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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 1999
I love romance, but most of the novels out now a days are trashy and are all about copulation. Forbidden Magic was well done, and actually had a story. It was a woderful mix of magic, love and passion. Meg is a charming character full of life and spunk from her naughty undergarments to her shy demur way. I found Sax to be a marvlous character, with his temper and his love for stray unwanted animals. He is quite eccentric and just what I would want in a husband. Mrs. Beverly did a fabulous job on this story and I throughly recomend it. This was the first book I've read writen by Mrs. Beverly and you can be sure that it will not be the last!
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on 17 August 1999
I give this book one star only because of the following few good points: (1) Sax is extremely handsome and falls head over heals for "plain" Meg; (2) Sax has a soft heart and loves his pet who has a deformed mouth and employs servants who have physical or other problems.
I can think of nothing more that is positive about this story. When the characters finally have sex (I can't construe it as making love), it is accompanied by ridiculously inane conversation. With about 40 pages to go, I cared so little for the characters that I put the book down, will never finish it, and have not the slightest curiosity regarding its ending.
For beautiful stories with well-developed plots and characters, read the author's _The Shattered Rose_, _Dark Champion_, and _Lord of Midnight_.
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on 3 January 2014
I was a little disappointed with this book it was not up to Miss Beverleys usual standard but then it is an older book.I found the idea of a magical stone a bit difficult to believe which is probably why I didn't entirely enjoy the book
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on 11 January 1999
As a huge fan of Jo Beverley's, I was quite disappointed in Forbidden Magic. Beverley has a tendency of late to spend too much time in one character's POV (in this case, Meg's) and too little in the other main character's. While I can appreciate Beverley's desire to make Sax something of a mystery, by the end of the book, I wasn't really sure why he fell so hard for Meg. And if Meg thought "I've got to get the sheelagh back" once, she thought it a hundred times. At one point I put the book down and said, "All right, Jo, I GET IT!" I was also disappointed that after building a great deal of sexual tension between Meg and Sax, there wasn't much of a payoff for the reader. I hope Beverley returns to form in her next Malloren novel and gives a better balance between hero and heroine POV.
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on 13 May 1999
I love Sax. Sax, if you ever drop by my place, come have a chocolate chip ice cream on me!

Having said that, I want to ask Sax what on earth he sees in that heroine. This woman seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the time. She's always worrying, panicking, and always keeping every problems she face to herself, because she fears Sax will be harmed by the villian. Gee.
This is the second Beverley I've read (the other "My Lady Notorious") which has heroines who recklessly keep dangerous secrets to herself because she doesn't want to hurt the ones she love, et cetera, and in doing so, makes everything worse and more tortured reading on my part. If this is the trend of this author's heroines, I'll pass. Never can stand them martyr-type people.
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on 21 September 1998
With the shocking deaths of their parents, Meg Gillingham worries about the future for herself and her siblings. Even though it is Christmas, London society does not seem to care what happens to the orphans. The only offer of help comes from Sir Arthur Jakes, who is willing to see that the younger Gillinghams are taken care of in exchange for Meg's fifteen-year old sister Laura becoming his mistress.
Desperate for a Yuletide miracle, Meg reluctantly turns to the Irish wishing stones to attain her desires at a cost that could prove greater than Arthur's price. Still, she goes ahead and wishes for a secure future for her siblings.
The Earl of Saxonhurst is irate because he never breaks a vow and he swore five years ago that he would be married by his twenty-fifth birthday, which is tomorrow. Sax learns of Meg's plight and chooses to wed her. However, neither one expected love or betrayal to enter their domestic picture. If this unlikely duo is to share a lifetime of happiness, they must uncover the identity of their enemy, who Meg thinks might be the magical stone she used to ensnare Sax.
Jo Beverley has scribed a beautiful Regency romance that proves the sub-genre is alive and well in the hands of this awesome author. The enchanting story line, especially the magical aspects, moves rather quickly to the reader's delight. The lead characters are warm and user friendly, while the support cast add an authentic feel as Ms. Beverley imbues them with a bit of wit and whimsy. FORBIDDEN MAGIC is a wickedly tempting piece that will bring many new readers to Ms. Beverley and the Regency sub-genre.
Harriet Klausner
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on 15 December 1998
The premise of this story, and the catalyst for what happens is the best part of the story. Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it. I felt the story was predictable and the characters were rather shallow. I have never known anyone like our hero, who takes irresponsibility to new heights. Our heroine was rather insepid, and as is stated in another review, she steps in our hero's problems without knowing what the nature of the problem is first. Personally, I won't recommend bying this book...if you can borrow it from a friend, then maybe....
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on 13 January 1999
What a super book! I started it at breakfast, read it as often as I could during the day and finished it at midnight! Meg and Sax - what a great pair! The Romance was slow but tantalizing and sexy. The action was so fast paced I could hardly turn the pages fast enough! I really enjoyed this book - 3-dimensional characters that were sympathetically portrayed and the eccentric secondary characters were a perfect background. Bravo, Jo Beverley! I will check what else you've written. You're great!
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on 27 October 1998
This is a wonderful read with truly intriguing characters (both human and non-human). We should all have a "SAX" in our lives, generous, humorous, sensual, and ever the champion of the less fortunate. Meg and Owain also provide much entertainment, we have to sincerely hope for books about Owain, Laura, and the very serious Jeremy. The story line is very straight forward but not terribly predictable. Beverley fans will love it.
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on 18 December 1998
It was a very well written Xmas story, sad and serious at times, funny at times, lots of suspense and love. Just the way every book should be! The animals were an added bonus. I had the chance to see the sheelag-ma-gig statue on the web site, before I read the story. Good book, and I knew I was in for a real treat when the book would become available. It would be nice to read another historical romance soon. Thanks Jo.
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