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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2004
I have been a fan of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series, ever since the first line of the first book. The series, which was first released almost 20 years ago is finally drawing to a conclusion, and many who, like me, picked up a copy of "The Gunslinger" two decades ago will breathe a sigh of relief as next year, the final two books of the series are being released.
For those who have never heard of Stephen King's opus, the tale is of a Gunslinger, Roland, who must journey through a world that is not quite our own, to reach the Dark Tower, a building which stands at the nexus of all worlds. Along the way, he draws three people from our world to aid his quest, and has encounters with several enemies who would rather he never completes his quest.
The Dark Tower is a mixture of Arthurian Legend, Spaghetti-Westerns, Post-Apocalyptic horror, Time-travel science fiction, and other-worldly fantasy. Magic, vampires, demons, gunbattles, insanity and the wheel of destiny (also known as ka) abound in this series of novels. The ardent Stephen King fan will take great pleasure in spotting all the links to his other books (of which there are several).
Characterwise, Stephen King does a brilliant job. Yhe gunslinger is an enigmatic but fascinating character, who seems to have many skeletons in his closet, and many stories to tell. His companions on the journey are equally as fascinating, and their interactions with eachother to overcome adversary is one of the features that makes the books so gripping.
While the first four books in the series throw a lot of questions ("Who is this gunslinger?" "Why is he on this quest?" and even "Will he ever get there?" are just a few that crop to mind), the books have fuelled discussion and intrigued millions.
While the box set only contains the first four books in the series, the main feature is the revised first edition, which has been edited and re-written completely in some places to fit in with the rest of the story, particularly in the fifth book, and the references to "19". It tells of the first part of Roland's journey, and serves partly as introduction to Roland and his world, and partly implants a crucial plot point or two that remain constant throughout the series.
The second book sees the introduction of new characters and the first indications of the links between Roland's world and ours.
The third book sees the journey begin again, with some gripping sequences, and ending with one of the greatest cliffhangers in modern fiction. (Bear in mind, when it was first released, it took 6 years for the next book to come out)
The fourth book mainly focuses on the gunslinger's past, and more intrigues develop on the road to the tower.
The box set is recommended to both the casual reader who enjoys a change, and to the ardent Stephen King fan alike. While it would be more appropriate to have seen all seven books in a box set, the four books are ample reading, and the best thing is that you don't have to wait for five years for the next book to come out. (Book V is already released in hardback, and books VI and VII are both released next year). Old fans can relive the story after their dog-eared original copies have rotted, and readers new with the DT series won't have to wait 20 years for the next books in the series.
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on 29 October 2004
This series is a masterpiece, without a doubt it's King's best ever effort, he admits himself that it's become an obsession.
This is an epic story of light against dark, Roland the gunslinger aint no angel, he's a shooter, a killer, but is he bad? He starts off alone to find the Tower, he's never sure where it is but knows it's there, he only has his senses to help him, later discovering that he has no chance of doing this alone, he may be the Last Gunslinger, but he will need more than a six shooter.
It seems he has a destiny that is set, he must find his way back to another world (yet it is the same world in the past (or future time)) eventually stumbling towards some unlikely recruits including a small (already dead) boy, who are probably all that stands in the way of the evil that descends from the Dark Tower and it's ally, the ever elusive Man in Black, evilness personified, but who (or what) is he, the devil himself? Is he helping or leading Roland a merry chase!
After a few pages you get engrossed in the mystery and history, the atmosphere envelopes you and you MUST keep reading, what will happen next? believe me, you will NOT predict what his destiny holds... "Dud-a-chum?" "Dod-a-chock?" Will he succeed?
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on 7 December 2005
Stephen King is a mater of the craft. Books such as 'Salem's Lot, Christine, Pet Semmetry (I could go on forever) are fantastic- as I'm sure those who've read them already know.
King himself says that The Dark Tower Series are the best works he's ever done. I believe they are.
Even if you disagree with me on that point, The Dark Tower Series are wonderful books that follow Roland of Gilead and his fellowship on their quest to reach THE DARK TOWER. With wonderfully written characters and a fanatastic storyline, I highly reccomend THE DARK TOWER series for any and everyone.
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on 19 August 2012
Having already read these and wanting to start a collection of Stephen king books, these seemed the cheapest way to do it.

