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on 12 November 2017
Origami can be frustrating, but thankfully I started off with simpler book tutorials before trying this one. That said, even the simplest ones in this book aren't simple. There are models in this book that I have done before with relative ease, but I found them much more difficult to do with the instructions shown in this book. In fact, I've tried three of the simplest models in this book so far and failed all three. The papers were thrown away, which is something I try and avoid and had rarely done before now.

So that was my experience with the simpler models in the book, what about the more complicated ones? The description of this product states that it "Features simple to advanced objects", and while this is true, the ratio of simple to difficult is very much unbalanced. I'd say that from the 37 models, only about 5 are doable by a beginner, and maybe some 4 more if the beginner is really determined and puts their mind to it (and doesn't mind throwing away a bucketful of papers). The other models are some that I will most probably never achieve in my lifetime, even if I keep doing this as a side hobby.

Overall, I think the author should have just removed the 13 models they call "simple" and just labelled this book as an instructions book for the advanced users. Also, from the ones I attempted, I think the instructions are not clear, in comparison to all other sources I've tried. If you're still relatively new and want to GRADUALLY learn and get better, then I don't recommend this book.
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on 15 February 2016
Says it is the complete book of origami but only has annimals in it which I am not interested in. I was expecting it to also contain instructions for flowers etc.
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on 22 March 1999
I think this book is very good,because the models start off very simple and then seem to get harder and harder. It has the very easiest of origami, to the one and only cuckoo clock.
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on 14 March 2010
This is a book where the vast majority of designs would be ranked 'intermediate' or above. Although there are some simple designs, the difficulty climbs very quickly, so it could be quite off-putting for a complete beginner.

* Uses the standard origami notation for diagrams
* Good variety of models
* Lots of models (48)
* Some famous models, such as Lang's cuckoo clock with pop-out cuckoo.

* Many of the models do not start from squares, but may use rectangles or triangles of various proportions. Therefore you can't just launch into a model.
* The explanatory text for the diagrams is placed at the bottom of the page, rather than next to the diagrams themselves, meaning you have to flick between the two. The diagrams are not clear enough that the text can be ignored altogether.
* A lot of the models don't look much like what they claim to be.
* Since this book was published, origami has progressed a long way. It's now possible to get more impressive results with less folding effort.
* Most diagrams do not differentiate between the front and back of the paper, making them harder to interpret.
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on 13 February 2011
This is an early book of Mr Lang's, and it is so good to see it available. As he is a mathematician as well as an entertaining lecturer this collection of progressively more complex models was a foretaste of the later far more complex books. Mr Lang is world renowned and respected in the origami community and I would recommend this as a second book for those who have folded a little and a first book for those who have folded by instruction before - but a lively mind and adept fingers will soon benefit from the carefully progressed selection.
I would not advise this as a first book but certainly buy while available to be there when ready for steadily more complexity. Some reviewers miss out the vital component of the way a paperfolder works; patience!
I buy this not only for me but as a second or third acquisition for those I introduce to origami as either just fun or therapy for arthritic fingers! No one will regret the purchase of this well diagrammed book. Excellent value for money.
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on 13 August 2011
The book starts off with the basics, and explains how to read origami diagrams. Lang sticks to what is more or less the standard symbols used in lots of origami books, so this introductory course is a good place to start. A few simple models follow, and then the bar is raised gradually, up to the insanely complex cuckoo clock. Excellent! If you're a "neo-hardcore-strictly-square-paper-origami-enthusiast" you might have some issues with Lang's choice of paper sizes used on some of the models. I tend to prefer using squares myself, but Lang's less orthodox paper size models are a lot fun, and often intriguingly challenging. A good book, but probably best for people who've some experience with paper folding already. The "Complete" in the title is slightly misguiding, as the book does not contain the classic cranes or other simple, classical models. But then so many other books do, and this book contains quite a few other great models.
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on 13 April 2011
Though this book does have some pretty awesome models in it (one of these days I will attempt the cuckoo clock, honest), it seems a very odd mix of the very simple, and insanely complex, with not a whole lot of middle ground.
I also found it pretty disappointing that so many models -and many of the most interesting looking ones at that- use truly weird shaped paper, because oddly enough, I rarely happen to have a sheet of 1:1.414, or 1:4.667 paper lying around...
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on 30 January 2018
Many models very hard to make, ie stellated cubotica. With time I may work it out, general origami paper maybe too thick for many models in this book so I uses 50 gsm which is needed to try there fantastic designs.
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on 19 February 2004
I bought this book because I had NO origami experience. I am not particularly good with my hands, but until I tried this book, I didn't think I was particularly bad either. The book starts okay, with a couple of simple models, but very quickly moves onto far more complex models that a beginner like me could never hope to tackle. Only about four or five models are suitable for the beginner. I would suggest this book is for advanced origami-ists who will probably love the incredibly complex and impressive models, the beginner should steer clear.
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on 21 January 2018
As advertised tried a few shapes looking forward to amazing friends.
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