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on 18 November 2017
I have many cookbooks, but have found this my favourite. Its beautifully illustrated with easy to follow recipes for both Vegan and none Vegan alike. I'm one VERY happy customer . :) Thoroughly recommended!!
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on 4 April 2014
I've been a big fan of Miriam's online recipes over the years, and have been amazed at the delicious meals I've been able to create with her help. Not for one moment would I wish to deter anyone from buying this book (it's stunning!), but - unless I'm missing something - I'm surprised there's so far been no mention of the slip-up of the amount of agar powder required for the cheeses, and the tweak in the preparation steps - both of which Miriam has written about on her website.

Apparently, the revised recipe did not reach her publishers in time. So, in the spirit of being helpful (I hope) to all those prospective vegan cheese makers out there, here is one of her advisory announcements:

"Tip :- Regarding the Cheddar Recipes in my book – Double the amount of agar powder (do not use flakes as you would need to double the flakes i.e. 1 tbsp agar powder = 2 tbsp of flakes). So use powder and double the quantities for both the cheeses there. Also, when I say to add water in the recipe, add the water and agar into a saucepan and heat up stirring all the time until very thick (don’t panic if it over-thickens), continue mixing for 5-10 minutes (This process helps the agar to release it’s gelatinous qualities), then add this mixture to the food processor together with the remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Continue with the recipe from this point onwards when it says to process everything. Next step would be to pour the cheese mix and re-heat it, you would only need a couple of minutes of heat and stir it until it’s very thick, then it’s done, just add the mixture to a pre-greased container, allow to cool and refrigerate – for a denser result use coconut oil rather than olive oil, and increase agar powder further if you want an even denser cheese (people have different preferences when it comes to this). For melting purposes, aid the process by adding to toast, bakes or pizza and be sure to drizzle on the olive oil to help it break down further. "

I'd got to hear about doubling the agar powder, which I did, but not about first mixing and heating the powder with the water, so when trying the Mature Cheddar recipe I ended up with some - immensely tasty, mind you, and great on crackers - cheese spread.

So, hopefully this post is a bonus if you want to try your hand at a vegan cheese spread as opposed to a block of cheese - you now have options :) !
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on 24 June 2013
Was eager to buy this book having followed the mouthwatering vegan blog for some time. One of my favourite recipe websites and I've loved the recipes I've tried.

On the plus side:
I am 100% confident the recipes will work, having tried some of Miriam's recipes on the mouthwatering vegan blog. Also that they are really delicious recipes, I am amazed at Miriam's talent
The book is full of amazing photos
If an ingredient is slightly unusual there is an explanation of where to get hold of it
The recipes aren't run of the mill, lots of innovative ideas/flavour combinations in there

Some things to be aware of:
The recipes are decadent, SOME are a bit complicated to make and sometimes use expensive ingredients. I just see this as the style of mouthwatering vegan and they turn out amazing dishes so are well worth the effort.
The book gives measures in cups and ml, there are no grams or ounces.
There are a few repeats from the mouthwatering vegan website, but lots of new stuff as well.

Overall I love this book and can't wait to get stuck in and try the recipes.
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on 14 June 2016
Very disappointed with this despite a huge number of positive reviews. I have struggled to find the odd recipe that doesn't call for vegan meat substitute, or TVP or some such totally yuk addition. I was totally surprised. Ah well, moving on.
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on 30 June 2013
Like others here, I can't praise this book highly enough. I have to confess, I've only had it a week and only cooked a couple of meals from it (so will update when I've cooked a few more). However, I have also tried the recipes from the writer's site previously, and have looked at every recipe in the book, so feel in a position to write a review. Whether people are vegan or not, nearly everyone will surely enjoy the food lovingly and imaginatively put together here. She has taken many traditional meals (from different parts of the world, but predominantly Mediterranean and Asia)and given them her own twist, finding great substitutes for the animal products that would have been present (and are unlikely to be missed). They are nutritious and bursting with flavour and look as though they are just waiting to be devoured. The main categories are: 1) Breakfast, juices and smoothies; 2) Appetisers and sides; 3) Soups and salads; 4) Pasta, pizza and burgers; 5) Curries; 6) Mouthwatering mains; 7) Desserts, cakes and treats; 8) Decadent cheeses and dairy alternatives. She has a knack for choosing the right spices and also for recreating the flavours that may have come with the conventional equivalent. There is also guidance on and an explanation of the staple products that are useful to keep in the cupboard. Once you have these, it will be fairly quick and simple to put many of these meals together. There are recipes for snacks and also for entertaining, but nothing is too complicated for the ordinary person to follow.

