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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

on 1 April 2008
Luckily I started reading the first of this four book series (this is the 4th) when all 4 were available and have read them at my pace. I won't go into the story, others have tried to do that. I hung on to the last one for a while, well as long as I could stand the denial, in order to put off finishing the series and having to suffer the "that's it" separation from characters I have loved spending time with. This book proved to be HILARIOUS and laugh out loud funny, frequently and my favorite of the four.
If you are looking for a cleverly written, great story, more action than you can shake a stick at, a magnificently hot hero (serious man of action), lovable heroine and (very witty) sidekick READ THEM NOW! - In order or you will not follow the very complex plot(s)!
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on 15 November 2010
An enjoyable conclusion to the events and multiple subplots of the series - though I do hope she writes more of this character. After the baby, I'm sure.
Aisling and Drake are trying to get married but something always seems to go wrong. Proscribed, Bael is hounding Aisling to give him his sacrifices, Drake goes missing in Tibet, Fiat uses Aisling to support his call for war against the Green Dragons, and it's all just one big mess that her family is in London to witness. Fortunately, she finds Uncle Damian to be very understanding and supportive.
Drake is, as Aisling often says, utterly adorable, and his character has really developed and matured. Aisling, too, has turned out well. It just goes to show that you can bring a couple together during a series, not try to keep them endlessly apart because of a misguided belief that a story ends once two people overcome odds to admit their attraction to each other. Which gets very tiresome, I might add.
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on 31 May 2012
I love this series, it's rather refreshing and is a fun journey to read about. There is a lot of humor and wit, especially with her dog. If you like books where there is a bit of sexual tension, adventure, humor and trips around the world as well as a s,oiled ring man this is for you.
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on 10 October 2007
"Holy Smokes" is the fourth in a series and it's immediately apparent, on reading the book, that it very much helps to have read the previous novels. There are a lot of characters and is a huge amount of world building that isn't explained in any depth in this novel and it's quite hard going for someone new to the series to follow all the different situations, people and powers.

Aisling Grey seems, in a rather Anita Blake manner, to have picked up a number of different skills/roles in the course of this book series. Not only is she a Guardian but she is also a Demon Lord, a Dragon's mate, a Prince of Abaddon and various other things. She has a voice in her head trying to encourage her to the dark side, a demon familiar that's a dog and various other assistants who appear at various times. Her love interest, Drake (a dragon) spends a lot of this book disappearing, being kidnapped and keeping things from Aisling - they are meant to be getting married but things keep getting in the way so that one or other of them doesn't make it to the church. A side note, here, that if you didn't arrive for your wedding in a Church of England church on Saturday there is no way you could have the wedding the next day instead - things just don't work like that!

Anyway, the wedding is a theme throughout the book as various things crop up that require Aisling and Drake to go off and do some troubleshooting. They travel around a lot, both in Europe and to Abaddon, various old foes reappear, along with some new friends (or are they friends?) The plot has many strands taking place at the same time and Aisling seems to spend most of her time rushing ahead where angels fear to tread, getting in the way of things that she doesn't know about, and requiring Drake to tell her he loves her. But despite all this she's an appealing character despite her blundering and her desire to trust people comes across well, if a little naive.

For those who have read this series from the beginning they will enjoy this latest episode. For newcomers to this series this isn't a great book to start with as there is too much backstory to catch up with and too many plot threads to give it an overall shape.
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on 30 January 2016
I chose this rating because when a book comes before every this g else you just know its good. brilliant
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on 9 November 2007
However, unknown relatives are coming out of the woodwork from even unheard of paranormal places demanding an invitation to the wedding of the year. As the numbers grow, even imps want to be there though one must be cautious in allowing that species anywhere near a gala unless food fights are on the agenda.

As their wedding plans expand to the point they consider elopement, the hostilities between the green and the red dragons ignites into what looks like a heated war. Finally Fiat the blue dragon demands Drake back off as he has a prior claim on Aisling. Overwhelmed by it all, Aisling concludes she either remains single or she abducts Drake so that he can become her beloved spouse.

The fourth Aisling Grey romantic fantasy is a wonderfully amusing relationship drama with some YOU SLAY ME escapades. Fans of the series will enjoy the zany goings-on as the lead couple prepares for a wedding celebration that has completely gotten out of control especially on the supernatural plane. HOLY SMOKES, this is a laugh out loud tale that readers will appreciate while wondering elopement but to where, breaking up but they light each other's fire or I do while dragons war and Fiat heatedly objects!!! I would also recommend, if you missed reading TINO GEORGIOU'S masterpiece--THE FATES, go and read it. With fascinating and brilliantly created characters in `THE FATES' coupled with two intertwining plots makes for a completely enjoyable and page-turning read.
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on 22 May 2015
The story continues and is funny and keeps you reading,
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on 23 February 2008
This does not really have the excitment that the previous books have, we need something more from this couple, one dragon one all powerful but too dim to work out what she is. We need Aisling to stop being a clumsey herion, she needs to start doing her homework as all the blundering about that she does is becoming boring. The fire has left the stories, how many more times will they split? Is she or isnt she? (I wont say anymore on that!) and is it just me or is this mate business with the blue dragon getting really confusing and a bit made up on the spur of the moment?

And what is going on with the silver dragons????? Please stop trying to keep us guessing, give us information and make it enjoyable to read again.

By the way, love Jim, not sure on the taxi man (cannot remember his name) his part has seemed to have gotten bigger but not sure how!
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on 21 September 2009
Lovethe sassyness and the humor. Drake is the guy any girl would fall for and who doe snot want to have a bit magic at ones fingertips ;) Enjoyed every page, but unfortunatly only 4 books are baout Aisling and Drake as main characters.
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