies should have. Some recipes, but only a few, needed to be jazzed up for my palate.
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on 28 April 2014
I love the Moosewood cookbooks. For those who are unfamiliar they have the feel of old-school hippy vegetarianism more than modern vegetarian. They focus a lot on the use of tofu (in various forms) - but as my partner does not get on with tofu we usually avoid or substitute in those recipes. Some of the recipes have very long lists of ingredients, but rarely are they anything you haven't heard of (and if it is something a bit less common the books always tend to have a little explanation box to tell you more). There are some wonderful 'template' recipes which give you the basics of a recipe, some variations, and allow you to improvise as you feel is appropriate. They always do breakfasts, sandwiches, soups, dinners, snacks, etc. and so there is a great variety. Everything we have made from this cookbook has been lovely, but they aren't usually quick meals to make.

Be aware that although the recipes are mostly vegetarian there are a handful of fish recipes as well.
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on 31 July 1999
This is one of the best veggie cookbooks in the world...ever! I am steadily working my way through all of the fabulous recipes and loving every meal I make from it. I'm not even getting fat because all the recipes are low fat! Friends for whom I have made meals using this book have asked for the recipe (a rare occurance indeed!). I have had no reservations about giving my wholehearted recommendation to go out and buy it! A must-have for veggies and meat-eaters alike!
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on 27 November 2001
The recipes I've cooked from this book have all turned out really well. However, there are many that I've thought "Hmm, that sounds good", but then read the list of ingredients and found that they would be virtually impossible to get hold of in all but the most cosmopolitan of foodshops in the UK (Redditch just doesn't cater for this kind of demand!!). Also, for a UK cook, it is a bit annoying to have to try to figure out how much "1 cup of red pepper" might be - I've often wondered how Americans cope with all those cups measurements!! It seems so much more straightforward to just weigh things! Anyway, a very good cook book if you don't mind subsituting some ingredients and being adventurous about quantities!
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on 18 March 2008
I've enjoyed using this book since it arrived around a month ago. The recipes are healthy, appetising and diverse, and have gone down well with friends. My main criticisms are 1. the 'low fat' approach means that you have to be very careful not to burn things if cooking on an electric hob (I'm often tempted just to use more oil) and 2. the index isn't a great help for finding uses for leftover ingredients. It would be great if the book could take a leaf out of collections like Leith's vegetarian bible for the next edition and provide a better index - it'd make all the difference. However, this is a small gripe - the book provides reasonably priced, not too difficult recipes that will have you eating a wide variety of vegetables in that ongoing quest to ensure '5 a day'...
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