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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 1998
This is the easiest book to read about managing one's personal financial affairs, and the best book I can recommend. After two degrees, I still haven't read any book or magazine that has had more impact on my personal financial situation. If one truly lives by the principles listed, they will have a successful financial future. I've given away many of these books for weddings, graduations, and personal gifts - It is worth more than any other financial gift one can give. It teaches people to be self reliant, even if their present situation seems financially hopeless. There is a solution.
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on 15 February 2005
This book educates the reader about the way to improve one's personal finances. It uses a parable format to explain how two friends learnt how to improve their poor financial situation. They sought the advice of a friend whose wealth appeared to be limitless. Amongst the parables are references to modern day examples. It was the letter sent by the English University Professor that I found most inspiring.
The writing style is old English. This does make it hard to follow at first. It will take a chapter or two to 'get to grips' with the style. From there on it is easy and will soon become easy to read. It is not a long book so will start slow and finish fast.
I can highly recommend anyone to read this book. The advice offered is simple. If followed it will inevitably lead the reader to an improved financial future. I felt empowered and richer as soon as I read the final words. I will not be offering this book for resale as I continually refer to the sound advice that has lasted thousands of years.
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on 5 February 1999
Most personal finance books are written to be clear, and to get you to save money, invest it well, prepare for your future and so forth. But the message often does not stick. This beautifully told tale takes those important lessons and conveys them to you like you have received them from a loving grandparent or parent. The care and concern for your well-being are evident in this book, and you feel joy in following the advice. This book is as heart-warming a treatment of how to have more financial success as I have ever read. If you want to share one book with your children about what the rules of financial success are, share this book. I underlined key points in my copy, and I can review the lessons that I need in five minutes or less. I look at those lessons several times a year, and take pleasure in have heeded their message. I wish I could write a book this good. If you have financial problems today, you may feel that you cannot recover. You should be more optimistic. Start following these rules as soon as you can, and your situation will improve remarkably. You will earn an enormous return on your investment in this book. Having made that first great investment, you will soon learn to make many more.
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on 21 October 2003
The Richest Man in Babylon is a series of stories set in the ancient city of Babylon, where people of extreme wealth and extreme poverty existed side by side. The reader is a "fly on the wall" as those who seek wealth ask the advice of those who have learned how to generate it.
George S. Clason has taken several simple money management principles and wrapped them in colorful stories of an ancient culture, which reminds us that financial struggles and the principles of how to escape them are timeless. This book has travelled the years well because the dialogue is already that of another time. The author has cleverly devised a way to show how these principles also apply today.
This book will give you a solid foundation for how to handle your money and get it working for you.
Larry Hehn, Author of Get the Prize: Nine Keys for a Life of Victory
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on 27 April 2006
It often seems that the publishers are rather fond of sticking 'million best seller' on the front of their books, as if 'thousands' have now miraculously become 'millions' and every book is selling by the crate-load. Sometimes I read book with that claim and there ponder did XXmillion people REALLY read this literary effort? I guess there must be a lot of bored people at airports with a poor judgement of cover-copy as I!

So, what of TRMIB, is that worthy of the 'more than two million sold' stuck on the front of my book? the answer is YES! Yes indeed it is!

I discovered TRMIB by accident and decided to give it a look over, neither in debt having any problems in the financial department per se. I was still spurred on by the other Amazon reviews into giving it a glance over; and how glad I am. Though I say "having no financial problems per se." if the truth be told, I guess we could use a kick in the wallet and a 6 A.M. roll-call in that department. If you are in need of that then look no further. What this book offers you is a fool-proof formula to financial success, based not upon get-rich-quick-pull-rabbit-from-hat school of economics and good housekeeping. No, what Clanson has done is to develop pre-war spendthriftness into a simple yet effective Art. he has taken the basic principles of financial success and laid out clear rules towards that goal. What he has NOT done it to kid you that if you read this book you'll be an instant millionaire, or any such fictitious claims.

Presented in the format of a series of fictitious conversations and tales Clanson time and time again relays the basic truths to financial security and financial success, based not upon external forces; rather based upon your own abilities to keep what you EARN (you have to work for your success) in your wallet, and not in someone else's. In the case you do find yourself in financial jam and have the desire to get yourself out Clanson offers a formula for that too.

What I thought was impressive about this text was the simplicity of the ideas, the logical and rational way they were laid out and presented and the sheer accuracy of his approach. Maybe in this age Clanson's views will find less receptive ears, but anyone who can walk the path he guides us too can shortly achieve financial independence and attain victory over their leaky wallet. A great book.
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on 7 December 1998
The concepts are simple, the illustration of these concepts is brilliant and presented in an entertaining and simple way.
Once upon a time I had $10,000 in credit card debt. I found this book on my brother's bookshelf, he had two copies so I borrowed one. I employed the principles described in this book, and two years later I had no debt and $15,000 in cash.
If you have no money at all and think you are barely staying afloat, you should have bought this book yesterday. If you are earning six figures and keeping up with the Jones next store, but never really seeming to get ahead, this book will give you some solutions. You can read it in a day or a weekend...then start collecting money for the rest of your life.
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on 3 February 1999
I found this book fascinating in that the successful financial principles of 6000 years ago still apply today. With all the resources and technology my company and industry employs today it really struck me that it still starts with one making a fundamental decision to do the things that will result in reducing debt, protecting ones assets and income, and increasing same assets by investing responsibly and systematically. It's also fascinating to see that the entrepreneur made up as much of the wealthy one percent as they do today! This book is part of my clients and personal financial analyst trainees must read list! Greg Bednarz, Personal Finacial Analyst, Primerica Financial Services
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on 1 January 2005
This book offers you some simple - yet powerful - and proven techniques to manage your finances.
If your dream is to become financially free - this book is for you! While the theses in this book can be hard to apply to your own situation - the rewards will be worth your endurance.
Built around stories from the ancient Babylonian civilization this book offers you advice on managing your finances and become financially free.
In this particular version an "old english" style of writing is used - but I believe a version in contemporary english has been released.
Well worth a read!
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on 28 May 1998
This book should be given to every person entering Junior High School to prepare them for life. But the funny thing is that most adults don't know these practical lessons for life. Follow this simple strategy for living and you will be rich--it's inevitable. A very interesting story to read, teaches the most valuable lessons one can learn about saving and investing. If I could only have one of my 115 invetment books, this is the one that I would pick. I give copies to friends and reread it each year. The best single book on personal finance to own. Buy it!
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on 25 February 2008
This book uses parables to sell it's own methodology on how to attain great wealth, but this book is not a get rich quick scheme - in fact far from it. This book teaches you how to grow wealthy over time utilising the income you are currently on, and I don't doubt that if the principles in this book are applied with dedication and conviction then that is exactly what will happen - you will grow wealthy.

In a nutshell this book teaches sound financial planning and shows that with a little bit of preparation and commitment practically anyone can enjoy a wealthy existence. It's a good book but does tend to repeat itself a lot, which I guess is the nature of parables - telling the same underlying story in many different ways to get the point across. This book will only be of value if you intend to use the advice it gives, and if you do heed the advice it could be the most valuable book you'll ever own.
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