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3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2000
As a long time fan of Nicole Jordan I keep hoping that she will write a story that I love as much as "The Savage" - unfortunately this is not it.
The story is of a dissolute nobleman taking his revenge on the sister of the man who ruined his sister's life by making her his mistress. The hero starts off with a cold and calculating seduction and gradually becomes emotionally involved while the heroine tries deperately to become less emotional in order to cope with her change in circumstance.
If you are someone who enjoys the writing of Susan Johnson or Bertrice Small then the extensive focus on bedroom scenes here may strike your fancy. Certainly the erotic scenes are pretty sizzling and handled with a deft touch by the author.
For me though I did not really feel enough of a connection with the characters to care all that much what happened between them, in bed or out.
Having said that it is an enoyable enough read with the advantage of being a little different - highly recommended for those who like their romances with quite a large helping of raunch.
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on 25 August 2016
The book is about two families whose lives come together through unfortunate situations. However, an indecent proposal is made, one that will definitely keep your mind and eyes glued to the story, and results in the happiest of endings. I loved this book. It has just enough romance and so much passion to get the imagination going. I cannot recommend this book enough! Best one in the series for sure.
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on 4 August 2013

Sin is seeking revenge after Vanessa's brother Auberey dishonoured his sister Olivia that led to her accident leaving her without ability to walk on a wheelchair. He neglected Olivia severely by living her to her own company feeling alone, uncared and abandoned whilst he engaged in unquenchable restlessness in the reckless pursuit of pleasure and indulgence. LITERALLY HE'S THE WORST MAN- WH*** I HAVE EVER READ... He made sure he has done his best to live up to his name of Lord Sin, filling his world with sexual depravity. He forced poor innocent Vanessa to become his mistress and because she was honorable she agreed to it only to save her family home and all the financial looses gambled by her brother (manipulated by Sin) so that her sisters and mother could live without losing their only home and prevent from deprivation. But Damien (Sin) was not honorable... he is a man of many... who ruins women and with no exception innocent Vanessa for his stupid revenge, a selfish PIG who uses women for his pervasive escapades without a slight of thought for anyone or anything but his own indulgence. This man has no qualities, he's not a man of honor and worst the author keep referring to his pervasive and distasteful lifestyle of sexual indulgences throughout the entire book and I do not wish to read in explicit details about him having sex with his mistress... it's very disturbing and distasteful and definitely takes away all the credibility for him to be a real man with any redeeming qualities. Even though his arrangement with Vanessa being his mistress remained, he left his sick sister alone with Vanessa and went back to his carnal indulgences in his famous "SIN Club" where he cheated on her... and his poor excuse because he was becoming emotionally involved with her he DID NOT WANTED ANY ATTACHMENT WITH HER AND JUST WANTED TO FORGET HER! Because of his scandalous reputation Vanessa suffered from the society's cruel judgement and resentment. She was labelled a wh*** and so was subjected to attention of a dirty, immoral men. He knew that but continued wh**** her without so much as remorse.... At the beginning he was f***** a women that author put in explicit details to learn later that the same woman was sleeping with Vanessa's husband before he died... HOW DISGUSTING IS THAT?

But for me the irrevocable and unforgivable came when Vanessa realized her reputation could not survived any decency and she would not be able to support her family after the arrangement with him end so she proposed to him if he could teach her how to become a mistress so that she could find a good protector and afford to support her family. She also realized he could not love her and change his kinky indulgences so she did not disillusioned herself over any possible emotional relationship with him. But what disgusted me was his actions...He had made certain she learned the necessary skills to attract a wealthy man so that he could get rid of her and his obsession.... WHAT OBSESSION???? YOU MEAN WH**** HER IS HIS OBSESSION?... HE BASICALLY TEACHES HER TO BECOME A PROSTITUTE! This man cannot be called a human being, for his willingness to expose her to rape, brutality and violence!!! When a friend recommended this book to me at first I did not wanted to read it because I dislike MAN WH*** but I wanted to give it a chance because maybe I could find a man with redeeming qualities.. But not a man with legendary ability to f****, lick and suck in every degrading sin house in London who also brought the heroin down to his level, by consciously using her for his own selfish needs by having sex with her, preparing her for her to become a wh***...and dragging her to every degrading brothel to show her what her work will require but also show as how debouched, immoral, corrupt and shallow his lifestyle was???? For reasons: just because he could not admit his feelings? So rather he let Vanessa become a prostitute than admit his feelings?

Even after he proposed marriage he was shocked she even demanded fidelity and did not admitted his feelings if hardly any...and I was so happy that she rejected him at that because at the very end when he redeemed himself... that is unrealistic considering his debauchery... I could not believe it in the slightest that it could be possible for him to stay faithful...Because like his father Damien was a born rake, a man wh*** whom kinky activity was more important than his own sister so for me he was not capable of love... He treated Vanessa the same as his mistresses even worst because he did not give her a choice and they had a choice. In the end she took him back and my anger was as passionate as the authors hypocrisy to wrap up the ending in a nice and neatly tied-bow wanting the reader to believe and accept that after going through all the repulsive orgies and escapades of "SIR LORD" throughout the entire book he would just give up his precious lifestyle and stay true to one women?????????
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on 11 June 2000
The story was ok but there was in my opinion too much sex Not really a touching story
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on 15 October 2005
Loved this book could not put it down from the first page.
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