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on 8 September 2000
Any book by Nicholas Reeves is worth reading, and a book by Nicholas Reeves on the Valley of the Kings is a treat indeed.
This is a wonderfully-illustrated, updated and more accessible version of Reeves' hard-to-find, hard-to-read and hard-to-afford Valley of the Kings: Decline of a Royal Necropolis. In other words, it's the only book you'll ever need on the Valley of the Kings in general.
This book fully delivers on it's titled promise of being complete - every aspect of the Valley and its tombs is covered, and if there's something missing here, I can't find it.
Packed with maps, illustrations and photographs, this book is as much a joy to look at as it is to read. Nicholas Reeves has a real passion for the Valley of the Kings and had produced a brilliant and detailed work on its history, excavation, tombs and abandonment.
Read it from cover to cover, use it as a (reliable) reference work, dip into it from time to time...however you use this book, you'll enjoy it.
In my opinion this is one of the very best generally-available books on Ancient Egypt at the moment.
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Nicholas and Richard have come up trumps yet again. This dynamic duo has put together a superb piece of work that acts as your passport to "The Valley". With this book in your hands you can almost be there and certainly take in fact after fact without heat, flies and sand. However, for anybody visiting The Valley this has got to be in your rucksack as an aide memoire while you seek out the tombs, burial pits and much more. These well-seasoned writers (Nicholas has written a similar book in this series, The Complete Tutankhamun and Richard the Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt) provide plans of tombs, photographs and have gone into fine detail. For those of you who need a reference work I suggest you take a look, I did and I am very happy thank you. This masterpiece has plenty of detail on the finds in each tomb with oodles of background information. The authors also provide you with guidance on which tombs to visit if you have time constraints. For those of you who like to hear and see another point of view, consider reading 'Guide to the Valley of the Kings' by Alberto Siliotti. Alberto captures the bigger picture with a touch more visual emphasis on tomb layout and wall detail. Both of these books are excellent and I would find it difficult to choose one over the other and resulted in my obtaining both!
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on 5 November 2002
I have been to the Valley of the Kings now about 15-20 times, and for me it is still one of the most powerful and impressive places in the world. When you consider that some of the most powerful men and women were buried here, in a short period, it leaves you in awe.

Previous to reading this book, I had used the John Rohmer book, Valley of the Kings. This is also a good book, but it is not a guide, it is more a historic introduction to the Valley.

For anyone with not a great knowledge of Luxor or ancient Egypt, this is the perfect guide. It assumes no previous knowledge of the history of the area, and explains it well.

The maps and plans are usful, as they can give you an idea of what is there.
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on 25 August 2014
Tombs and treasures of egypts greatest pharaohs is a fantastic book very well illistrated it is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the world, some eighty were dug in the valley at the height of the egyptian power, there tombs were stocked with incredible treasures and incredible paintings on the walls of the tombs,there was some famous kings like tutankhamun, ramesses and many of his sons, there are 532 illustrations and 76 colour photos, it tells you about the preparations for the afterlife,agents of the disscovery and about the tombs of the kings, this book tells you all about valleys burials,describing for each its discovery, architecture,the decoration and contents of the tombs, this book is very well put together by Nicholas Reeves, and Richard H,Wilkinson a fantastic book to read, if you want to know about the history on the valley of the kings then this is the best book to buy its a great book.
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on 12 January 2012
This book, which is excellent, could be used in a number of different ways. Firstly, you could read it from cover to cover and never visit Luxor, yet you would be better informed than many people who had actually been there. If you are planning to visit the Valley of the Kings it would be very good background reading. Be warned that you cannot use the book to select which tombs to visit before you go, because only an unpredictable and limited number of tombs are open at any particular time (which is not this book's fault). If you have visited the tombs (I have been lucky enough to go twice, and like most people who visit I hope to return soon) you will find this book very interesting reading as you recognise the tombs you visited, and follow the very detailed descriptions of their construction. By the way, this is too big to be a pocket book, and works best if you read it before, after, or instead of visiting the Valley. If you don't know anything about Egypt or the Valley of the Kings, buy this book and think yourself lucky not to have wasted your money on one of the very many inferior books on this topic. This is definitely one of the very best.
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on 24 March 2016
Just arrived so have n't read it yet but browsed through it and it looks just as good as all the other Complete series. This book is not for everyone but if you are into A E, even a little bit, I think you'll find this a good informative read. Recommended.
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on 19 March 2011
This book was all that I wanted it to be and much more. Packed with good information on all the tombs with colour and b&w images of the well known treasures as well as the lesser known items. The book is well laid out with clear diagrams of the tombs and covers all the latest discoveries at the time it was published. This is the sort of book you can pick up and read in small sessions taking in the archaeology and the art as well as the recent historical setting of the valley in modern times. Ideal for all ages. I really feel like I have almost been there now.
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on 5 June 2013
A truly excellent book. Suitable for serious study and for general reading pre- holiday.. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
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on 28 February 2016
Really good, but although the cover is different it is just a reprint of the 2008, edition, and even in that the last date I can see is 1995. Its a shame that it not clear what year it was up to date to. Apart from that I like the detail and layout.
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on 25 July 2009
Although this book has the word "complete" in the title the author admits that other tombs could be found.
The Valley of the Kings is in southern Egypt and has two branches -east and west.The vast majority of the tombs of which there over 80 are found in the east valley.The tombs are the resting places of Egyptian royalty from thec 18 to the 21 dynastys (1550BC to 945BC)
After a useful introduction the book is divided into four a)preparations for the afterlife dealing with planning,construction,location and the workforce b)agents of discovery covering tourists,explorers,architects and expeditions c)the tombs and d)decline of the Royal Necropolis due to robbers plus a separate issue-deciphering heirigliphics.
For each tomb there is a history,an account of excavation,architecture and decoration,funnery equipment and remains if found.These are accompanied by excellent pictures and diagrams.
Abook to be highly recommended.
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