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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 February 2004
Of all the accounts of living with mental illness, this is by far the best that I have read. It's beautifully written and vividly conveys not only the first-hand experiences of Lori Schiller but also those of her family and professionals who treated her. Best of all, it provides hope to those indivuals living with severe and enduring mental illness. I work in the mental illness field and this is the book that I recommend to patients/service users and their families more than any other. Impossible to overstate the significance of this book.
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on 16 June 2002
This book is fantastic. It gripped me from beginning to end, was near impossible to put down and i know i could read it again and the same would happen. The truth it speaks rings out through the pages. It feels honest and uncompromising.
It was an emotionally difficult read for me, as i have been through some similar experiences as a result of my 'illness', but definately worth it.
If you want to get some insight into the experience of psychosis, the mental health system or just read an inspiring story - this is for you.
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on 25 April 1999
As a psychotherapist, this book made a deep impression on me. I never expected to read such a convincing and engaging acccount of the schizophrenic's experience. I feel more able to empathise and understand by clients for having read it. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in the subject and, especially, to anyone struggling with the disease in a friend or family member.
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on 18 June 1998
The book "The Quiet Room" is one of my all time favorite books. Possibly my favorite. If I could, I'd give it 10 stars or MORE!!! I have been diagnosed as having some sort of "disorder" also, though not as severe. Not only did this book give me hope for myself, it helped me to realize my own interest in psychology. In reading it, you can feel the color of each piece of the story, each mood; the grayness and and the colorful spots. Any book which can draw you in this much is definately worth reading, so DO!!! It's a great book and experience, and if you suffer from any kind of mental illness, at times it feels as if she's describing your story.
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on 13 July 2004
After I had studied schizophrenia in psychology in my A-levels I wanted to read a book on schizophrenia from a sufferer to really understand the symptoms. As I knew of the disorder from a students view I understood the book and so I was very interested.There were times when I wanted to reach Lori's hand and tell her evrything is going to be alright.Her life story has changed me forever as all of us can never be too sure of what we may encouter.Lori's determination and crave for a normal life really made me realise that I am a lucky individual. Also the way Lori descibes every thing in detail made me see that although physiological diseases are tremendously horrible;psychological diseases are far worse as the loss of control is degrading.
I really enjoyed this book as I felt Lori had shared her suffering with me and allowed me to see that even those with mental disorders still have some part of them trying to be so called 'normal'.
If Lori ever reads this, I truely hope she finds happiness as she has been a brave and courageous woman in writing a book to inspire and educate those that have not had to deal with such disorder.
This book is a must to read. Out of all the case studies I have read this is the most compelling as it is a cocktail of facts and real emotion!!!!!!!
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on 3 November 2004
What can I say? This good had me gripped from start to finish! I had it read in 2 days I just couldn't put it down!!
It's the story of Lori, who starts off in life being the grade A student, popular with everyone, the apple of her parent's eyes, basically happy with life and everything going for her.
Until the voices inside her take over her entire life and consume anything good in it, and leading her into a tortured life on the brink of hell!
Lori writes in amazing detail about what exactly was going on inside her head and gives the reader a good understanding of what life was like under the influence of her many schizophrenic episodes.
Lori's story really does make me feel so grateful for what I've got in life, and this book outlines just how sacred even the smallest of things are to making life what it is.
Such a courageous story!
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on 3 January 2007
A very moving book, with some witty moments. Written in a very accessible and easy to read style.

It provides an insight into the world of schizophrenia and how terrifying it must be; how bewildering that world is; the effects of the medication on Lori, amongst others, the dreadful weight gain and how this also affects her self-esteem.

I also thought the parts written by her family and friends also touching. How they felt and how they coped, but also you wonder what was not said as was too painful.

I would recommend it to all, not just those who have lived experience or mental health professionals and students, but everybody. It should be compulsory reading for all to help us begin to understand.
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on 14 November 2010
I was looking for some insights from the "patient" perspective. I found the book very easy to read and quite interesting in some aspects, especially in the first chapters. It definitely is thought-provoking; however I found it too simplistic in the last part, where Lori's perspective tends to disappear, giving space to this "new miraculous medicine". It seems that any "happy ending" is exclusively connected to a medication, used as a sort of "deus ex-machina", and quite disconnected from Lori's path and consequential understanding.
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on 4 May 2007
A wonderful book that i will read many times, i laughed and cried and highlighted sentences my way through the book. Having a son that has schizophrenia made it a lesson in understanding mental illness and gave me a grain of hope. An excellent worth while read
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on 13 August 2009
As a psychologist who is just starting out in the clinical world, I'm always interested in getting a better insight into the mind and perspective of the "patient". I do not have much experience in the realm of schizophrenia, and so was very interested to learn about a bit more in a real-life context, rather than from a text book. When this book arrived, I started reading it and was immediately absorbed. I love the fact that the different chapters are written primarily by Lori, however her family, friends and psychiatrist also contribute chapters at times when she has little or not grip on what is actually going on. The book really gives the impression that the progression of schizophrenia is a real rollercoaster ride, and just when it seems that waters are calm, things flare up wildly again.
For me, it was also interesting to get a picture of the psychiatric process, and some procedures and terminology which is used.
The story is told in very frank terms, and it feels to me that I now have a genuine insight into how it can be to be schizophrenic. Finally, it is also good for people with little knowledge about mental health to realise that it is not all 'the parent's fault', and that sometimes there are genetic factors at play. In this case, nature overrides nurture.. and that is important to appreciate.
Great book - absolutely love it! Constantly gripping...
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