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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2002
This has to be up with the best of Bentley Little's horror novels - in fact, it might just sit right at the top of the pile, in my opinion. A stunning, and disturbing, piece of horror fiction. The author's books can generally be split into two types - one branch deals with the usual elements of horror, such as vampires ('The Summoning'), zombies and witches ('The Walking'), or demonic goings on ('Houses'). The second type of Little's work delves into the everyday hum-drum things we take for granted... and then twists them into something uniquely terrifying. A whole community powerless against someone as innocuous as their postman ('The Mailman'), or people coming face-to-face with the realisation that their entire town has become reliant on the whims of the local superstore, which has managed to run all of its competition out of business then employed 90% of the township ('The Store').
'The Association' falls neatly into the second category. But rather than having a community that finds itself insidiously taken over by an outside force, Little turns things on their head, and here it is the community itself which is warped, and it is into this that a normal young couple find themselves trapped by something as seemingly harmless as a homeowners' association. One which is determined to make their new neighbours conform to its peculiar - and rather sinister - standards.
If you're expecting buckets of blood in your horror, then this one is definitely not for you. But if you want a book that will make you see just how, with just a little twist, the normal day-to-day things in life can become more terrifying than any werewolf or vampire, then you need to have 'The Association' on your bookshelves. I really can't recommend this book enough.
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on 12 November 2015
Frightening! I read this when working as a Security Manager in a Homeowner's Association in Moraga, California.

I was unable to put the book down.
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on 9 December 2002
I have only read one of Little's books before, and that being the Mailman, which was very good, so I thought I'd try this one, I really enjoyed it, and I don't agree with another review that the characters didn't have realistic thought processes, I thought that they were people just like you or I and they behaved in ways we might - given the same circumstances. I found it very creepy and very threatening with lots of surprises round each corner. Can't say if it's one of his best as i haven't read enough, but I can say that I will be buying some more on the strength of it so that tells you something. As good as King or Koontz I'd say!
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VINE VOICEon 14 June 2007
The Association is the second novel that I have read by Bentley Little and so far I am very impressed. In my opinion he can be topped only by Richard Laymon for brilliant and addictive books.

Although not quite as good as the first Little book I read, The Resort, I still found this book very enjoyable and it was so difficult to put down that I read it in two days.

Barry Welch and his wife Moreen move into the Bonita Vista, a gated community in Utah. As Bonita Vista residents they are required to join the Homeowners Association. The Homeowners Association impose rediculous rules and severe punishments for those who break the rules. The punishments include fines, physical punishment, death or even worse...being turned into a stumpy.

This book is very good and fast paced and a bit disturbing. Also, Little include good (scary, suspenceful, a plot twist etc) in every chapter so there aren't really any boring parts in the book. A great Bentley Little book which I would recomend to fans of the author or of the horror/thriller genre.
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on 10 August 2009
Bought this book after reading advice from a customer via listmania, on amazon; and because I was looking for more authors from the horror genre. And what I got was a wonderful surprise and somthing a bit different!

This book is so much more than your average horror novel. Bentley Little has a wonderful way of writing, enabling the reader to be totally drawn into the world of his characters (whom are totally believable).

This book is so indepth that it would be impossible to sum up in a few lines so I wont try; (although on saying this, it is an easy read; I am a nurse and read it mainly on night shifts when I had a few spare minutes here and there; and there are not many books I can say that about).

If your a fan of horror, this novel brings an indepth reading experience that is so much more than just another book from the horror genre. Give it a go and you wont be disapointed!
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on 1 July 2010
Barry and Maureen go to live in the gated community of Bonita Vista that is controlled by a homeowner's association that is bent on making their lives a living hell. The association deals out numerous unfair and diabolical infractions that further threaten the couple and other residents in Bonita Vista. Little does a nice job of pulling the reader into the characters. The ending was a LITTLE over the top and might have worked better if it had been believable and some of the scenes are taken to the extreme, though I did especially like the Stumpies and the Volunteers.
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on 29 January 2008
Barry and Maureen Welch think that they have found their dream home, when they move into the exclusive, gated community of Bonita Vista, in the Utah hills. However, there dream starts turning into a nightmare, due to the activities of the Bonita Vista Homeowners Association.

I found this book an enjoyable read, both creepy and at times humourous. The suspense is racheted up, as the actions of the board of the homeowners association, start to become more and more outrageous, and bizarre misfortunes start to fall on the people who oppose them.
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on 3 February 2009
The Association is one of three titles I purchased from Amazon by a little known here American writer called Bentley Little.
His books show great imagination, and hold you in a thrall of excitement from the first page to the last. This particular book is a masterpiece of twists and turns, leaving you wondering what will happen next, but almost guessing the result. Great story. Can't wait to read more.
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on 21 June 2013
I bought this after being hooked on The Walking. It's not a bad read, the build up is really good, just a bit of a disappointing and rushed ending. It seems like Bentley Little had a great idea for a story but didn't know how to conclude it.
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on 29 October 2008
I am sick and tired of Bentley Little's social satires poorly masked as horror novels.

I don't want to know about home owners association, giant stores that crush small businesses, insurance companies, disgruntled postal workers... and on and on and ON. Enough already! This book is just another way of Little getting back at something that happened to him... No credible story, cardboard characters, all the elements of a very bad novel are here.

What bugs me is that Bentley Little used to be a great writer. The SUMMONING and REVELATION are two of the finest horror novels ever. I love them! Somewhere down the line he has lost it and now the stuff he writes should be in the back page of some social magazine. Not in the horror shelve.

The other thing that bugs me is that I keep buying them (although only reading the first 50 pages or so before I give up in frustration) in hopes that he has somehow gotten back on track. Those hopes are diminishing fast...
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