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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 September 2007
Leda Stowe is living quietly on an isolated island looking after endangered species until a man wielding the most powerful life magic she has ever felt mysteriously appears. Once a member of the Coven of Light, Leda is now tainted by death magic after resorting to dealing with a demon when her husband was on the verge of death. Recovering, he was unable to accept the actions she took to save his life and left her; later remarrying a none magical woman. A strong air witch, Leda is able to withstand the temptation of the darkness inside her; however the power of an Immortal cleanses her soul.

Hunter, the final missing Immortal brother to be found is a "love them and leave them" type, happy to indulge in fun and sex but never prepared to feel anything deeper following the deaths of his mortal wife and children nearly a millennia ago. Yet Leda draws him as no other woman has done before, and before he knows it he's in love. But he would rather walk away than see Leda hurt in any way, and with a battle looming that will decide the fate of the world, he won't allow himself to commit to her.

Hunter is dubbed "the crazy one" by his immortal family (not surprising considering his mother is Kali, the goddess of destruction) and he definitely lives life for the moment, eager to battle evil and equally eager to woo the women afterwards. He is just one of a bucket load of great characters that appear in this book, uniting in a whirlwind of action to defeat Kehksut (aka Amadja aka the ancient demon). The battle lines are drawn as the Immortal brothers unite and all the heroines from the previous books, Amber, Lexi and Christine with Leda strive to thwart the imminent victory of death magic. Further appearances are also made by shape shifters Valerian and Sabina, master vampires Septimus and Ricco and demigod Mac; all willing to aid the battle to stop death magic overpowering the world.

I was eager to get my hands on the fourth book in this series as Tain's future love interest is introduced; a woman with an unusual background but one which will undoubtedly help her understand him and how his experiences with Kehksut have changed him. I don't want to give away any major spoilers; however it will be interesting to see what happens in the yet to be completed final book. There is definite closure in "The Gathering" as all the Immortals, their witches and even their goddess mothers become involved in the final battle against Kehksut. Like its predecessors ("The Calling, The Darkening" and "The Awakening") this book is a wonderful action packed paranormal romance, yet its climatic ending leaves me wondering if a fifth and final book is really necessary.
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on 13 August 2017
Really enjoying this series by Jennifer Ashley, she is one of the top writer's in this genre. Excellent storyline, keeps the reader interested from the first page. Lots of action, magic and shape shifters, does not get much better than this
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on 16 August 2007
This book is the fourth in the "Immortals" series and focuses on Hunter, son of Kali, a rather engaging and lighthearted warrior who is able to talk to animals and on Leda, a witch who lives on an island and cares for various large animals that are being rehomed to different zoos. When Hunter magically appears on her island she and he start to discover that evil is increasing in the world and it's possible that the two of them may be crucial in countering it.

Of course Leda and Hunter leap into bed fairly early on and so the romantic aspect of the story is minimal. Far more of the focus is on the plot which is fairly complex with the five Immortals appearing, four witch lovers, various other side characters (some of whom appeared in the first book, some of which are new) and even the local vampire mafia. With such a large cast it could get confusing but doesn't; however these other characters aren't explored in depth and feel rather spurious.

The evil demon character of the first book is a significant force for evil in this book but we also see some part-demons and other dark magic beings who have chosen to work for the forces of light and this was an interesting concept in the story. Although the immortals find the part-demon witch Samantha unappealing, her help is important to the success of the mission - to rescue the Immortal brother Tain and to destroy the demon.

Although there was a fair amount of action in this story it wasn't overall very satisfying. Firstly because the characterisation was minimal so it was difficult to feel any great sympathy for any of the characters or to care whether they lived or died; secondly the plot was rather lazy with the huge final denouement scene very disjointed and awkward; thirdly because there seemed some rather lazy plotting with various witches or other magical beings having just the right skills needed to get everyone out of a fix. Although not difficult to read the story was overall unsatisfying and the characters unmemorable.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book, [...] © Helen Hancox 2007
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on 25 February 2015
I've enjoyed reading the previous books but this is definitely the best, as the story and characters are really compelling. A hard to put down great read for this genre of book.
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on 27 May 2015
I really enjoy Jennifer Ashley's books and this is no different. I have read all the others in this series and recommend to anyone who likes this genre.
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on 28 October 2016
love these books, can never put them down and hate it when i have finished, as want more
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on 20 August 2014
Loved it. I devoured it in one sitting, and was left bereft when I finished it.
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on 15 March 2015
Really enjoyed this 4th in series
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