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on 9 May 2011
Having passionate interest in why many boys appear to be failing in school (I am a primary teacher of 10 years), I was drawn to this book. The author is extremely knowlegable and genuinely open to other opinions and views about his theories. He supports all of his theories with case studies and research, which is extensive. I also welcomed the fact that he has carried out research in a variety of schools from different soci-economic backgrounds. Well worth the read and even if you disagree with his reasoning it will prompt further debate.
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This book has changed how I bring up my boys. Already a fairly conservative parent anyway, who homeschools and provides both a healthy diet and lots of exercise, not to mention quite strict about electronic use, I realise that even these are probably not enough to give my boys the best environment for their growth and maturity.

The bottom line is this: plastic bottles for drinking water and soda contain BPA which negatively effect the production of male hormones and messes up their bodies (buy re-usable bottles without BPA), computer games enhances only one part of the male brain but makes the other part shrivel, thus damaging their centres of motivation and real-life connection (going as far as making them prefer simulated, on-line girlfriends rather than the real thing); and the use of ritalin and other behaviour-modifying drugs are so bad, even when "just trying them out", that brain chemistry and behaviours patterns will be altered forever.

Yikes, people! Wake up! This isn't just scare-mongering, but careful and factual brain studies.
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on 30 August 2016
As a medical doctor myself , but in the UK, I am testament to the emerging trends that Dr Sax has described in his book, and then researched, to understand the phenomenon that is happening with our young boys and men today. His research which has taken place across a number of countries in the developed world has been thoroughly done and presented in a balanced way. I would definitely recommend this book to any parent or adult who wants to begin to understand why our societies are at crisis point regarding the upbringing of our children and youth. I practise in a white relatively middle class suburban area close to London and there is a definite crisis with boys having no little to no ambitions/ unrealistic ambitions which centre around making money very quickly to an almost absence of admiration for any job that would require hard work eg a career in medicine and emerging problems with alcohol, drugs and depression. We can continue in denial that any of these things are a problem for us and that it's OK to leave our boys with increasingly violent video games that undeniably affect their mental health ( amongst other things that are affecting boys) - Sax puts this in balanced perspective and begs the question - for how long societies can continue like this... The solutions he offers on how to tackle these problems are practical and that we would have to get together in our communities to support our youth. Let us act now to ( try !) and save our sons - we can do it to some extent if we work together. This book is a proof of what's going on and a wake up call. PS Regarding other reviews - you may disagree with some of his opinions but you can't deny they are evidence based. Also when he may state some anecdotal opinion rather than fact he makes that clear also.
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on 18 September 2014
Yes the book arrived within the time frame and I have begun to read it. It is very provoking and insightful in relation to exploring the nature of young boys who become young men who become men....and the challenges that they face and how they can if ignored follow through into manhood. It saddens me that our boys, our young men and even our men have been drifting for so long.... I pray and hope that this book will help inspire, encourage and activate us as men and women to rise up and take the steps necessary to address this 'drifting' in our boys lifes.
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on 13 February 2015
This book really gets you to understand how boys/ men have changed over the years and what to do to help young boys grow into what men should really be.
Moreover , it gives great insights on girls and adolescnece and the evergrowing issue of video games.
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on 21 October 2013
Every parent with a boy child will identify something they have encountered with their mothering experience.
Fantastic and loved the way it was written
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on 16 January 2015
interesting but not really anything new
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on 27 September 2015
Interesting and Relevant
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on 26 September 2014
Excellent, a excellent insight into this growing phenomenom! A must read.
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on 25 January 2015
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