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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 September 2005
I could not put this book down!...Having only recently discovered Sandra Brown, I'm now absolutely hooked! Unlike most of her novels, Exclusive is more of a thriller than a romance novel. This said, the relationship between Barrie and Gray was electric, and the frustration you feel waiting for them to 'get it on' makes the ending all the more powerful! SB is a master at writing erotic scenes and can't help but leave you tingling all over!!...Exclusive is an excellent page-turning thriller and will not disappoint!
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on 24 January 2002
Although I prefer Ms Browns shorter novels I found this one riverting, the sparks that came off, of Barrie and Gray were captivating and erotic even though the story was geared more to the unhinged behaviour of the first lady. The ending seemed to be added on.
Just when you think there is going to be a happy ending for all concerned, it seemed that Ms Brown was dare I say it bored with the same type of ending that happens in most of her novels.
I would have liked to have read more on the relationship between Gray and Barrie, feeling that the book was a thriller more than a romance story.
Even though I have to admit to being glued to the story all the way through.
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on 15 June 2016
Extremely readable. For once the characters didn't trip over each other.........unlike Fat Tuesday. I have tries several times to read that book, but you are met with hordes of people in the first two chapters and you lose the plot trying to sort them all out.
Hopefully she will continue in this style in Exclusive.
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on 1 February 2013
I'm slowly working my way through Sandra Brown's backlist of novels, and this one doesn't disappoint at all. It is another great thriller, and whislt her novels do have some similar themes (eg. Location, Romance element) she still continues to surprise.
Barrie is a news reporter who is approached by the First Lady who offers snippets of what could be an exclusive news report, but given Barrie's unrealiable reporting in the past and the fragility of the First Lady, is anyone going to believe the potential of the story that the First Lady is offering? I love the twists and the turns, but Barrie was always written as being slighlty dumb in some respects, but then Brown tries to also imply that she is very intelligent and just a bit misunderstood, and is actually quite a strong character but Barrie still manages to miss what is very clear 'clue' from the beginning of the story - which is a little annoying.
It kept me gripped and wondering how the story was going to end up, but it reached a satifisying conclusion - with lovely little twist.
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on 6 May 2013
This paperback novel is over 400 pages long, but each page has a nice type script and easy to read. It is about a female reporter by the name of Barrie who falls on a story indicating that the death of the Presidents baby boy may not have been by sudden infant death syndrome. The intrigue is helped by the Presidents wife who has an interview with Barrie. Something about the Merritt presidential marriage does not appear to be what it seems. Barrie encounters a former employee of the president how living a remote and anonymous life Gray Bondurant and goodness the passion certainly begins. A working relationship develops and life becomes dangerous and threatening for Barrie and any close friends or associates of hers. I enjoyed this novel very much and was my first one of Sandra Brown's to read. The ending is particularly good and I think this would make a great film on the big screen. Will certainly read more of Ms. Brown's work. Recommended.
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on 22 September 2010
awesome book. I really enjoyed this book mostly due to our intrepid protagonist Barrie (despite the awkward name). She's a sassy, funny, occasionally ditsy but plucky heroine.

The story was well paced, the romance was cute and the plot was engrossing.

My only complaint is that the "history" and "secrets" were ridiculous. I was hoping for a big intrigue. The "secret" ought to have been a huge National security compromising situation. Or a serious fraudulent issue of epic proportions. However, still enjoyable and one of my fav Sandra Brown books.

A second-stringer with first-class talent, Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent television station struggling to survive among the giant networks. Then, suddenly, she receives an invitation from First Lady Vanessa Merritt for an off-the-record conversation. Barrie's reporter's instincts are instantly aroused. During a furtive, emotionally charged meeting, Barrie sees that the President's beautiful wife is stunned by grief after the crib death of her infant son. Vanessa's motive for meeting Barrie seems to be to share her heartache with another woman. What Barrie overlooks in her excitement at hearing the confidences of the First Lady are the questions she should be asking: Why would Vanessa Merritt call her? And why would the President's wife hint to an unknown reporter that her child may have been murdered? Blind to everything but getting her exclusive, Barrie is determined to investigate the death of the President's child. But she soon realizes that getting her story will test her ethics and her patriotism. Would she expose information that could topple the presidency? She confronts this problem when she tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former presidential aide and war hero who shunned the politics of Washington in favor of life on a remote Wyoming ranch. And when they both begin to follow a trail of lies and intrigue right to the White House door, Barrie's exclusive puts at least three people on the firing line: the First Lady, Gray, and herself - as crimes and ambitions combine to endanger their lives and the future of the nation
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on 14 October 2010
This is my first encounter with Ms. Brown's work; and it seems I was lucky.

From what I've read by the other reviewers Ms. Brown normally writes about romance and sizzling sex, not my thing at all.

While there is some sizzling sex, much too active and graphic for me, EXCLUSIVE is more story to do with the corruption of power and the need, by any means at all, to retain that power.

Whether or not you believe that the President of the United States would go the lengths suggested here to be re-elected is up to you; there are precedents of sorts.

Nevertheless it is a good yarn and page turner, I read the 470 pages in two sessions.

Until I read that Sandra Brown is known more for romance than thrills I was going to order some more of her books but I am having second thoughts now.
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on 6 March 2013
Is there no end to this woman's talent yet another brilliant book from Sandra Brown could not put it down. Liked the twist at the end.
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on 27 February 2013
It was a very good book.
I found more than I expected.
I would buy it again...:))
I would read it again...:p
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on 25 February 2016
Love Sandra Brown novels they are all just as exiting as the others
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