These books contain the most detailed descriptions, and although at times I have lost my way and had to re-read a few pages so as to make sense of the sudden changes, these are well worth the money. Amazing depth, characters and plot lines,

Unfortunately they were highly damaged when I received them, but within a few days we had spoken about a replacement set and a perfect set was in my bookcase,
Thank you for wonderful customer service.

Recommended to anyone who knows what Stephen king's pieces are like.
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on 28 December 2012
This was quickly delivered in secure packaging and is in very good condition. I bought a few weeks ago and I am now reading Book 4. I have read most of Stephen King's books, but only read the first book of the Gunslinger series and that was years ago. I love the way he writes and his astute observations on human nature, and the way he gets you involved in the characters and their lives giving the need to know how things turn out with them. I don't want to give any spoilers but I am very much enjoying reading about Roland's recount of his life many many years ago when he was just starting out as a gunslinger, and the story of his great love for Susan.

Not a horror book at all, and is a departure from what many would consider his 'usual' style. But gripping nonetheless!
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on 9 April 2006
I am not a big fan of S King but these books had me hooked when I read the frist one when I was 16. There is somthing wonderful about this section of books which go beyond Kings normal works. These are the best things he has ever wrote I can not praise them enough. Once you get hooked into Rolands world you will stay hooked and it was a great sadness for me when I turned the last page of the last Dark Tower noval
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on 29 December 2007
After reading the ecstatic reviews of other readers I can't help but wonder whether I read the same books.

Stephen King's greatest talent has always been the sheer amount of decent books he is able to churn out and with most of them written in a cinematic style he has always been able to make plenty of money selling the screen rights. For the last decade at least he has been obsessed with the idea that all of his books must link in to 'The Dark Tower' and the way he sometimes crow-bars them in is frankly embarrassing.

'The Dark Tower' itself is a fairly enjoyable series of books that can, at a push, be read individually but lose meaning in the wider context unless read chronologically. They document the epic life journey of Roland, a knight-like gunslinger from a parallel world, who seeks out the Tower, the great mystical bastion at the centre of creation. The Tower and it's beams that bind the universe together are under attack from khaos itself and its various minions. He is therefore in a race against time to secure the fate of all worlds with the help of various companions before they can be eliminated or delayed too long in their task.

It's quite imaginative. Or rather, it would be if Mr King hadn't blatantly lifted chunks from nearly every great fantasy work and simply sewn them together like a rather awkward quilt. He may well cover it with saying it's a 'homage', but I'm afraid it just smells a little too much like copying. The content and feel of the whole story is very adult, yet the characters seem written for children, even down to the obligatory Disney-style comic animal. Political correctness seeps from every page and the fact that some of the books were written years apart means they display the social fashion of the time, which is distracting to say the least.

Stephen King has always had a talent for being a story teller and this series will entertain most people well enough, but the dialogue and character development are clumsily done and seem way too trite for me to believe. And the way he attempts to clumsily introduce characters and events from his other novels (and believe it or not, even himself!) into the story is just horrible. I think the trick is not to think too much over the story or the justification, it is not meant to be mentally challenging.

The faults are glaring and huge, but having said that, sections of the story are very well written and he still has the ability to draw the reader in and leave them wanting more. The pace is patchy, but runs nicely enough and if you can resolve yourself to the fact that one of the great novel writers of our time has produced an opus that falls short of its potential, you will probably be happy enough to keep these books on your shelf.
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on 18 May 2013
Another good read from Stephen King's Imagination of a Mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Plenty of twist and turns to get the reader hooked to find out what happens next. A group of 4 books of a series of 7 in total to find out the final outcome of this trilogy. Good value for the Stephen King reader. Recommend this seller.
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on 28 January 2006
This is my story.... I am 24 and i always used to watch steven king movies. i started reading about a year ago. started with hannible which was quite boring then i read the dan brown books which were really cool.
So i decided to try a steven king book. I started with the dark tower series....OH MY GAWD..... i have become obsessed with reading i talk about the dark tower all the time..... i have manipulated friends to start reading. now they hooked..hehehe.... Now i have gotten my 50 year old father who thinks steven king is only about horror. now way.....much more than that. It's such and amazing, up and down emotional ride.
i am now currently on the 4th volume (wizard and glass) much adventure, romance, action.
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on 13 October 2010
If you love Stephen King you will love this series as it incorporates a number of his books into a single storyline and although in my opinion he is a tad too wordy sometimes which bogs down the story this is pretty good and I bought the first four to see if I would like it and yes I did buy the rest
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