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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 2001
After buying this book I remembered that I had read this and the first book Sunset Embrace years ago, while I agree that the characters are fictional, I do not agree that we should grow up, when we read a romance novel we want the hero and heroine to live happly ever after, after they go through all their trials and trouble's we like to believe they ride off in the sunset and live long and happy lives together, what we do not like to read is that one of them has been killed off in the next book, Cassie Edwards has done just that in a couple of her books, we read romance books because of excapism there is enough sadness in the real world, if we wanted real life we would read a newspaper.
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on 19 June 1999
i read this book as soon as it came out in 93,i couldn't wait to read more about ross and lydia. when i read the part where ross died i was so mad that i threw the book across the room and swore that i would never read another of ms. brown's books again. of course i have she is my favorite, but why kill ross? sunset embarce was the most wonderful book i have ever read and another dawn is the second best. i have introduce dozens of people to ms. brown using these two books, i just wish she would continue to write books like these . this is when she was at her best. even though she is still good , her books of late do not have the staying power that her eariler books had. i highly recommend this book and sunset embrace! be prepared to fall in love with the charactors. you will have a hard time putting this one down. it stays with you forever!
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on 13 March 1999
I should have checked the reviews at Amazon before I read this book.It would have saved me from heartache. I agree with the three other reviewers, this was a disappointment.Painful to be precise. Miss Brown, for unknown reasons killed a wonderful hero from Sunset Embrace. Why???? I want to know. Heroes, especially someone as wonderful as Ross, live forever in the minds of readers. I want my happy ever after. Any chance the death of Ross can be scratched from the story? I mean not the particular page torn off like what me and my sisters did. Can it be rewritten? Will Miss Brown do it? Please...
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on 13 March 1999
Noooo!!!!! This is the worst book I've come across. My favorite hero from Sunset Embrace got killed. Why? Why Miss Brown? I cried. He is a very special man. He is supposed to stay with Lydia and live happily ever after as assumed in Sunset Embrace. Please, Please, I am begging you, rewrite the book please. My hero might not be perfect but he deserves to live...in the book and in my mind. I still want my happily ever after. Me and the other 3 who have reviewed this book. Promise I will give Another Dawn a glowing 5 stars (double even!!!!) if the book can be rewritten. Do I sound desperate here? I am. It broke my heart...
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on 8 August 1999
I thought the book was too long. So many pages were filled with Banner or Jake agonizing over their feelings for each other. I agree with the reader who said that the way Banner convinced Jake to make love was wrong. However, I disagree with all the readers who thought Ross should not have died. He had been a criminal and killed people, include law enforcement. His dying words about being fortunate to have the time he did live with Lydia were true. And as other readers stated, Ross, Banner, etc. are FICTIONAL characters!
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another sizzling romance

Betrayal had ruined Banner Coleman's wedding day and on her wedding night she was a jilted bride. Now old seeds of greed and desire are harvesting a scandal --- and Banner's affair with an old family friend could shatter a friendship and a family.

The Texas countryside was wide and wild, the barn was warm and musty, and the passion between Banner Coleman and her parents' best friend, Jake Langston, was going to be the start of trouble. Betrayal had ruined Banner's wedding day, and now on her wedding night she was a jilted bride. Jake was the toughest cowhand in Texas, yet Banner had broken down his resistance, setting loose emotions neither of them expected. Now Jake and Banner were caught up in a scandal that could tear apart a friendship and a family. But theirs wasn't the only sin in this rough town outside of lusty Fort Worth. Greed and desire stretched back to a wagon train journey twenty years before, and this cattle land would explode once more with a man's hunger and a woman's enduring love
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on 10 March 1999
Why? Why, Ms. Sandra Brown did you have to kill Ross Coleman. I love him. He is the best. If there is any way to contact Ms. Brown there should be a petition that she rewrite this book. She must let Ross live. How can anyone dream of killing a man like him? Please, lets contact Ms. Brown and tell her that we hate that she killed Ross off, and would she Please, I am begging her to let Ross live. Lydia cannot be left alone in this world. Haven't she suffered enough in her youth to last a life time. It is not fair that she must see the man she loves die in her arms. That is the worst injustice ever. So, Ms. Brown if you care about your readers' feelings please think about rewriting this book and let Ross live and I guarantee that I will buy it if you write it.
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on 8 January 1999
okay, the story was another powerful tale. But I can't understand why Ms. Brown had to let Ross go. He was one of my best heroes. I loved Sunset Embrace so much, the way love developed between the protagonist, the writing so vivid. I cried when Ross died. Not him! He is supposed to be immortal. It is fiction but readers who love a good book connect with the characters. They come alive. After that scene, I just could not finish the book anymore. I stopped reading Ms. Brown's books since then just in case i might just stumble into one of my heroes dying again. Sorry Ms. Brown. You might have a good reason but I wish you'll have the opportunity to rewrite Another Dawn again, please, please, give me a better fate for Ross. Alive. Please...please. Boy, I have forgotten that the story belongs to new characters...but welll...I'll keep on hoping.
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on 10 June 1999
Although I read this book a good many years ago, I still recall the emotional tension that kept me riveted to the pages for hours. Ms. Brown used to be a master at manipulating our emotions, at keeping us turning pages so fast the edges of the paper turned hot to the touch. If only she would write a book like this today, but the new political correctness of today's romances precludes much of what makes the old ones great. As far as Ross' death, I heard Ms. Brown explain at a signing once that she killed Ross as a way of helping her accept and get over the death of her father. It is a tribute to her skills as a writer that so many readers were affected by Ross' death. Perhaps the book should be sold with a warning similar to those on cigarettes: Warning! This book may cause you to feel real pain!
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on 19 August 1997
If you read 'Sunset Embrace', and liked it as much as I did, you will also enjoy this book. I was delighted to discover that it was the sequel to 'Sunset Embrace'. I enjoyed both of them very much and would reccomend them to anyone looking for a good, accurate historical romance. Although it is fiction, Sandra Brown's writing style pulls you into the book, and you really feel you get to know all the characters. This book will take you along with every emotion the characters feel.
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