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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 August 2008
This isn't the best biography I've ever read. The author repeats himself too much and breaks up the flow of text constantly with endless German terms and translations that could just have easily have been left out. He also inserts himself into the narrative too much - 'I did this', 'I met such and such', 'I think that Oskar...'. But the subject matter speaks for itself. The research that went into this book is exhaustive, and it really does illuminate so much of Schindler's life than just the years during the war. Schindler was a drunk, a womanizer, a pretty wretched husband, an opportunist, terrible with money - but he was also a hero, a saviour, and a remarkable man. This book tries to explain the moral transformation that saw Schindler emerge from the wreckage of WW2 and the Holocaust as such a legendary figure. Whether it succeeds or not is debatable, but it's worth the read anyway.
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on 17 November 2011
It is disappointing to read reviews from people who have only read 150 pages of a 700 page book.I have to agree that the opening hundred or so pages are at best tedious, but the book rapidly gathers pace and some of the detail is extraordinary. The fate of Goth's mistress after the war is stranger than any fiction (I won't spoil it for the reader)and is an example of the detail that eventually warms the reader to the author.
Schindler is a complex man. Womaniser, fraudster, and yet after making a fortune from his activities in Krakow he decides to give it all up to save lives of many of his Jewish workers. Why? This answer is addressed in some detail and it certainly left me wiser than I was before I tackled this huge book.
The is a little long winded but for all that it is a fascinating insight into one the twentieth centuries most hypnotic characters.
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on 2 June 2013
it is a compelling story making me aware of the brutality of fanatics .It brings back memories to me of the arrogance of Nazi soldiers, having lived my teenage years under German occupation in Jersey channel islands. My heart goes out to the Jewish people and the suffering they endured
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on 15 October 2013
It was too factual. I realise it is an account of his life but was done in a boring way. The war years were more interesting and the reason I downloaded this book was we had just been to Auschwitz whilst in Poland. Lots of information in this book not necessarily done in an interesting way, though. I should have downloaded Tom Keanelly's book "Schindler's Arc"
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on 14 September 2015
excellent will read it again watched shindlers list, read shindlers ark, wanted to learn more about this wonderful man looking at the picture of him on the cover he was a striking man can picture him doing all he did to save his shindlers jews
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on 21 November 2008
For anyone interested in the historical Oskar Schindler, this is an exhaustively researched account of the life and death of the man,focused around his WWII-related activities.

While the subject matter is of huge interest it is (at least up to now - first 150 pages) quite tiresome. The author goes into tremendous detail in everything that touches Schindler, directly or indirectly, and there are chapters where Oskar is not even mentioned! It would make a much more interesting, easy and focused reading if he didn't explain the whole Sudetan history and politics, for instance: sure, it is of historical interest, and sure, Oskar came from that background, but so much detail is simply off topic...

The problem is that the author felt compelled to include, in the book, all the research that he did, along with extensive introductions about diverse matters - like state policy against mentally ill people etc. All this halts the narrative and really destroys any sense of continuity.

What's more, for some reason the author has obviously set out to destroy the 'myth of Oskar Schindler". While, of course, the movie was not 100% historically accurate I really see no reason for the author to feel like 'debunking it'. The title of one chapter, "The beginning of the Schindler Myth" really got to my nerves.

All in all, a lost opportunity...
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on 18 August 2016
Interesting although sometimes a little long winded. Gets better as you go on.
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