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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2009
Undone is the first book in a new spin off from the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine. (see Ill Wind: Book One of the Weather Warden and following books in the series) Although David and Joanne (the principal characters from the Weather Warden series) feature in the earliest chapters, this book does not feature them or any other of the previous main characters strongly.

Cassiel is a Djinn, but as punishment for defying her ruler Ashan in some unspecified way she has been trapped in human form and cut off from the source of her power and her life. The only way she can stay alive is by siphoning energy off weather wardens so she ends up earning her keep by helping an earth warden Manny Rocha. But something or someone seems to be out to kill Manny and Cassiel must find a way to protect her new found human friends and allies.

As this book is set in an already well established world for an uninitiated reader some things may be confusing - the convoluted relationship between djinn and human that made up the entire weather warden series thus far is glossed over except for occasional potentially cryptic comments and characters (Imara, Jonathan...) That said this story does stand sufficiently on it's own - well as much so as any of Rachel Caine's novels tend to in the face of her love of cliffhanger endings (tune in next week - same bat time, same bat channel) which personally tend to annoy and frustrate me.

The characters are interesting. Cassiel has the potential to be a fascinating character and I'm looking forward to seeing her character develop - I just hope she keeps some of the alien ruthless coldness of the djinn and doesn't get too humanised over the rest of the series. Overall the book is okay. Nothing spectacular but still competent urban fantasy writing, not good enough to praise unreservedly but not bad enough to slate.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2009
This book pleased me with cameo appearances of characters from the Weather Wardens series, and I liked the heroine and hero very much.

The story of Cassiel's fall from Djinn grace into human form and her experiences/adventures as she teams more and more with Weather Warden Luis Rocha was well written, and issues that another author might have left hanging (like "why didn't they just shoot her?") were explained satisfactorily along the way.

The heroine's character developed realistically and likably, and the pace of the book was just right. The only thing that stopped me giving it the full 5 stars was the ending .. basically it isn't an ending, it's a "to be continued" - it even says so!!

I like my books to stand alone, and in a way this does .. but it leaves me hanging on for the next installment (Outcast Season - Unknown) rather like I used to wait for the next weeks's installments in my comics as a kid, which I find rather irritating. I'd rather have known the fate of one particular member of the supporting characters at least, before the end of this book.

However I just hope the second book will be as good as this one, then it'll have been worth the wait.
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on 1 December 2014
Book one in this new series derived from the Weather Warden saga, and what a beauty. Someone is abducting the kids of wardens and turning them into killers. Cassiel thought she had killed the source of this aeons ago but somehow it's back. Defying Ashan's orders to eradicate humanity she has been banished into human form. Rachel Caine is a superlative writer who treats the reader with respect.
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on 5 June 2013
Undone is the first installment in the Outcast series by Rachel Caine. The book focuses on Cassiel, a fallen Djinn who has been cast out to live life as a human by Ashan as punishment for disobeying an order. No longer connected to the aetheric, she’s forced to rely on the Warden’s whose power she now needs to sustain her in order to survive. Taken under their wing, Cassiel is assigned by Lewis to work with Manny Rocha, an earth Warden. Cassiel struggles to adapt to human life as she had always shied away from humankind while she was a Djinn. On meeting Manny’s family – his wife Angela, daughter Isabel and brother Luis Cassiel starts to form an attachment to her new family – particularly Isabel.
Cassiel’s new life is disrupted when Manny and Angela are murdered and Isabel is abducted. Now teamed up with Luis whom she has started to have feelings for, Cassiel tries to track down Isabel while facing a menacing unseen force that is hell bent on stopping her at all costs. The duo soon learns that other Warden children have also been abducted. Who is responsible for the abductions and what are their reasons? Will Luis and Cassiel rescue Isabel in time? Who is the force behind the attacks on Cassiel that has even the invincible Djinn afraid?
The course of the story follows Cassiel as she learns to deal with her human limitations and the world that the Wardens live in. Watching her adapt and battle with all the human feelings suddenly bombarding her was interesting to read. Having read the Weather Warden series prior to the Outcast series, I was familiar with the concept of the wardens and djinn as well as the characters. One of the most surprising characters to make an appearance was Jonathon, the former leader of the Djinn before they split into two factions. After his death he had appeared twice to Joanne and indicated that he still existed on some plane but it was never fully explained how or why. In Undone we learn that he has moved on to a higher plane and is in fact an angel.
Throughout the book I wondered why Cassiel had been cast out by Ashan and thankfully all was revealed towards the end when we learned that Ashan had wanted her to destroy humanity in order to eliminate the greater threat – Pearl. I did wonder over her reasons for not agreeing as she had no concept of who humanity was prior to turning into one herself but fortunately she did.
It’s Cassiel's struggle with human emotion that makes Undone such a compelling read. Her attachment to Manny and his family, her bond with Isabel as well as her growing attraction to Luis made the book more interesting. She goes from being cold and impersonal to loyal and caring. The book ends on a cliffhanger as do most of Rachel’s books so be warned!
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Cassiel is one of the Old Djinn, the more powerful Djinn who came before humans walked the earth. She was one of the most powerful but when she refused to follow Ashan's orders he cast her away. Stripped of her powers and trapped in human form Cassiel is forced to go to the Weather Wardens for help. She needs to access their power regularly to sustain herself or she will die. She is partnered with Earth Warden Manny and finds it easier to help him with his missions than she does to deal with her new human body and emotions.

