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on 3 March 2014
I have read a lot of Katie MacAlister's books and always enjoyed the witty and creative characters, funny situations and mostly the story. Now, reading these types of books one knows better than to expect great literature, so I am easily entertained and pleased. This particular book however was, to me, downright infuriating !!! It felt like the author was held at a gun point and forced to type ANYTHING just to hit a certain number of pages.

The entire thing: the story-line, the characters, the dialogues, absolutely everything can be described as shallow and tediously boring. No matter what is happening in the background, we are reading the mind "conversations" between the main characters and it's always ALWAS the same topic "I want to pounce on you" ....... " OH nooooo, I'm I am going to pounce on you fiiiiirst".. The sentence from Io "Stop reading my smutty thoughts" was repeated so many times throughout the book, if it were a drinking game we would've all gotten alcohol poisoning only after a few pages.

I can easily say that this book put me off Katie MacAlister for good. Do no waste your money and more importantly, if you are a fan of the author, save yourself many pages of irritation. This is of course my opinion: however if you do like the previous books in the series, you are in for an enormous disappointment.
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on 5 April 2013
I couldn't wait for this book, but it's not her best. That said - I think she did amazing to get it to press at all after her sad loss.
The plot is a little too convoluted, and although the hero has the kindest heart, I like my men a litte more macho.
If I had't fallen in love with her writing - 32 of her books and my kindle - and this was the first time I'd read her, I'd have probably been enthralled.
Maybe, she's just set the bar so high before that I expected something different.
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on 28 June 2013
Another excellent book from Katie Macalister. Once you start to read you can't put it down. Topping up my kindle with more of her books for going on holiiday.
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on 30 September 2015
Bought as a present - so just wrapped up and sent.
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on 18 October 2012
This is one newest "Dark One's" novel. Having read all the others, I eagerly awaited this one. I certainly wasn't disappointed, I only wished that the story wouldn't end. The story is about Io (who stumbles through a time portal and meets Nickola in the year 1712!). Nickola is Ben and Immogen's father( for those who know the books). Niokola and Io time travelled from 1712 to 2012! only to find Nickola's half brother Ralph has followed them!! and has caused mischief, which they must undo to restore the natural balance. There are plenty adventures in 1712 and 2012 for the dark one and his Beloved. There is plenty sex too ! This REALLY is a fantastic book and I hope she writes a second part to this story or features Nikola and Io in a novella. There are also a couple of randy viking ghosts, and a fortune teller ( who's the real deal) with a ghost boyfriend. I couldn't count the amount of times i laughed reading this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 September 2012
I wondered a bit how this book would turn out to be, given the author's very personal loss in July of this year, and I do feel bad for saying this, as I love her D1s series, but this, as did the last D1s tale, fell a bit flat. Yes, it was fast-paced, zany and madcap, with lots of crazy dialogue to provide the funnies, but it felt like...it tried too hard, and relied on stuff that was, well...a big case of deja-vu. Much too much like last years Much Ado About Vampires.

Yes, there is a tale, and it's pretty much what the amazon blurb tells us, but there was SO much emphasis on frankly tiresome things. It did start out funny and OK, and yes, it was all trademark KMac, but after a while, Io's Victoria's Secret bits and dress (2012 stuff makes her look like a lady of the night in 1703, apparently)/her apparent inability to stop making moves on Nikola, despite what her sane mind kept saying/Nikola's attraction to her, despite him thinking of her as a lady of the night/humping and nearly jumping each other repetitively/falling off 2 different horses four times in the space of a 3-mile journey/Io being 2 months off turning 40, but acting/coming across as an immature twenty-something...made me roll my eyes and yawn...Like I said, a bit too much of everything being in the same vein as its predecessor, and it began to get boring.

The Seven Steps To Joining only come around page 275 (of 332), and at that point, KMac introduced a whole load of new characters, and the Viking Ghosts from MAAV (with similar sexual innuendo dialogue from MAAV to add to what was already plentiful in this book; tiresome) and a new story arc, and frankly, I began to lose interest. I did read the tale til the end, but with a bit of skim-reading, which has never happened with one of her books before.

This is the second consecutive D1s tale that I've repeatedly put down in order to read other books, whereas with the older, original 5/6 books, I devoured them in pretty much one setting. I kind of think that the novels started to get too same-same after Pia's two-book tale. Her Dragon tales are FAR better than the D1s these days, IMHO.

Still, it's well-written, it's KMac's normal, quirky, mad stuff, combined with a bit of time-travel, baddies, lies, deceptions, curses, sex, witty and funny dialogue (well, the latter, for a while, at least), lots of talking to oneself, lots of him hearing her thoughts in his head, and her hearing his thoughts in her head, lots of sharing of sexual thoughts; overall, it reminded me a bit of the Carry On films, and yes, it was another D1s tale. Just not her very best. Sorry.
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