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on 16 May 2017
harris is good at developing her female characters even if they are vampires they never forget their femininity.Halley
is delightful.
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on 18 October 2009
Brilliant! I've read all the books so far in the series! Not for young teens due to the sexual content. All the books follow on so you really need to read her first book to follow characters etc, however I suppose each book has their own storyline so can be read individually. I can't wait for the next book (10)to be released next year. Sookie Stackhouse will certainly keep you up reading until the early hours of the morning!
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on 2 May 2007
Another excellent installment of the ongoing supernatural adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, mainly set in 'Vampire Central' New Orleans. Each book in the series has been slightly longer and had more depth than the previous one and this adds more still. Although a little confusing to start with, as it refers to events relating to Sookie's cousin Hedley's death which are not depicted in a previous novel, its soon back on familiar ground with intrigue, murder and Sookie's increasingly tangled love-life (like other reviewers I have been somewhat disappointed by Sookie's carousel of suitors - and am a die-hard Eric fan myself. That said, this book focuses very much on plot and the twists and turns of vampire politics and is as entertaining and original as all the others in this truly great series.
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on 7 June 2006
Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire series just keeps getting better and better. Many series cool to lukewarm after several installments, however this sixth volume is the best yet (and I thought #5, Dead as a Doornail, couldn't be topped - I was wrong).

Telepath Sookie Stackhouse pulls herself away from new love interest Quinn (a were-tiger), and travels to New Orleans to sort through her murdered cousin Hadley's estate. Hadley, a fairly new vampire, had been quite the bohemian goth-eccentric as well as lover to the Louisiana Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne. And now she is definitely dead - the non-negotiable finale to a vampire existence.

Ominous events shadow Sookie from even before she leaves her home of Bon Temps. Murder, missed messages, and mayhem presage the even greater dangers Sookie encounters in The Big Easy. Hadley's landlady, the witch Amelia, joins with Sookie to solve the mystery of the body they find in Hadley's closet. Forces conspire to stop Sookie from delving into Hadley's past, and her relationship with the Queen. Perhaps the most vicious blow is not physical, but emotional, as Sookie discovers the real reason her first love, Bill, came to Bon Temps.

Mystery, intrigue, and passion grow as events escalate into a war between the Lousiana vampires, loyal to the Queen, and the Arkansas vampires, loyal to the Queen's new consort Peter. Quinn, Eric, Bill, and others well known to loyal readers rally to save Sookie and uncover who is behind the plot to kill her. New characters, such as the Saxons Sigebert and Wybert, delight. Harris' storytelling skills are at a new high, as she weaves seemingly disparate plot lines into a tight, cohesive, and totally satisfying ending (although I didn't want it to conclude). I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Aside: Charlaine's tender explanation and tribute to the people of New Orleans, in a prologue, is a loving gesture, and doubtless much appreciated. Perhaps the publishers would consider channeling a small portion of the profits to a Katrina relief fund?
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on 27 December 2009
Sookie doesn't have that many relations, so she hated to lose one. But of all the people to go, she didn't expect it to be her cousin Hadley, a consort of New Orleans' vampire queen -- after all, Hadley was technically already dead. But she is gone, beyond recall, and she's left Sookie an inheritance. One that comes with a bit of a risk, not least because someone doesn't want Sookie digging too deep into Hadley's past -- or her possessions. Sookie's life is once again on the line, and this time the suspects range from the rogue werewolves who have rejected Sookie as a friend of the pack to her first love, the vampire Bill. Sookie's got a lot to do if she's going to keep herself alive...

I really enjoyed this book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. The characters all share a little face time and there's some interesting plot developments along the way. We learn a little more about Sookie and her heritage as well as about Bill, in particular that has huge repreccusions for the series.

Sam remains the steadfast prescence in Sookie's life and Eric continues to confound her. There's a new character called Quinn, introduced in the last book, who has a fair bit of time in the novel. I'm not actually too keen on Quinn -- he says 'babe' far too often for my liking. I was glad to see a bit of Alcide as well. Another new character we meet here is Amelia, the straight talking cleaning nut who also happens to be a witch in training! I really liked her, although it took me a few chapters to really get a feel for her character.

The plotline was quite good, it felt a little disjointed at the beginning and in some places in the narrative but overall it flowed quite well.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 August 2010
After a brilliantly funny opening as Sookie's drawn into a photo-shoot with Claude the beautiful-but-dim gay fairy, the usual mayhem starts. This book sees the start of Sookie's relationship with the lovely Quinn, has rogue weres trying to kill her and a shock revelation about Bill. There's certainly less of Eric on display than I'd have liked but he has some great one-liners when he does appear.

