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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 June 2001
I read this book after reading all the reviews at Amazon, and thought it must be worth a go,talk about a world where men are supposed to be living under this code of "Honour" in Roy DeMeo and his cohorts you get a look at a crew that would butcher you (literally), for being in the same vicinity as them at the wrong time.Here is a guy that would think nothing of borrowing $100,000 of a loanshark, and then go and kill the guy the next day.No wonder Gaggi and Castellano himself eventually got tired of his gang and put a stop to them, they were almost flaunting the fact that they were breaking all the rules by being involved with narcotics, (there again, who in the mob isnt).Also nice to read about the Gambino family where its not all Gotti,Gravano,Castellano,I found Nino Gaggi to be quite an interesting if somewhat strange character who was from the old school background. Overall i thought Dominick Montiglio gave a good intersting account, but again like all informants, tries to glorify himself too much, and win the readers sympathy,as if it kind of pacifies him for doing what he did. A great success for Capeci and Mustain, defineatly worth a read if you like me want to read about the true life at the very bottom of the mob
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on 3 January 2001
Excellent from start to finish. My one critism of the book is that it maybe focuses too much on the main character Domininc. While being the nephew of a New York Capo (Nino Gaggi) he is not the most intersting character in the book. I would have liked the authors to have gone into more detail about the charasmetic killers, the Gemini twins. But overall a thorughly enjoyable read, this book would make a damn good movie, it would be interesting to see who would play the roles of the DeMeo crew.
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on 20 May 2014
This is a truly unique story and the depths of depravity that Roy & his crew sank to are truly unprecedented in the anals of organized crime ! The story is well researched and well written by the author. Pictures of the main players are included and understandably there are no grisly crime scene pictures in the book because most of the victims of the DeMeo crew wound up in the Fountain avenue dump !

There are lots of fascinating characters in this book not least Danielle Deneux and you will realise why towards the end of the book ! Other fascinating people who crossed the paths of the crew include Cherie Golden, Babette Questal and Andrei Katz, at this point I should advise potential readers to look out for a particular detail of what Andrei Katz (a self professed ladies man I should add !) was wearing underneath for his date with Babette Questal on his fateful night ! The story is captivating and amazing in the sense that even Roy ,despite what he did, really loved Chris Rosenberg ….I like the way the author really went inside the lives of the players involved and the story almost unfolds like a soap and its at the end that the true extent of the destruction is apparent – its hard believe the events described really happened but they did - What a story . !
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on 25 July 2013
A very detailed, well written and well researched journey through one particularly seedy and violent corner of the Brooklyn underworld.

I'd heard of Dominick Montiglio, 'Nino' Gaggi and Roy De Meo in other books and TV documentaries, and I think this is probably the most in depth coverage of their story. It's put together well from news stories, and interviews with various protagonists - Montiglio, most notably. Most people buying this book will already know this, but it's the story of De Meo's mafia crew and their penchant for murder at seemingly every opportunity.

The setting for De Meo's murderous goings on is well drawn - I hope Flatlands and Canarsie are nicer than they sound in this book; I'm sure they are! The cast of characters is well drawn too - which gives the book more of a melodramatic, rather than simply journalistic, feel.

As with many of these mob tales, it's hard to see why people would really want to be an out-and-out gangster; the money, yes, but they all seem to end up suffering a grisly and premature death (usually at the hands of their 'friends'), or in prison for the rest of their lives. Morality rarely comes into it, although Montiglio comes accross as having some sort of conscience - effectively ruling him out of life as a 'made man'.

A catalogue of murder and money by writers who have done their homework.
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on 25 July 1999
Muder Machine is by far the most unglamorous, bloddy, and probably most accurate book I have ever read on The Mafia. Most mob books were written from the point of view of one turncoat witness, who I believe tends to downplay their role or glamorize many aspects of being a wiseguy. Jerry Capeci paints the mob for what it is. A collection of viciouse and greedy theives and murderers. The book is essentially three books in one. The story of the brutal Demeo crew who were officailly repsonsible for 75 murders, and probably committed more. The story of Domnick Montiglio and his life growing up in That Life, and detailings of the inner political structure of the Gambino family. Also, it was great to read a mob book which spent alot of time telling the stories of the TRUE HEROES, the tireless police officers and The one DA who dedicate years to bringing down this unholy crew. These people are not movie stars, they are viciouse killers who enjoyed their work. The only reason I do not give the book the full 5 stars, is that so amny different characterss drift in and out of the storyline that it is sometimes difficult to remember just who did what at times. It was such an interesting read however, I will probably reread it, just to get the detials straight. If you like The Mob or just True Crime stories, you will love Murder Machine.
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on 19 March 2008
I read murder machine about 2 years ago and I though it was an interesting story. Recently I read Albert Demeo's book - for the sins of my father - about his life with his Dad, Roy Demeo. It is interesting to get a different perspective on Roy and read about how he was a good Dad. It makes it quite hard to believe he was capable of the acts told in Murder Machine. Murder machine is a good read but make sure and read Albert's book to get a different view of Roy, Dominick and the rest of Demeo and Gaggi crew.
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If you are into Mafia true crime then this book is a must, This story and the gang is just unbelievable. I wont go into the story but I read this book very quick. The main character is Roy DeMeo, and I would also recommend reading "For the sins of my Father" co written by his surviving Son. Its also a very good read.
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on 3 September 2016
The material that the authors had to delve through was both immense and interesting. Unfortunately, the book is so clogged with disparate names, dates and locations that it is often hard to keep track. Given that the authors offered an update for the paperback edition, it would probably be useful for the authors to offer an update for the online edition as well. Specifically, more maps and more photo inserts spread throughout the book (as opposed to just at the end) would really add a lot. In closing, this is clearly a good book for American Mafia aficionados however it is also probably not a book for those just starting on the subject.
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on 11 December 2014
I read this last year on holiday and literally couldn't put it down. I have read a lot of Mafia/gangster books but this could be the best yet. There are some fascinating insights in there about the more dark side of the mob rather than the glorified power, money side of the lifestyle that often gets highlighted in the many other books i have read.

To be honest I found the main character Dominick a little boring and there was too much in there about his life in the army etc (predictable when he is the informant giving the info out for the book) as i wanted to learn more about the infamous De Meo crew that I had heard and read about but could never get much info on.

If you have ever wanted to find out what life as in the Mob during the heyday of the 70s/80s was like, this is a fabulous read.

Another good book but shocking in a different way (in terms of the amount of money the mobsters could make) is Gaspipe featuring Anthony Casso, again like Murder Machine the subject of the book paints himself as someone who had no other choice but to become a mobster and tries to paint themselves in a shining light but it is a very good read.
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on 12 September 2001
I also tried this book after reading reviews of others, and i was not dissapointed. The book talks you through the life and times of a terrible mafia 'crew' from when they were young dreaming of dying on the streets with a gun in their hand. Certain characters in the book are portayed by the authors excellently, with Nino and Roy being at the top of this list. Don't even think of p***ing these guys off or you will know about it! I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the Mafia.
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