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on 11 July 1999
This book is an excellent source for objectivist epistimology. Although it includes the work of Piekoff, Ayn Rand's intellectual heir, it is a worthy collection of Ayn Rand's groundbreaking philosophy. Personally, I deem it an indespensible work. Although I do not claim to be an objectivist yet, I do agree with Rand on nearly every issue. When I find that something has come along in my life that I'm not sure about, something ambiguous, I consult The Lexicon and usually am able to put the thought to rest. I'd recommend this book to ANYONE who follows objectivist idealogy in any way shape or form, and also to Rand's critics, so that they might have this extensive compendium for the measure of what it truely is: A COMPLETE resource of Rand thought and philosophy. Once again, EXCELLENT book. Buy it today!
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on 24 December 1998
i was surprised at ayn rands ignorance at many philosophers
nietzche is described as a primitive poet who replaced reason with the primitive idea of will
any seroius look to nietzche will show this to be false and recongize him as one of earliest depth pyschologists.
rand also makes a straw man of out of socialism describing it as all individuals sacrificing themselves for the goverment
although some socialists hold that view most aim at redistributing society to each individual the greatest possiblity of paths.
ayn rand is at heart a pseodo philosopher with economic concepts of a 10 year old.
any objectivists wonder why ayn rand is absent in university teachings or recongized as anything.
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on 3 March 1999
When I recall Ayn Rand had something unique and cogent to say about some topic, but I can't remember where or her exact formulation, this is where I go to look it up. I find what I'm looking for in seconds. It is one of my most used reference books.

I would recommend this to Ayn Rand admirers, serious philosophy scholars (whether you love Rand or hate her), and anyone looking for some really interesting quotes.
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on 10 January 1999
The book is filled with definitions, and quotations in context, on a wide array of topics.
Students of Objectivism will find most of the concepts from Rand's non-fiction books distilled and indexed alphabetically.
This book is a must-have if you take reality, reason, and your life seriously.
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on 21 February 1999
Most people do not know Ayn Rand's ideas. The Ayn Rand Lexicon provides a way to quickly discover what Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism says about various philosophic issues. The references cited in the book can guide further research.
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on 24 August 1999
Ayn Rand does offer many interesting points in her writings (which this volume sums up). However,though to any reasonable person objective truth does exist (naturally only an idiot would claim that gravity exists only in our minds) morality and other aspects of the human condition exist solely in the mind. Good, evil, love, hate, spirit all are cultural constructs . . . objective morality is a contradiction in terms. Though Ms Rand has added much to 20th century philosophy, and is (in my mind) severely underrated in established philosophical circles, as well as overrated in her followers'her philosophy (as with any other)has its good points, but cannot, in its entirety, stand up to critical thought . . . and reason.
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on 12 February 1999
This handy volume is actually a pretty good topical assortment of helpful quotations from Ayn Rand's writings. So why do I give it only a single star?
Because this compendium also includes selections from the writings of Leonard Peikoff -- and of no one else. In particular, Nathaniel Branden's writings -- never officially disavowed by the "Objectivist" movement -- have disappeared down the memory hole. FLUSSSSSSSSSH. You'd never know he existed, let alone exercised any major influence on Rand, even though his essays are still reprinted in every copy of _The Virtue of Selfishness_ and _Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal_. (And what happened to all those back issues of _The Objectivist Newsletter_ that Ayn Rand personally approved for publication? Have Branden's articles been snipped out of them too?)
Thankfully, however, Harry Binswanger has excluded the writings of such ARI nonentities as Peter Schwartz. And if he had similarly excluded Peikoff's second-rate stuff, I'd have rated the results more highly.
Mercy, I'd have given it two stars if he'd just been honest enough to entitle it _The Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff Lexicon_.
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on 14 June 1999
Open this volume of topical excerpts from the writings of Ayn Rand and read the passages under the headings Family, Parenthood, Children, and Childrearing.
. . . Oooooops! There aren't any.
Tell you anything?
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on 5 March 1999
I believe Ayn Rand's writings are very destructive. And this isn't because of her highly un-original philosophy. No, the reason for this is the powerful grip the books has on her followers. In her books they find justification for behaving in a anti-social manner that is slowly destroying the fabric of the societies of the Western World. This egoism is supposedly derived from "reason". In the real world however there is no reason for people not to find fulfillment and meaning from helping others and caring for their family and friends. The accusation that "altruism", i.e. decency and goodness, leads to tyranny is nothing but products of a very paranoid mind. The craziest thing about this though is the fact that Ayn Rand has been raised to a saint-like status by her followers. No disagreement with her writings is ever accepted and if you disagree you are an evil communist/collectivist. To be a true individualist you must agree with everything she has ever written. Isn't this collectivism in a true sense? No, says her followers, those views are derived by reason and must therefore be share by all intelligent human beings. Pretty scary!! Note that Objectivism, like Marxism, Freudianism and Jungianism, is a closed system of thought in the sense that any critisism of the system is automatically seen as a symptom of unreason. This is what makes Objectivism a religion rather than a philosophy or scientific method. And this is also the reason for the fanatical behavior of her disciples.
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