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on 17 July 2016
I am a VBA virgin or at least I was until last week. I have found the book very useful, used in combination with Absolute Beginner's Guide to VBA.
I must admit because of the way it is layed out the beginners guide was easier to use as a reference work but when I needed a deeper understanding or if I did not quite understand something then The dummies guide proved very helpful.
Recommended for beginners in VBA I think it would be a useful reference for any one programming in VBA.
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on 28 October 2007
This was my first introduction to VBA and I found the first reading a struggle, not becuase I am a dummy but becuase this book is not very well written. I probably retained about 10% of the information on first reading - you really have to read this book a few times and use it in conjunction with other books, Microsoft help files and internet resources. The style in which the book is written is not helpful - it contains a lot of examples which are only useful if you want to do what the author wants to do. Having said that the book is good value because it is relatively cheap and it does provide the very basics and the inspiration to carry on and learn more. Within a month of reading this book I had developed an e-mail filing program that is now in daily use in my office (even though my last experience of programing was in DOS 25 years ago). I still use the book as a reference today, a year after buying it.
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on 9 March 2017
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on 12 February 2015
Cheap book, why because very limited in detail.
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on 28 November 2009
As good as all 'Dummie' books. Nice and basic, just the place to start learning.
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on 17 March 2015
This is weird. I hate "..for dummies" books. I find them patronising and generally too lightweight to be of any use to the vast majority of readers.

There are far better books out there that can teach you VBA programming. For example, John Walkenbach's Excel **** Power Programming with VBA will teach you from scratch to a higher level and in far more detail than this and will give you a proper grounding which this book will not.

Sooo....why am I recommending this book?

It does what few books do, which is give you a good start in transferring your VBA skills from Excel VBA to the Word VBA DOM (Domain Object Model) with some decent sample code. It also covers Access (good!) and Powerpoint (who on earth would use this??).

Lastly, it also covers the Outlook DOM, which I've found pretty helpful when automating Outlook tasks from Word, Excel or Access.
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on 27 April 1999
I found this book nowhere near as helpful as other Dummies books on VBA programming. If you want another good starter book, I would recommend "Access 97 Programming for Dummies", which is full of real world examples that will help you understand VBA.
The author just seemed to get too cute with the subject matter. Also, the lack of real world examples really hurts this book. You can't step into object-oriented programming when you decide to invent your own objects for everything.
The explanation of how loops work is okay and the constants information is not bad. Overall, however, get a real technical book and try to learn it that way. It will be harder, but you will be better for it.
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on 20 July 2004
I read the existing reviews out of interest because this book has been a constant companion of mine for a couple of years. That statement alone must tell you that I still get some use from this book even though it is not a work of reference. I then felt compelled to write this review because reading some of them, I wondered if we were referring to the same book.
I bought this book because I had stumbled around writing VBA for Access "by feel" for too long and I wanted something to fill in the gaps. Go into any bookshop or search this Amazon site and you will find little on VBA, even less now that Visual Basic is moving to .NET. Yet VBA is the underlying language for many Microsoft applications - Outlook, Office, Visio - as well as many other non Microsoft products. Steve Cummings explains why and what the standard is. It is this very diversity that makes it difficult to write any comprehensive book about VBA; explain the Outlook object model and Excel users will scream, "What about us?"
Let me continue by saying what I think this book is not. It is not a "Teach Yourself Programming" book; I would recommend that readers have some experience and/or appreciation of programming in some other environment. It is not an in-depth treatise on any of the applications that comply with the VBA (or COM) standard. How can it? Such a book would be 24 inches thick and out-of-date the moment it was published.
So what did this book do for me? It first gave me an understanding of the commonality and differences in the VBA applications family. I now like to think of VBA as the mortar that holds the different object model 'bricks' together. It did not give me a tutorial on Access VBA but it did enable me to more fully understand the Acces/VBA Help and to get to grips with the various Access Objects and the Access object model. It suggested standards for writing VBA code that I have adopted. It told me how to use the VBA user interface - stepping through code, the locals window, the watch window, etc., etc. My efficiency and productivity increased dramatically. It told me how to use the Object Browser. It converted me from using the DAO libraries to using the ADO libraries. It ... Well I suppose in summary I am now a power user whereas before I was a hacker.
It's not perfect but I gave this book 4 stars rather than 3 because despite everything I still find myself reading it and I still learn something.
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on 9 March 2012
This book is absolutley appalling. The examples are unclear, it jumps around without telling you what to do, the language is EXTREMELY dry for a "For Dummies" book. There are "mistakes" in the code where it has wrapped to the next line so if you tpye what you see you get an error. As a somewhat experienced programmer I felt lost reading this book...if I don't get it at a glance I'm not sure how a novice is supposed to...so bad. Oh and it rambles on and on without really saying anything, I am on page 129 and I have had no hard facts or decent explanations of anything so far...could have condensed this into 5 pages.
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on 18 July 2011
Well what can I say about this book? It's exactly what you expect from the 'for Dummies' series and provides useful insight into VBA even for an absolute beginner such as myself. The book follows the familiar 'Dummies' format of allowing you to dip in for just the information you need or to read it from cover to cover to gain a more in depth understanding of the subject. I have taken the latter approach and so far have managed to get to about the half-way point. The chapters seem logical and the examples are very easy to follow. I haven't visited the accompanying website yet but I'm promised in the book that it contains lots of useful code and an additional chapter.
The book provides a very good introduction to the subject at hand and provides good examples and some useful insight if you're just getting started out in VBA programming...
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