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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2017
Grabbed me right to the end and that didn't disappoint either,I've now bought a few more by the same author and hope they are as good as The Resort, lovely atmosphere building,great characters and scene visualisation and non stop hard hitting story, a true page turner. I almost was frightened to reach the conclusion,really recommend to horror fans.
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This book proves that this Bram Stoker Award winning author is one of the best writers in the horror fiction genre. The book is filled with slow mounting tension, vivid imagery, and relentless scenes of horror. As with most of this author's works, there is a sexual element running throughout the book. There is also plenty of violence of a nature that may shock the reader. So, it is definitely not for the faint of heart nor for those with delicate sensibilities. It is simply a relentless roller-coaster ride into true horror.

When Lowell Thurman, his wife, and three children decide to go on vacation, they select the Reata, a luxury resort spa located in the remote Arizona desert. By going off-season, the Thurmans are getting what they believe will be a dream vacation at a bargain basement price. What they will get, however, will be a vacation conceived in the bowels of hell. You see, the Reata isn't at all what it purports to be.

When the Thurmans arrive, they are initially impressed with the luxurious resort, but their enthusiasm is quickly curbed by a series of encroaching events that are jarring. They have a number of bizarre encounters with employees and other guests that seem to escalate in terms of unpleasantness. The facilities are also suspect, as they appear to have a strange effect on those using them. Despite the unusual events transpiring around them, the Thurmans find themselves lulled into a false sense of complacency. When they finally wake up and smell the coffee, it is too late, as it is clear that they are not free to leave the Reata.

Once again, the author takes the mundane and slowly builds a gripping tale of horror. The tension is skillfully maintained throughout the book, and fans of the horror genre will be riveted to the graphic and shocking scenes of horror painted by the author. Bacchanalian revels, sexual depravity, and to-the-death gladiator style sports are some of the activities awaiting the Thurmans at the Reata. The only question is whether they will be able to unlock the mystery of the Reata and survive their vacation. Fans of the author and aficionados of the horror genre will really enjoy this book.
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on 16 June 2005
If you like Bentley Little's work, you'll enjoy this book. Nothing new, follows the usual pattern i.e. perfectly normal surroundings, spooky happenings, amazing revelation, all ending in a damp squib. I happen to be one of those people who like his books so I enjoyed this one, I just wish that now and again, he would come up with something new. Ah well, at least his books are relatively cheap, so you are not investing too much in them..
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VINE VOICEon 4 June 2007
This was my first Bentley Little novel and I must say I was very impressed! I have no idea why his books are not more easily available in stores, he is easily as good as King or Koontz. After reading this I will definatly be reading more of his books.

Lowell Thurman, his wife, Rachel and their teenage sons, Owen Curtis and Ryan, check into the Reata, an expensive resort isolated in the Nevada desert. At first, the hotel seems nice but then things began to take a sinister turn as they boy's see a body floating in the pool and the hotel staff openly commit obscene and violent acts.

Things go from bad to worse and by the time the Lowells realise what is going on, it's too late to escape...

I really like Little's writing style and liked the way he gave chapters from each of the main charactors' point-of-view as it allows the charactors to be fully fleshed out and the author does a really good job of giving each of them their own personality (and making them realistic, too).

Highly recommend this book to horror fans.
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on 25 September 2005
The Resort doesn't much differ from Little's previous efforts, but just like them this is a quality horror read: likeable or weird characters, believable surroundings and situations that get stranger with every minute, and the plot unavoidably leading to a violent and deliciously OTT finale.
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VINE VOICEon 14 May 2010
Bentley launches another all out attack upon the senses with The Resort. A mysterious hotel in the desert welcomes sun-seekers yet never delivers its promises of relaxation and charming environments. Bentley wastes little time in suggesting that the resort is home to some malevolent forces and the players are introduced one by one, a spread of stereotypes with a pleasant perfect family at the forefront. With consummate detail the resort and its influence is described, ever escalating the mystery, tension and macarbre characterisations. Little has no fear of going too far and there are several moments that provide genuine shocks nestled amisdt that brooding tension that he delivers so well. This is Bentley on form.
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on 24 July 2006
This is the best bentley Little book I have read so I'm giving it 4 stars. I don't think Bentley Little is a five star writer but this is still a very enjoyable book. If your looking for horror i'd suggest Laymon, Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum or Brian Keene.
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on 29 October 2008
I am sick and tired of Bentley Little's social satires poorly masked as horror novels.

I don't want to know about home owners association, giant stores that crush small businesses, insurance companies, disgruntled postal workers... and on and on and ON. Enough already! This book is just another way of Little getting back at something that happened to him... No credible story, cardboard characters, all the elements of a very bad novel are here.

What bugs me is that Bentley Little used to be a great writer. The SUMMONING and REVELATION are two of the finest horror novels ever. I love them! Somewhere down the line he has lost it and now the stuff he writes should be in the back page of some social magazine. Not in the horror shelve.

The other thing that bugs me is that I keep buying them (although only reading the first 50 pages or so before I give up in frustration) in hopes that he has somehow gotten back on track. Those hopes are diminishing fast...
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