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on 15 June 2011
This is a detailled guidebook for currency traders, with useful trading setups and charts, all of which devote a lot of attention to defining risk and risk management. This is crucially important, particularly, if you are trading with a small account. The book is written in an easy to understand way, and I would think it is a must-read for any trader. I was recommended this book by an experienced trader and I am glad that I have read it.
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on 12 November 2011
I've read many books on FX over the past couple of years and none of them has came close to Attacking Currency Trends.

Greg Michalowski has really made this book informative but easy to read. You don't get bogged down with details and the real life examples combined with clear charts makes it stand out from other FX books. I had a good understanding of FX prior to reading but he gave me a few more ideas and those ideas have worked.

I would definitely recommend Attacking Currency Trends to all as its well worth it:)
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on 28 March 2012
Have been a poker pro for 5 years and a cricket bettor, slightly more recreationally perhaps, for a similar amount of time.

Poker has gone exceptionally well for me but for me to now to make serious money I have to play higher stakes against better players in increasingly tougher games.

A friend of mine has been financially trading on my behalf for a number of years and so I always had a fleeting interest but still my focus has remained on poker. He recommended this book to me as it was condoning the use of similar tools and concepts that he himself uses.

The book itself is incredibly well written and slowly guides you through the thought processes and then tools required to think about the markets successfully.

It's main selling point is that the tools are simple and yet it is still up you to apply them correctly in real life practice. It is not a book of systems, or quick "get rick quick" schemes, it is about thinking into the long term, defining risk hence reducing your fear.

Even as a relative novice I can now look confidently at the markets and give myself profitable trading opportunities, eradicating the previous grey, fuzzy thinking I once had.

Another thing that separates this book from others is it's relevance. It is about spreadbetting on forex markets in 2012... there aren't a lot of other books that offer such specific teaching.

The fact that this information is available for less than £20 is farcical. The equivalent knowledge in the poker world would cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds as may only be available with one to one coaching from a professional.
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on 27 July 2012
I found Attacking Currency Trends (ACT) by accident. Not often are you happy about an accident; however this has been great. I have been trading since 1992, mostly stocks,CFDs, and in 2006 I began trading forex. To date have i been profitable?, not really, and have read so many books, studied and really have not found anything that actually worked in live FX Markets, until I started reading ACT. The first week I applied the moving averages then just watched the MAs and the price, after about 7 days I began to see the nuances and understand how powerful this method could be.

I read ACT from cover to cover, took it to appointments while waiting, read it again. ACT is no normal book on trading, it is more than that, it gives you the mindset, tools, the edge, and great education on trading successfully. If you are serious about improving your FX trading I could not reccommend a better book.

If you put the work in with this book there is no reason you will not succeed. So ACT if you want to succeed.
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on 16 April 2013
I tend to view the star ratings for many trading books with some suspicion as many appear to be written by friends of authors, but this book deserves five stars. I have no connection with the author or FXDD by whom he is employed.

Those seeking a holy grail will, as ever, be disappointed. There is no magic bullet in the book but rather a clear and straightforward system for trading trends and counter-trends, based upon price action near important levels, that are determined by MA, support and resistance and Fibonacci. It will still take work, time and judgment to implement successfully.

Experienced traders may read through and think that the tools are basic and straightforward. Indeed they are, but that is one of the messages of the book - seeking not to over complicate trading. I would think it is of most value to intermediate traders or those who have been struggling to find a system that suits after trading for a year or so. For those who suffer from indicator overload or feel they are missing wood for the trees (my problem) it is invaluable.

A few other comments that may be of assistance:

a. The guy writes a blog through FXDD which I have been reading. It is apparent that he does use the approach in this book in real life.
b. The writing style is very clear for 95% of the book, which is an achievement. It has been properly edited and I picked up only one error in figures used.
c. Though the charts are black and white, they are mainly very clear and easy to follow.
d. Through the book one gains the impression that this was a labour of love for the author, who does not make his living as a writer. Some of the personal anecdotes indicate (even if not entirely apposite to the point being made) that the book was something of which he was proud and so he wished to personalise it.
e. I suspect that a chapter or two near the end may have had their origin in a seminar, but if so, this does not detract from their fit into the book.
f. Generally I find it reassuring to read a book from someone who occupies a senior position in a retail FX trading business, as I believe the author when he describes what he sees on the ground as the faults of retail FX traders.

The only constructive criticism is that the introduction (which analyses a pit traders time based analysis of daily trends) does not tie in so obviously with the rest of the book. It does merit a re-read having finished but might have worked better as an appendix.

