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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 26 August 2015
Great service and a book at a third of the price. Very happy
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on 24 July 2003
Dimensional modelling is the key to designing conformed dimension data warehouses.
This authoritative book covers dimensional modelling in great depth, but at the same time is very accessible. You will want it by your side to reference its examples of how to cope with various scenarios.
ps The companion volume, the DW Life Cycle Toolkit by Kimball & Ross, covers higher level aspects of data warehousing, and is just as good.
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on 25 July 2010
Before you read this book, read the confusingly similarly titled "The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit". Then marvel at one man's obsession for writing so many different books with near identical titles and cover illustrations.

However what Kimball lacks in imagination for his dust-jackets, he makes up for with his unparalleled knowledge of dimensional modelling.

Every chapter in this book illustrates the practical application of the principles of dimensional modelling to a different business process or industry - getting more and more complex the further in you read.

If you are going to be responsible for solving the problems of dimensionally modelling a business, then this book is going to save you months of scratching your head and wondering "How am I going to....."

This book has so much important information in it that I read it not once but twice whilst I was laying by a pool on holiday in Spain. Other people were reading things like Andy McNab and John Grisham.

There isn't too much in the way of covert military operations, international espionage, or court room dramas in this book - perhaps Dr Kimball could look into that when he writes his next book. Perhaps additionally when he writes his next book, his publisher could tell him that there is no law which says that books have to have the words "Data Warehouse" or "Toolkit" in them.

Look at Andy McNab. "Bravo Two-Zero". Not "The Bravo Two-Zero Data Warehouse Toolkit".
Look at John Grisham. "The Firm". Not "The Data Warehouse Firm Toolkit".

That aside this book is absolutely excellent and Dr Kimball is such a huge intellect that I'd definitely like to invite him to a dinner party (along with Kim il Jong, Woody Allen, Keith Moon and Beaker from The Muppet Show).

I wonder what Kim il Jong's views are on Data Marts and whether they should be aligned to business processes or business departments.

Perhaps Keith Moon would take umbrage with Dr Kimball's hard line against the snowflake schema - and then proceed to wreck the place.

It would certainly be an interesting dinner party and I feel that we would all learn a lot about dimensional modelling during the course of the evening. In the meantime, for those of you who aren't planning on inviting Dr Kimball to dinner, you could do a lot worse than to read this book instead.
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on 27 December 2003
Excellent ground up introduction to dimensional modelling. If you think you need this book, then this is most certainly the book to get you started and take you well into the subject.
Ralph Kimball wrote the first edition of this book. This edition has been updated by another author and includes (for example sections on finance, health and education).
Will not disappoint. We used this book as a management communication vehicle (we gave them copies and that saved a LOT of repeated and dumb questions). Minor issue, - not enough mauve in the book.
Recommended if you want to get into marts, warehouses and a series of career opportunities. I also recommend the series (they look very similar to this cover).
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on 4 December 2006
I picked this up about 18 months ago as a primer, and it's still helping me today as I continue to develop new datawarehouse designs. Each time I have to do something for the first time, there's usually a chapter in the book for it. I feel a lot more comfortable having it on my desk!!
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on 22 September 2007
Our organisation was establishing a BI competence centre. This book along with the others in the series offered all the guidance needed to make sense of the terminology - and more importantly gave real-life worked examples rather than just theory. We bought it for everyone on the team.
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on 16 December 2008
I found this to be one of the best written IT books I have come across.
A potentially complex subject is covered with clarity of thought and simplicity of expression. You can tell that the authors have extensive experience not only of data warehousing, but of teaching its concepts to others.
This books covers general principles, not language specifics.
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on 5 November 2015
I read a review claiming this to be "the daddy" and I see why!

As a relative newbie to MI at this level, the book does the job well and was recommended to me by our DBA. It's pitched at just the right level, with a handy glossary and effective use of real world examples.
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on 3 April 2015
Ralph Kimball is known as the father of dimensional modelling for a reason. This is one of the IT books you have to read cover to cover for two reasons.
1. It is a well thought out, thorough but easy to read book
2. The book builds on each preceding chapter
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on 18 July 2010
If you are looking for clarity as to how to approach particular dimensional data models for specific usage, this book has plenty of examples and discussion. It will prove an important resource as you architect your Data Warehouse.
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