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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 1998
Dorothy Gilman is a very successful author of many children's novels, including the Mrs. Pollifax series. The accomplished author was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey on June 25, 1923, to James Bruce, who was a minister, asd Essa Gilman. After a while Dorothy fell in love with a man named Edgar A. Butters Jr. and married him on September 15, 1945; she was 22. She had two children by him, Christopher and Jonathon, but unfortunately her marriage ended in a divorce in 1965. In her career as an author she earned many awards for her various writings. Dorothy Gilman is a democrat and her religion is Congregational. Today, in her spare time she contributes to many magazines. Some of the are Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Lady's Home Journal. Today Dorothy is in her mid-seventies.
In the book that we read, 'The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax,' the main character, Mrs. Emily Pollifaxfaces many obstacles. If you were to take one look at her you would think she would be just an average granmother. Well, your wrong; this middle aged widow, mother of two, and grandmother of of three is very active volunteering at the hospital rolling bandages and working in the gift shop. Always wanting to be a spy, Mrs. Pollifax went to the CIA hoping to take a job in espionage. Luck was with her that day and she got the job. Some examples of how Mrs. Pollifax is risky is her time spent planning an escape route inside her cell, running from a burning car about to explode, dodging bullets as they tried to escape, and hiding in ditches neat the sea that occasionally filled with water that could of easily drowned her. An example of when she was lovable was when she became friends with Senor DeGamez, the person in charge of the Parrot Bookstore. We think Mrs. Pollifax is a very charming, sweet, proper, and adventurous lady. We recommend 'The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax' to anyone.
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on 2 August 1999
A wonderful and origional story of espionage carried out by an older woman who is feeling bored and useless.This delightful older heroine and wanna-be spy really captured my attention. Not only is the story interesting and well-done, but I love the statement the author makes by using an older woman. It sort of made me less afraid of getting old to see an example of how one really can continue to live to the fullest, as long as one is willing to still take a few risks. Although I normally prefer characters near my own age, this novel I think has appeal for any age, and besides, I always sort of wanted to be a spy too.
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on 19 July 1999
All of the books in the Mrs. Pollifax series (as well as the whole of Mrs. Gilmans' works) are truly delightful. The reader will be swept away by the adventure, humor and intrigue, all the while learning about the customs and history of foreign lands. You can start with any book in the series, but if you have the chance, read them all. They are not to be missed!
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on 7 June 1999
I recently reread Dorothy Gilman's "The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax" for the first time in over a decade. I remembered loving the Pollifax series, but I had forgotten just how much fun the books are to read! The reader just cannot stop turning the pages to see what the elderly, quick-witted spy is going to do next. Don't let the heroine's advanced age turn you off. I first read the book when I was about ten or twelve years old, I'm now twenty-five. Just a wonderful reading experience and highly recommended to any audience.
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on 31 January 1997
The first book in this great series is suspensful. A bored Mrs. Pollifax decides to take up spying to enliven her life. Her first assignment sends her to Mexico, but it isn't long before she's in Albania as a prisoner. Her escape is truly amazing.
The book dragged a little in the middle while she is a prisoner, but I read the last third in one sitting; there was no place to put it down and not have Mrs. Pollifax in trouble!
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on 27 May 1999
This is the first time I read a book by Dorothy Gilman's book. I was a bit disappointed, because my Japanese review book says it is a very funny spy story and average customer review rates it 5 stars. It was funny, but not so much. I thought the story was too old-fashioned. Unfortunately all the plot developments were not unexpected before I had finished to read it.
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on 18 February 1999
Gilman's Mrs. Pollifax is one of the best characters in spy fiction. This little old lady (not quite so old, actually) deconstructs all expectations inherent in the spy genre, all by her little self. If you get a chance, read this and any of the Mrs. Pollifax books. Or, if you want a real treat, get the audio version narrated by Barbara Rosenblatt, a truly monumental talent. The combination of Rosenblatt and Gilman is unbeatable, just like Mrs. Pollifax.
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on 25 February 1999
I would rate this book more than 5 stars actually more like 10!! Wonderful plot,characters, wonderful everything!! It even got me into playing solitaire!! I think EVERYONE should read this book! Its fun,funny!, and a thriller!! I loved it!! The ending was very suprising!! It just simply changed my life. This book really moved me. And now I think I want to be a spy!! I really suggest you read this book too!!
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on 1 July 1998
Please don't pass Mrs. Emily Pollifax by! She may be 'older', wear bizarre hats and be a little naive, but she's one plucky lady! If I were imprisoned in Albania, there's no one I'd rather have in my cell. Each book adds depth to her character.
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on 3 August 1998
The series opener, this book has a lot to reccommend. Imagine your grandmother joining the CIA, and getting trapped in Albania her first time out. An excellent tale, with a lot of fun. Get them all, she keeps on going!
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