The pictures are beautiful and Miriam Sorrell, the author, who is, I believe, a professional photographer, took the pictures herself. I bought the Kindle version, and, fortunately, the pictures were included, which is not always the case.

And, importantly, no sentient being was harmed in the creation of any of these recipes. If you enjoy creative cooking (which isn't too fiddly), and prefer that suffering is removed from the production of your food (or simply want to cut down on the animal products you consume), you won't regret buying this book.
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on 26 June 2013
I ordered this from Amazon after following the authors Facebook page.

The presentation of the book is contemporary and stylish, which goes some way to dispel the image that vegans are sackcloth-wearing old hippies!

There are so many interesting and unusual sounding recipes, you really won't know what to try first. I made a curry from the book last night and it was a huge success. Some of the ingredients might be a little unusual or hard to come by (in the UK at least) but hey, you wouldn't be a vegan if you didn't like a challenge, right?

This is a book you won't want to stash away on a bookshelf - it's worthy of any coffee table, and I guarantee you will use it regularly if you enjoy cooking really lovely healthy meat free family food. Well done to Miriam Sorrell for a real treat of a recipe book!
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on 25 October 2013
Having tried a few recipes from Miriam's blog, I was delighted to learn of her first cookbook. I was not disappointed. It includes my first love - her Chocoholics cheesecake which I PROMISE you will not be noticed as vegan by anyone, and is absolutely to die for. I was amazed that she has her own recipes in here for vegan cheeses, and you can even satisfy your old desires for certain non-vegan confectionary using her skilled veganising shenanigans.
Don't be fooled into thinking this is an ultimately healthier cookbook - it is in many ways but fat still makes you fat regardless of where it comes from. However, whether you use this book for occasional treats or for everything else, you will not be sorry. And if that's not enough of an incentive, you will be helping to save the planets resources and helping to put an end to animal cruelty too. You can live without meat and dairy, and with food like this, why wouldn't you want to? Happy eating x
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on 1 November 2013
I got this book as soon as it came out...have been following Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes on the FaceBook page and was lured into a world of delicious meat free cooking and recipes. The book did not disappoint and it has become like a bible for meal times.
Miriam provides a way to eat that would satisfy any omnivore making the transition into veganism, it shows that we do not go without any of our favourite recipes plus whole variety of other recipes too.
I am addicted to the mature cheese!! it is so tasty!
This book provides a healthy, nutritious and cruelty free way to eat.
Miriam is a master of her craft and I wish her every success....cannot wait for the next book x
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on 24 January 2014
The banana,oat and cinnamon recipe is a really delicious smoothie. I have not stopped making it since I discovered it in your book. In fact every single recipe I have made from your book has been a revelation. The book is so amazing I bought more and gave them as Christmas presents! Please keep up the great work you do. Your palate and your ideas are simply divine! I am sooo excited to make more recipes, in fact I’m making your choc coke cake for friends this weekend, can’t wait!
This is really the best book of recipes I have ever purchased (and I have a lot!). Wholeheartedly recommended to everyone not just vegans.
Thankyou sooooo much a Miriam x
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on 26 August 2013
I bought this book recently as I'm currently converting from 28 years of Vegetarianism to Vegan.
I't AMAZING ... I just love it!
I've not had chance to cook anything from it yet apart from the "Juicy Portobello Steaks in a Peppered Cognac Sauce"......a divine recipe! Easy to make and melt in the mouth gorgeousness!
The book is actually much bigger and with more content than I was expecting and full of really lovely picture's.
It makes me instantly hungry every time I look at it!
The recipes are really imaginative and unusual and best of all there are recipe's for Vegan Mozzarella and Vegan Mature Cheddar! This book is going to make the transition to Veganism SO much easier!
I can't recommend it highly enough. Buy it!
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