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on 11 April 2015
Enlightening,motivational,and inspirational! I can honestly say that this book changed my life! Yes really. I know that many books carry these review comments,but I really do mean this. I bought this book through sheer desperation, being single and feeling permanently guilty about my own needs and my inability to describe them with anyone had left me feeling miserable and isolated. This book was a major turning point for me as an adult.
Having struggled for years with a combination of personal issues,I now feel comfortable with the subject of masturbation. For far too many years this has been such a taboo subject, something considered to be the province of only the lonely the sad or the desperate,and that any who indulge themselves need help.
This book is truly refreshing insight into what is after all an essential part of our sexual development. For many women the ability to reach orgasm is difficult not to mention frustrating and,being able to masturbate can help them to find out more about how their own bodies tick,and yet we still live in a society where we are led to believe that 'nice' girls don't touch themselves.

Dodson goes on to describe the different attitudes that men and women both have regarding masturbation,and teaches us how to truly express our own needs and to be able to convey this to ourselves and our partners. This is a very worthwhile read for anyone regardless of your age, gender or status.It might even help some relationships where masturbation is an issue.

I will admit that there are some parts of the book that don't appeal to me, for instance masturbating in a group in a nursing home in old age,that isn't me at all. But that is a very personal opinion,the vast majority of it is awe inspiring,and extremely helpful. Pick and choose what works for you.

I have been a nurse and a midwife for over thirty years, yet I learned more about the human body in this book than I ever did on the wards,plus I learned an awful lot about myself. My only regret is not buying this book years ago.

Masturbation is part of all our lives whether we care to admit this or not,it's real,it happens,and it's normal. It isn't the ideal subject for polite dinner party conversation,but it is a necessary part of all of us. Read this and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. For any women with sexual issues of any sort,maybe this is the very book that will set you free.
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on 29 October 1998
I know this sounds very corny, but Betty's book was truly a life-changing experience for me. A woman at the age of 48, I had never experienced orgasm and was on a downward track sexually in my marriage. I devoured Betty's book, appreciating her complete candor and honesty about sex. I finally realized that sexual satisfaction and ecstacy are everyone's birthright, including me. A year after reading Self-Loving, I have lost 20 pounds, am feeling like a teenager with my husband, and can finally say "I love myself!" Thank you, Betty.
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on 12 January 1999
I expected a "how-to" style book, explaining techniques and tricks for getting yourself off. You can get that out of it, but there's more to this book. With new understandings about sexuality and about yourself, you may have more fun with a partner and alone. As the author writes a lot about her personal experience, it is geared more towards women, but I'd recommend this book to men also.
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on 14 July 1998
Dodson's book stands out in a field clogged with sex manuals which overstress partnered sex. It is difficult to be a good lover to a partner without an intimate understanding of one's own desires, likes, dislikes, gray areas, fantasies, and physiologies. As a sex educator, I highly recommend this text.
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on 22 June 1997
I used to be ashamed of masturbating. I thought of it as a sin...and something that that I would be punished for.After reading this book, I know now that I had nothing to be afraid of. I am in a loving relationship, but selfloving has given me a whole new out look in life. I love my boyfriend deeply and I think our relationship is much strong because I am more confident about my techniques andI feel less conscious about my body. Even if a woman doesn't masturbate, she should read this book. Maybe it will give women more self confidence about themselves.
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on 27 November 1998
The awareness of how self touch not only "tunes" the physical aspects of the body but it also releases the mind to expand and transcend barriers of reality. All is possible.
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on 15 November 1998
I bought this for my wife. Hoping it would show her that it's OK to touch herself. She has always seen self satisfaction as wrong. This book really missed the mark. The section on group masterbation and homosexuality really turned her off. This book portays the writer as a sex know-it-all out of the free-love sixtys. It does not begin to help those who don't know what they are missing and need a little push. The book hit the shelf after 1 day.
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on 1 October 2012
This book really should have been titled "Sex with Everyone". I was looking for a good book about self-love. What this is, is a book where the author recalls her wild sexual life, which included sex parties, homosexual sex, group masturbation, mutual masturbation, basically just having sex with everyone. I think sex is sacred and is best kept for yourself and your chosen one. This book is about so much more than masturbation it really should be titled sex with everyone and masturbating too. It really is an alright book, the sex stories are so out there in the out field that it really was an eye opener. The author led quite a wild life of masturbating, pornogaphry, sexual affairs, sex parties, orgies, living in communes, circle jerks, alcoholism, drug addictions, etc. The author also does not believe in marriage just having group scenes filled with people playing with not only themselves but eachother.
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on 12 October 2014
Yep, it's an oldie! Not by any means what it says on the cover, but still well worth a read. What we really.really want is a manual on the M word, not sexual liberation (which still has not arrived) Please respect the authors plea for freedom from prudishness (which modern feminists seem to have embraced) Don't view it as a manual but as a wake up call to what we may be missing! The Pony thinks this is well worth the money!!
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on 31 July 2017
A book to encourage self love and exploration - recommend for men and women alike. Betty is not afraid to talk about sex in a frank and honest way, sometimes uncomfortably so but that says more about me than her.
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