Undone is the first book in Rachel Caine's Outcast Season series which a spin off from her popular Weather Warden series. Being a massive fan of the Weather Warden series I was really looking forward to getting started on this series - I was expecting a fast paced thrill ride and Rachel didn't disappoint me.

I loved getting to find out more about the Djinn by looking at the world from Cassiel's perspective. She is one of the Djinn who had never chosen to take human form so her new body is a strange experience for her. She has never had to deal with humans before so everything is very new to her - she doesn't know the rules and is still learning how her body works. I really enjoyed her interactions with Manny and his family (his daughter Isobel is adorable) and watching her opinion of humans start to change as the story progressed. I mustn't forget to mention Manny's brother Luis - the sexual tension between him and Cassiel was great & I'm looking forward to seeing how things may develop between them in the future.

It was nice to see Jo, David and Lewis (from the Weather Warden series) make an appearance although this was brief and only at the start of the book. To be honest although I liked the chance to see them again I'm glad they didn't feature more prominently in the story as it would make it too easy to get confused between the 2 series. I think you could probably pick up this series even if you've never read any of the Weather Warden books although that is a series I would highly recommend to those who haven't tried it yet.

Undone was a great start to a new series, it had me gripped from the very beginning and took me through a full range of emotions from tugging at my heartstrings to making me laugh out loud. My one minor complaint would be the cliffhanger ending. I think anyone who is familiar with Rachel Caine's work will know by now that she is a master at leaving you desperate for more and Undone was no exception. I have already ordered book 2 (Unknown) but I'm not too sure what I'll do with myself between reading that and the long wait until Unseen is published next year. Perhaps I'll finally make a start on the Rachel's Morganville series while I wait!
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on 5 April 2009
First book in a new spin off series from the Weather Wardens, more easy reading intelligently written fun stuff from Rachel Caine, with well written sexual tension built in too. If you love the weather wardens, you will love this. I actually think I prefer this heroine to Joanne Baldwin. Cassiel has a sharper fiercer edge to her. Only complaint, it's not long enough. Read it very very quickly and was left hungry for what happens next. I'd say you could read it without reading the Weather Warden series first but will probably miss out on a fair bit of context.
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on 22 March 2013
rachel caine is an excellent author
i have not read any of her books that arent excellent cant put down kinds of reads
i hightly recommend this book and all of the other series she has
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on 6 May 2011
Is a good book with lots of acion and a romantic detail! Annoying was that it left you with a huge cliffhanger luckily I bought the second book at the same time (something I would recommend).
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on 17 January 2013
If you liked the Weather Warden series you'll love this continuation of the storyline following the Wardens and the Djinn.
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on 6 June 2015
great story, good price, delivered very quickly.
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