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on 23 May 2016
good info but 40% of the book are similar to the content of his "rich dad poor dad"

but still I do recommend it majority of people who have desires to change their life upside down.
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on 3 March 2017
Perceived value surpassed expectation. Awesome
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on 31 May 2017
Wonderful book. Good read.
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on 26 June 2011
Look I like the man. He changed my life.

What I don't like is that we are all contributing to is "passive income" quadrant and not getting practical advice that is significantly original.

I say this book was worth the investment to remind yo to keep an eye on things from his perspective, what it isn't is really a new book, its a new revenue stream for Robert by repackaging his idea Rich Dad poor dad.

Be smart.. Buy this book or rich dad poor dad. I have a scary feeling that I already have too many books saying nothing but "come on you can do it"

Dude I don't give a hoot about your wife's bazillion dollar apartment block who the F in this day and age is going to make money in property, nor do I give a hoot about how rich you are there is a very thin line between "Hey I done it" and "Hey you know that £8.50 you spent on this book? Yeh, I got that too"

Whoever is your marketing and PR guru in your book edit department.. sack them... you are coming across a smug and elite.

I thank you for changing my life. As you will me for my Cash flow game £150 and 4 books investment. But remember I am giving you money, so slow down on the " I am so F loaded I might even kiss myself " It makes me not want to learn about money from you.
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on 17 November 2012
If you have read Roberts other books you will start to see that this is just more of the same .
Repeating the same stuff over in new books can't be good can it ?
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on 2 July 2015
I love this book, it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. The only issue I have with the author is that he tends to repeat himself very often. The book could have been about 25% of it's current size without losing crucial information. Value for money, but consumes too much time to read. Lucky I was killing time on a beach somewhere.
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on 4 June 2011
As eskimos have many words for 'snow', Robert Kiyosaki describes wealth in numerous ways. Classifying the causes of both the abundance and deficit of money, he talks about the problems with poverty and their origins whilst also balancing this opinion with the foresight, most probably overlooked by the aspiring rich, about the counterpart problems with wealth.

Kiyosaki talks about the part of politics in the setting (and changing) of the rules of money making and retaining. But making and keeping money aren't the only two elements of wealth creation. Financial intelligence has five factors as stated by Kiyosaki: Making money, Protecting money, Budgeting money, Leveraging money and Improving your Financial Intelligence (convenient chapter headings to show the how-to). As well as politics Robert describes the economic situation - New Capitalism - and the implications, you can make money from nothing (no capital needed) because in this information age knowledge is the ultimate leverage, 'the trend is your friend'.

Information + Education = Knowledge, specifically in this instance without financial Education people cannot process Information into useful knowledge, this is quite simple, having lots of information and figures about a company wont help you invest in it. Or in any case data can be used to misinform a inexperienced/uneducated investor's decision. So this book is very important!

It's not just in Robert's native US, but in the UK and all around the world that more and more people are getting poor. Kiyoaki's concept of poverty is, 'having more problems than solutions', so simple and yet effective. Thinking even outside the realm of finance, if you're poor at mathematics you're probably not very good at solving equations and maths lessons are boring for you, you probably get bad report cards and get disciplined by your parents, thats a lot of problems with only one solution - get better at math. If you choose not to solve the problem the problem escalates and causes a knock on effect. Perhaps you miss your chance at soccer school because you only got two O-levels?

This book provides, in easy to understand chunks, lots of new effective ideas. The philosophy of the book is enlightening. All Kiyosaki books are different to the standard 'get rich' books. Particularly in 'Financial IQ' the information seems to have a deeper grounding, more thought seems to have been put behind each new concept both in identifying and in conveying them to you, the reader.

This book is definitely worth your time, money and attention.
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on 26 April 2010
this book is a good read for people who want to start thinking big and remove the can't do word from their dictionary. This book has given me the good insight of budget surplus even if I am in the employee quadrant of the cash flow diagram that Robert very often refers to in his books.

Robert's way of explaining things about budgeting and thinking about money is very simple and in plain English.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has just started a business or thinking to start a business or thinking of investing in some form.

I would though give a word of caution that this book is not all that you need for your financial IQ. This will help you build your own base for your own financial IQ and then you are free to read more book(s) to increase your Financial IQ.
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on 9 January 2012
I liked this book, but it's more like a long motivational lecture in text, with a small portion of good information and a portion of marketing for more books in the series or seminars. There really is a lot of repetition of facts and stories. I can understand Robert is proud of his contribution to the war, but some of the analogies to war are a little weak and I think he just wants to tell his story. I think that Robert T. Kiyosaki should stick to motivational/inspirational talks. I was a little motivated, but learned very little in terms of financial IQ or knowledge.
He also advertises his coaching scheme in this book. I looked into this a bit, and it looks like a con. My opinion of course, but many agree with this, so don't rush into anything.
Bottom line: If you want to learn about how to invest, there are better books out there. If you want to be inspired and motivated to invest, then this is a great start.
I hope this helps ;)
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on 11 November 2012
Cast your mind back to when you were sixteen, do you wish that someone had given you a book that would have changed your outlook to money, financial education and the way money works? Now ask yourself another question... if you had those tools, would you have put what your learnt into action? If the answer to both questions is yes, then it does not matter how old you are now... you need to study this book and take action to turn your financial world around.

In true Rich Dad fashion, Mr. Kiyosaki takes you through his thoughts, experiences and errors, so that you can start putting the puzzle together to reach exactly what financial freedom means to you and your family. As always, the answers are not handed to you on a plate, because if you have read any of the author's previous books, you will have come to realise that Robert cleverly gets you to start thinking of ways to increase financial IQ muscle.

In this book you will learn 5 concepts which you need to master in order to increase your financial IQ and they are:

* Financial IQ # 1: Making more money.
* Financial IQ # 2: Protecting your money
* Financial IQ # 3: Budgeting your money.
* Financial IQ # 4: Leveraging your money.
* Financial IQ # 5: Improving your financial information.

The most important chapter for me in this book has to be number 9 - Developing your financial genius - if all the above steps are followed, then chapter 9 could give you the final piece of the jigsaw you are looking for!!
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