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on 1 November 2001
The best way to describe this volume is as a coffee table guide to taking, manipulating and outputting digital photos - presentation is absolutely fantastic with very little jargon and a fantastic array of topics covered, all liberally illustrated with over 800 pictures
The book starts with a discussion of the various types of camera and equipment available, then moves onto taking photos, enhancing, then printing out. At this point the book gets really interesting with Freeman discussing a number of useful and real world projects - such as removing & replacing the sky for a more dynamic photo.
Topped off with a jargon busting glossary at the back and a CD or images and software - this gets my hearty recommendation
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on 5 June 2016
Very good .
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on 14 January 2003
An excellent introduction to all aspects of digital photography. Divided into four sections: hardware, working digitally, techniques and next steps this book covers the basics and terminology in all aspects of digital photography. If you are thinking of getting into digital photography, either via a digital camera or scanner & PC this book will help prevent you making costly mistakes.
One downside is that the book is not fully up to date e.g. it does not mention the USB 2 interface. Other annoyances are that the book has odd spelling mistakes and several page cross references refer to the wrong page. These minor problems aside it is an excellent introduction to the complex subject of digital photography.
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on 16 December 2013
Bought as a gift so cannot really rate this, but my son was happy enough with it, but felt you could get all the information on the web just as easy.
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on 29 January 2015
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on 26 November 2001
While looking for a comprehensive guide for a digitally inclined person with no experience in photography, I browsed through numerous guides to digital photography. I noticed that many books had a certain hot-and-trendy feeling in them: pretty pictures but only little content. This book, however, was a delightful exception. First of all, it covers the basic tehchical issues, such as hardware, image compression, color schemes, scanning, printing and such. After that, some basic protographical aspects are explained (this is the part that many other guides are missing). And then there are lots and lots of really helpful tricks that explain how to take better pictures and how to rework your pictures digitally.
I combined this book with a more detailed guide to a spesific photographic area (Lee Frost: Complete Guide to Night and Low-light Photography). Together the form a very solid basis for taking great digital pictures in all lightning conditions.
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on 14 April 2005
I'm rarely moved to write a review but I feel this book deserves praise. I spent a long time in the local bookstore looking through all the photography books and this really stood out for several reasons:
The book covers all aspects of photography from actually taking the pictures (probably the most important part!) through digital enhancing (the main part) to printing, including the necessary theory of each stage. I've been a photographer for many years and managed to find much useful information in here.
It is well designed, well laid out, and diagrams and illustrations are generally of a high quality. I agree that sometimes it is difficult to see the difference between "before" and "after" shots but this really is a minor gripe and close scrutiny will pay off in this respect.
This was also one of the few that didn't waste 30 pages showing what you can do with the "artistic" and "3D" effects that come with most photo software.
As earlier reviews have said, the author is clearly first and foremost a photographer and this shows.
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on 11 March 2002
Maybe not a 'complete' guide - studio lighting and white balance are not discussed in detail, however it is a very good introduction with some fairly advanced techniques explained.
Before you buy a digital camera, this book is worth buying as it explains the pros and cons of various camera features in some detail. I'm on my third camera, having learnt from experience, it could have been cheaper by replacing the first two with this book!
Great for the coffee table, it's the kind of book you can open at any page and find something interesting. The CD has all of the fantastic photographs from the book, it really is very well illustrated.
In summary, maybe not a book for the experienced digital photographer, but for the rest of us, it's very good nonetheless. If you know someone thinking of getting a digital camera (or getting one as a present), this will be an ideal gift!
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on 14 May 2004
There are many digital photography user manuals out there which go into great detail about how to use digital cameras and imaging applications, but without showing what creative uses they can be put to. The beauty of this book is that it does both. The author is obviously first and foremost a photographer, he sees the technology as a way of extending creativity rather than an end in itself, which cannot be said of many other books in this field. The book is well laid out and clearly written. There are lots of helpful user interface sequences showing you how to achieve particular results although some of the images (eg thumbnail comparisons of images with different resolutions)are too small to be of any use. Obviously such a book cannot be a substitute for a dedicated software user manual, but you will at least know why you might want to create for example a layer, not just how to. Overall I'm very pleased with this book - it's an easy read and will inspire you to get to grips with an area that is often over-complicated and needlessly cluttered with technical jargon.
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on 31 March 2008
This book is great for anyone with a new or growning interest in digital photography. It explains the fundamentals very well, in an easily understandable way and provides good examples throughout the book.
The book is good in that it makes you think about ways to improve your photography.

Some of the digital photography books I viewed at Waterstones before i bought this off amazon (you know you all do it too) appeared to be large books but actually had very little written and discussed in them. This book contains many illustrations and photographic examples but accompanies them all with usefull and detailed descriptions/discussion.

Its also very well written and easy to read. Even over the comments of my girlfriend calling me a nerd!!! (she is doing this as we speak)

The only think to criticise was CD attached to the book which i thought was of limited use and perhaps not worth the effort.

It probably (speaking as a newby) isn't detailed enough for those with a great deal of knowledge or experience in photography but was great for me. If your new or inexperienced in photography you will not regret buying this book!!!
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