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on 14 March 2013
Most research effort that goes into beating cancer is focused on the genetic abnormalities harboured by cancer cells. The aspiration is that by finding each cancer's achilles heel will allow treatments to become personalised.
In Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, an alternative view is discussed and developed. Based on the observations of Warburg, that cancer cells rely on altered metabolism for survival, the author explains how all cancers share this disordered metabolism in common. Surely this is a better focus for research into novel therapies that will have efficacy across a wider range of cancers.
This book provides answers to many of the questions that have occurred to me in the last five years of researching and treating breast cancer.
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on 11 November 2012
This Oncology Treatise presents clear evidence about the Origin of Cancer. Everyone that is or has been affected by it, directly or not, or is involved in this area, from patients to family, from oncologists to researchers of the field must read this document and ask the questions. What have we done so far?...How do we see it?...What can we do, and what can we change?...The answers are here. The Oncology revolution is here. Times of changes are upon us. Any medical professional should read this book. Anyone that cares for their health should read this book. All Natural Health professionals should also read this book. EVERYONE should read this book!...
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on 2 May 2015
This book is a masterpiece and a great breakthrough for everyone who wants to understand the origin of cancer and why there has been so little progress in cancer treatment the last decades. Dr. Seyfried carefully goes through all arguments pertaining to the 1931 Nobel prize winner in medicine or physiology, Dr. Otto Warburg, and the critique which has been raised against his cancer theory, which implicates derived metabolism in all cancer cells. Seyfried shows that the critique largely fails and explains in details how cancer is initiated and why the ruling doctrine on causality is incorrect: cancer is not caused by mutations of our genes, it is the opposite which happens. When normal cells' respiration is damaged, mutations follow, tragically making cancer researchers bark up the wrong tree. The book is carefully documenting every step in cancer initiation and progression, and preventive measures give hope to everyone who fears this enigmatic disease. The book is a must for oncologists, general medical practitioners and also for interested lay persons with basic knowledge of biochemistry!
Dag Viljen Poleszynski, Msc. nutrition/PhD
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on 14 February 2016
Ok, now we have a problem. The facts are out. Seyfried (and some others) have talked. Medicine, oncologist, and BIG PHARMA, also government GDP, university grants, will all lose if word gets out to too many people about this. So what should the response be? Well, best to do nothing, let the masses suffer (yes, die). Does not matter if a minority of clever scientists have worked it out for themselves. But there will be so few of these Do-Gooders, at least for the next few years, if we are lucky for the next decade, that we can say 'err, we have always known some cancers reverse themselves' -and that will stall matters (-they will believe anything!). But best just don't say ANYTHING. Meanwhile, professional sounding subterfuge is the best policy. Use smoke and mirrors. Bowl a few Googlies, give snippets of info that you do care (-just don't smirk when saying!). Remember, that Eyeful computer-automated 'Teutonic Sports Saloon' is not going to pay for itself. SO, make nice platitude noises, and perhaps throw in a 'we have also been saying similar things about metabolism ourselves, and this can help in some cases'.

Well, listen up, we are now recording the medical professionals and PHARMA and monitoring their pathetic pas-de-deux dance of peoples destruction (maxim: -EXPENSIVE EXTENSIVE TREATMENT only, DON'T CURE). The discrediting of most medics has already happened and the vox microphones and videos are capturing every slip and slide of the tongue of our duplicitous medical age -until the big medical crash happens, bigger than the economic crash, finally ENGINEERING ITSELF via Game Theory. Until then, abuse the symbols of power - vive-la-stethoscope adorned round neck, vive la white-coat, vive la imperious-medical-status and continue the huge money earning rites we phoney lot demand. And to hell with science, and it's interfering logic.(Disclaimer, not all medics are bad and speak with forked tongue, just most, probably.)

SEYFRIED has done a great thing and deserves much praise, but we have known about the principles decades ago. This review author has to tell people in AMAZON-land that we and others (as senior faculty medical scientists) had worked all this out 10-12 years ago. Too fearful of threats from industry, government and our jobs to speak out. Please note, no one speaks of this on the oncology wards even today. We have for a number of years also been trying to get formal research studies to started to corroborate the data and confirm the 'paradigm shift' discussed by SEYFRIED but it is proving too difficult. The last talks author had to set up formal research concluded 'it is not proven'. Well of course not, because no body is trying. QED.
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on 25 November 2014
This is very informative book. I do recommend anybody who would like to educate about this modern health concern.
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