Harris has managed to keep this series going with her voracious imagination and creativity. Sookie's distinctive voice is sassy, witty and self-deprecating without ever tipping over into the irritatingly smart, and I'm glad Harris has finally come up with a reason why Sookie trips over luscious men everywhere she goes.

I'm not a great fan of the last installment (Dead As A Doornail) so it's great that Harris is back up to speed in this book - deliciously compulsive reading.
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on 10 September 2015
Sookie goes from one bad situation to the next; attracting the kind of attention she could really do without. In this instalment of her story she really shows her strengths and is rewarded with a little insight into why trouble keeps landing on her lap. Another excellent vampire and shifter action novel with plenty of secrets in the closet ready to burst out and bite her.
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on 11 July 2010
Up until this point, the Sookie Stackhouse books have always been full of action, excitement, romance and mystery. However, this book, the sixth in the series is much slower and takes a lot longer to get going. In fact, the action didn't really start until past the halfway mark which is disappointing considering the quality of the previous books.

There is some slow moving, and in some cases random plot points at the beginning of the book. One involving Jason and his girlfriend and another involving Sookie helping the Bon Temps police locate a missing child. Neither of these plots do anything to enhance the story, and feel an awful lot like padding, almost as if the author didn't have enough of the main story to flesh out the entire book. And it really spoiled my enjoyment of the book.

When the main plot does get going, while it's good, it isn't up to the usual standards. One of the main reasons for this is because there is a short story which is set before this book and after the last Dead As A Doornail which can be found in Charlaine Harris anthology of Sookie short stories A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Myst) which sets up this book, and it becomes confusing at times if like me you haven't read the short story first. It would have made a much stronger story if the original short story was included in some way here to help the plot along because a lot of the time events were talked about which hadn't happened in previous books, but instead featured in the short story. I didn't like this aspect, and I hope it doesn't happen again in future books.

The main storyline involving the queen never really goes anywhere, and the secondary storyline involving Sookie getting attacked by Wares seems a bit forced once the reveal comes. Both left me slightly disappointed, and I can't help but think that with a bit more care and planning, this book could have been so much better in terms of actual story. The writing as usual is fine, not brilliant but we don't expect it to be. Sookie is a bit snooty in this one, and I've never found myself annoyed with her before until now. She seems very judgemental at times, and other times she's just down right rude. Although it was established that Sookie is on her period throughout this book, so perhaps that is why she seems out of sorts?

So while a compulsory read for fans of the series because it contains a big revelation about one of the characters as well as some explanation about why Sookie is so irresistible to whoever she comes into contact with, Definitely Dead is by far the weakest in a very good series. The story is padded to hell in the first half, and when it does finally get going it doesn't really develop. Hopefully, the next book will turn things around.
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VINE VOICEon 17 June 2007
In the sixth Southern Vampire novel to star Sookie Stackhouse the telepathic waitress of Bon Temps, La., is off to (pre-hurricane) New Orleans to close out her dead cousin Hadley's apartment.

Hadley's death six weeks earlier had been unexpected, since, as a vampire, she was already dead. Still, she'd led a lively existence as the main squeeze of the Queen of Louisiana, an omnisexual vampire, whose political marriage to the King of Arkansas occurred the night before Hadley's demise.

Sookie and Amelia Broadway, Hadley's landlady and a pretty cool witch, immediately discover a mess of trouble left behind in Hadley's closet, and Sookie's soon neck-deep in even more.

This series just gets better and better! I read the last 2 books back to back so it was like having a big bumper Sookie instalment. Sookie has matured so much since the beginning of this series, well I guess she would have!

Once again we don't see as much of Bill & Eric as I would have liked but, they are still there though in small quantities, what we do see though is Sookie's new squeeze, Quinn. He is a Were-Tiger and brings an interesting slant to proceedings, whilst not as likeable as Bill & Eric he is a good and interesting character but, doesn't quite have the edge as the other two.

Another brilliant and addictive book!
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on 1 May 2006
Still a very good series, this is book 6 and I still love the main characters. Would have liked to have seen more of Eric in the book after he found out about his relationship with Sookie, but Quinn is great as the new love interest for Sookie. Still ingenious plot lines and a shock revelation about Bill in this one! Buy it you won't regret it, a really great read, I literally couln't put it down once I started.
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