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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2004
Following on from the beginning of the stories, it streamed perfectly into the 2nd book. There were a lot more characters brought in to this book and seemed more action, there seems to be a lot more in this book to make you sit up and take note however, there seemed to be a lot of flipping back and forward between scenes and was not as good as the 1st but, still a fantastic book and essential if you want to continue reading the series.
We see our favourites from the 1st book Isabeau, Meghan, Iseult & Jorge. This book focuses more on Iseult than Isabeau, which I found rather disappointing as I found Isabeau such a strong character and would have liked to have seen more of her in this. Iseult is so very different from Isabeau, having said that I wasn't overly fond of Iseult in the 1st book but, came to like her more in this one.
Overall a brilliant book, I just didn't like things switching so quickly but, this is stilla book I would highly recommend and can't wait to read The Cursed Towers.
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on 12 April 1999
What can i say, must i wait for the 3rd and final book in this trilogy. NO!!!!!!!!! I want it now. The character development of Iseult was added on in leaps and bounds while developing Lachlan (Baccaiche)to a very satisfying character. I love the theme of fantasy books like this one, its fascinating to read books that can captivate thought so wonderfully and still have factual information. Because of this book i have started looking at modern day wicca and amazingly there are some stark simmilarities. Kate Forsyth combined factual information in with the book so well that it could still keep one on the edge of their seat.
BOTTOM LINE: READ THIS BOOK (and like me you shall anxiously await the next, can we really wait till SUMMER 2000 though)
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on 1 April 1999
Sometimes, after reading the first in a series, you think that the second will be kind of monotonus, especially when they are the size of these books. But the author solves this problem by focusing on the other sister. In a way it was very frustrating, because I wanted to hear more about Isabeu. I felt that the author turned around and made Isabeu a weaker character than she was in the first book. Yes, she went through a lot but still... It just didn't seem correct. Her sister comes out very well. I almost didn't like her in the first book, but changed my mind after the first two chapters. It would have been a better read if I didn't know the characters from before.
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on 22 June 1999
I must say, few books move you into carrying about what happens to the character, but this one does. I felt myself getting so upset about Isabeau's twists in life that at points I actually cried. And I am not one to cry very often for books. Although this book was very good, like all books, there were some things I disliked, mainly the unfair one twin gets all while the other gets almost nothing thing, and then the fact that Maya's child, although only a quarter fairge seemed to have a mainly fairge phenotype. Tis tis, would be much cooler if she looked like a human but with some hidden fairge characteristics. *Smile* About the cover- I dearly hope the cover art will be a little better on the next book! =) There where many a times while reading this book places other than my house (it was too good to put down ok?) when I had to hide the *slightly* cheesy cover. I also don't think it is wise to have a illustration of the characters on the front, it made it really hard for me to picture them looking the way I wanted them too, not the way the illustrator saw them. And lastly, I always enjoy a map. Especially with a book like this where there are so many places talked about that I almost wanted to draw one myself. =) Puh, I'm really sounding negative now, but that's only because I really liked this book and hope the last one will be even better than the first two.
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on 29 June 1999
If you haven't discovered this jewel of a writer yet, you're in for a big surprise. She's clever, funny, has a great line in Scottish dialogue which I personally found just gorgeous, she's got deep and interesting characters and best of all, just when you think you know what's going to happen, she throws in a twist that makes you realise how stupid you were for not seeing it coming. Her descriptions are so real and vivid you feel like you're actually there, her books are full of magic and dragons and cloaks of invisibility and magic books and all that sort of stuff, yet somehow it all seems so real and natural - I wish I lived in Eileanan! PS - for the person who wrote before, you need to get the Australian ediitons - they have maps and glossaries and stuff, plus not once have they had a picture of the characters on the front, which I hate too!
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on 10 April 1999
I am only 12. Basically, I thought that it was strange that Isabeau and Isleut didn't meet until it was time to join the lodestar. And what about Finn and her father? I hope they answer my questions in #3! WARNING: the book is a little graphic like on p. 140 when it vividly portrays Iselut and Lachan "doin' it". All in all, I liked this book very much and I think anyone over the age of 12 should read this. I also recommend Lynn Abbey for anyone who loves fantasy creatures like ogres and goblins and elves.
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on 4 May 1999
This was a pretty good book, but I agree with the others that said that it wasn't as good as the first. It was way too depressing and I didn't like how they didn't kill Maya off, but I suppose they'll do it in the third book. I was also pretty sad because Meghan is going to die (we all know it) and I wish that Isabeau could get at least some of what she had wanted cos she suffered so much! and I think that Lachlan/Bacaiche should have grovelled a bit for forgiveness. Other than that, it was a pretty good book!
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on 9 August 1999
This book is really good. I especially like Meghan and Finn. I'm sorry but i don't like Lachlan that much me seems devoured by hate, i suppose that is understandable but why does he seem to hate everyone else? Apart from that the story was really good. I thought that in Bk 2 Isabeau, Ishbel, Finn, Jorge and the others from the Band of the Healing Hands should be featured more By the way Bk 3 is already out isn't it? I mean I've seen it is Australia.
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on 8 May 1999
This is one of those books that makes you crave the next volume. The character development is particularly creative. The sub-plots tease you and make you want for more. The second book flushes out details from the first while being able to stand on its own as a complete work. I hope the third volume draws on the strength of the first two and adds yet another dimension. I also hope that the third book isn't the last.
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on 31 July 1999
It was such a good book it had me in tears when i was done reading it because did not want to leave Eileanan!!!!!!!!! I strongly disagree with those who say it did not match up to the first one!!! I can't wait for the last book(man, that sounds depressing)!!!!!! I will read this over and over, and I don't think I will ever find a book better than this series.
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