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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2013
I love the Cassie Palmer series and always devour each new instalment in one or two sittings before reading back through all the best bits again, which this time will probably mean reading the whole thing again!

The story picks up with Cassie trying to track down her missing war-mage protector Pritkin and that individual quest takes places against the backdrop of a bigger conflict unfurling.

The books are always frenetic with one crazy action scene after another and this book is even more dementedly action-packed than normal. There are some genius scenes in this book, I loved the crazy chase through the forest with potion-wielding ghost-robot and the magic carpet windsurfing ride before a sandstorm - the writing of the scenes is brilliant, breakneck speed and the usual Cassie / Pritkin teamwork enlivening each moment.

The bigger story arc that starts to unfold is fascinating and the scale of the forthcoming battle is slowly becoming clear. I loved learning more about Cassie's parents, who were interestingly unexpected. The demon realm and its capricious court was also brilliantly realised.

I like the character of Mircea but I much prefer him as Dory's father rather than Cassie's 'boyfriend' as Cassie refers to him in the book. The awkwardness of the term emphasises why their relationship and his long term manipulations don't work for me, so I didn't miss his almost total absence from the story, but was interested in the hints about his past interactions with the Pythias.

But for me, this book was all about Cassie and Pritkin and their relationship. I loved every intense, twisty angsty moment of their interaction. There is so much that is still unacknowledged (never mind unsaid) but it's so much more compelling for it. I can't wait for them to leap off that cliff Cassie's mother refers to...

Cassie has grown and developed as a character throughout the books and in this one you can see she is really starting to grow into her power and it's beginning to become clear that it's not just luck that's kept her alive all this time. At the same time, we see how much formal training she's missing and maybe that's why she makes the right choices based on instinct.

Pritkin is as awesome as ever and I adore his character. The intensity of his personality, the hair-trigger temper, moments of gentleness and his willingness to go all out in a fight.

At the end of the book I was grinning with Cassie looking forward to the next instalment. Just not looking forward to the wait!
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on 22 August 2014
Chaotic is how I would describe this book. When is Cassie Palmer going to actually stop winging it and start actually achieve anything? These books seemed so promising to start with, but I am actually getting very fed up with the constant chaise scenes and the cliff hangers. The only thing that seems clear about these books is that this poor girl has no clue as to what she can do, no clue as to who she can trust and everyone seems to want her dead, or are trying to use her for their own gain. Come on Karen Chance, throw us a bone, please stop writing the massive chaise scenes and get with the story, start giving this poor character a break, as her development is literally eaking along at the slowest pace. I really now have no clue what this character is trying to achieve anymore. A very disappointing and expensive read and am seriously considering giving up on this series, as I actually took a break half way through this book and read a couple of others just to stop dropping off on the train.
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on 17 November 2013
There's so much action in these books I get confused, but I love the characters. It is getting slightly annoying that Cassie still feels like she knows nothing after all she's been through. Also she keeps whinging that nobody tells her anything except every time they do she's not listening. That's my one tiny gripe. I love these books, they make me laugh.
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on 9 October 2014
Highly recommend if you want to lose yourself in an original gripping story for a few hours! i absolutely love this series and it is actually one of my favourite series of all time. Cassie is the right type of female heroine I like to read about. Sassy, loveable and no pushover! The male leads also add to the greatness of this book!
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on 21 January 2014
This book is just WOW!! No other way to describe it, Karen Chance certainly delivers hook, line and sinker. I am so hooked on this series im like a little child waiting for the next one to come out. Why cant I have it now? You know those series where youre getting to the fifth and sixth books and you think can they really drag this out any further and they are starting to get tiresome well this is definitely NOT one of those. I feel like i know the characters and really dont want to have to wait for book 7 but all good things come to those who wait and i cant wait to carry on the adventure.
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on 27 February 2014
I couldn't put this book down and can't wait to read the next one in the series. anyone who doesn't love this series needs to see a doctor because they must have something wrong with them. all hail Karen Chance.
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on 12 November 2013
I have to say i love this book.
I love all the series of this book and if you haven't read any of them then you should
they are a treat.
this review is simply to say - yes if you are thinking of reading them please do.
This last installment leaves you wanting more as there is no resolution from the last book - seems like a gap filler but it is advertised as part one.
So can't wait for the next one. wish they came out every few months.
Karen Chance - work harder!!
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on 6 April 2014
Author is great and series is awesome, another great addition to her collection and definitely a high recommendation from me. Twists and turns throughout, you never know what is going to happen nest and the characters are lovable. Read this.
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on 11 February 2014
From following Cassie through her burdened life my love of Karen Chances writing has bloomed. sarcastically comical this character is a humbled norm-wana-be in the intense supernatural world. a must read for all true fans. Another novel of Cassandra Palmers exhaustively stubborn heroics of which I failed to put down!
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on 22 January 2017
Really great book well written from a great author a excellent read .
Well packed and distributed in good time too
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