Overall I recommend the book to anyone who is suffering from complications with their trading. Even if you do not wish to adopt the systems within I would think most readers will take away a little something. Sometimes if a book gives a little something in approach to trading then the purchase is worthwhile.
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on 1 February 2012
This is one of the best books (and most up to date) I have read on Forex. This book helps you strip away the unnecessary chart tools that clutter your charts and focus on the 3 that truly help you anticipate, define and stay on trends. He very clearly discusses why you need only 3 tools and why some of the others can confuse the situation more than help it.

He also discusses which time frames to trade with and how to make the daily, hourly and 5 minute charts work together. By using these 3 charts in combination with trend lines, simple moving averages and Fibonacci retracements you can begin to find the trends you should be on and find the exit points.

The most useful part for me was in defining the risk for a trade. By using the tools he describes you learn to identify trades that will capture the beginning of a trend with minimal risk. Also important is where to set your stops to get out if the trade doesn't do what you expect it to do. With risk identified, fear is reduced and you can set your trades accordingly.

I would recommend this book for all traders, but especially for traders like me who are fairly new to Forex (about 1 1/2 years). It has helped me make better trading decision based on clear "if...should..." statements. Not every trade works out, but the ones that do I can stay on longer with less fear and more profit. I have also used this book to try to learn from when I make a trade that books a loss and see what I did wrong or what signs I missed. After reading this book, I have definitely made fewer mistakes and that has paid for the book many times over.

This book is very easy to read, well written and has loads of examples and charts to clearly illustrate his points.
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on 3 May 2012
I am new to Forex trading having only started in October 2011 but I have attended many workshops including advanced trader workshops and have regular one to one coaching, however this book has opened my eyes to FX and from someone with a huge wealth of experience, laid out in simple terms with lots of sporting analogies to help get the point home. Once I got to Part 2 of the book I closed out of most trades and threw away my current watch list as it was overly complicated. This book removes complications and in its place suggests unambiguous FX tools that removes confusion and keeps things simple (KISS Keep It Simple... for SUCCESS!)

I now have a mission statement, rules and reasons to trade and a simple easy charting process to find and trade trends. For me this book offers a choice to join the 10% who actually make money from trading vs the 90% who fail!
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on 9 February 2012
First of all I am a newby to forex trading, however this book was very clear and easy to understand for me!
I agree with some of the other comments that it can be quite long winded in places however it is not soley a text book, it is wrote to incompass the philosophy of trading and the mentality behind doing trades and becoming a trader, rather then just the mechanics of the process.
I found the way it is written to be good, and the technicals used and described to be easy to follow and the reasoning behind them.
As stated before I am a newby and am yet to even open a practice accoutn, but when I do I fully intend to use the strategies outlined in this book.
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on 3 January 2013
I purchased this book after reading the glowing reviews and i wasn't disappointed.It is by far the best Forex book i've read to date.

I've been trading Forex for 4 years with i have to admit inconsistent results. I've done the seminars,listened to the expensive Forex Guru's and thought there's got to be a better way of trading Forex.Reading Greg's book opened my eyes and made me understand a lot more about trading and what is needed to achieve consistency by having a game plan, mission statement and using simple tools to trade.He teaches you how to trade without fear or at least reduced fear by using "unambiguous" tools.Some of which i was aware of but dismissed as tools of traders from days gone by.

Like a previous reviewer i've now thrown away my complicated systems,followed the guidelines in the book and am already showing significant progress on a small A/C.I look forward to trading in 2013 with a new sense of confidence and purpose.I can't recommend this enough.
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on 15 May 2011
I bought this book after my curiosity was woken up during a presentation I saw Greg make to a small audience at the QE2 centre in London a couple of months ago. I've been trading FX as a retail trader for about 5 years - and as per the vast majority who get hooked into it I've been led up the garden path by so many trashy "systems" from so called Guru's many of which it seems to make their money from doing seminars and "teaching" on how to trade - rather than actually trading - I've had limited and exceptionally inconsistent results despite honestly trying to figure it out myself (having ditched the charlotans) every day for 5 years. So, what about the Book? let me get to the point; if you are seeking FX enlightenment, my review can be summarised in 2 words - Buy it!

By far the best book on trading FX I've read and I have two shelf fulls of them! It has transfomed my results in just 6 weeks. Simple, easy to read and understand and easy to set up. Great book - many many thanks Greg! MAH (aka BluePoweder.)
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