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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2002
The Lottie Project is a another fun book by award winning Jacqueline Wilson with more funny illustratings by Nick Sharratt.
Charlie (Charlotte) starts a new term at school with a new teacher-Miss Beckworth- and is immediatly annoyed as she has to sit next to a whimpy boy, Jamie Edwards. So when Jo, her teenage Mum, loses her job their lovely flat and lives are in jepordy. Mean while Lottie's(Lottie being Charlies Victorian school project)life is not going well as she has started a new job as a nursury maid, looking after 3 spoilt children, Victor (oldest), Lousia, Freddie (baby).
When Jo starts a new cleaning job for weedy Mark and weedy Robin, Charlie gets ultra annoyed especially when Jo falls in love the measley pair, Charlie turns her back on all if them back on all of them and surprisly finds comfort in boring Jamie Edwards and moody Miss Bckworth. During the next few weeks Charlie persuades herself and little Robin that Mark and Jo are going to run off together so Robin does a runna. Mean while little Freddie runs away from Lottie whislt in the park and cannot be found. So together (yet in different time periods) Charlie and Lottie both pray for the lost childrens safety.
This book is great, a funny jet touching story which over 8's would enjoy. It is writen in the same, funny way as all Jacqueline Wilsons other succeses. It was a great read so I awarded it 5/5!!!
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on 3 August 2001
I got this book for Christmas and didn't put it down until Easter, even though by that time I'd finished it fifty times! In one way, it's like all of the other Jacqueline Wilson books, because the rating I have to give it is 6 out of 5, but it's unique, none of the others are anywhere near similar. In this, Charlie has to do a project on the Victorians and decides to do it her own way. She keeps a diary of a nursery maid called Lottie, as well as dealing with problems in her own life. Don't miss it!
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on 21 April 2014
Wow! This book is EXCELLENT! So worth the money. Now here's the plot:
Charlotte (in this book mostly known as Charlie) has to do a project about the Victorians. So instead of doing a project on a big piece of card and telling people about what inventions they used etc etc etc,for her project she wrote sort of a diary about a nursery maid and her name is Lottie…

In this book there are two chapters in a row with the same
title. Say for example Seaside and Seaside. That's because one chapter is about Charlie and her life and the next one is a diary entry for Lottie.

Great value for money. And I've just discovered that my auntie (who is 22) read Jacqueline Wilson books when she was small and she read every single one that was out when she was small and she said to me "Have you read the Lottie project? It's absolutely super", and that's the only reason I bought it and I'm glad I've bought it because it's SUPER!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely recommend .

I hope you will find my review helpful!
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on 26 December 2010
j.wilson has wrote another good book but i thought it was a little bit boring but i thought most of it was great!
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on 30 August 2004
Charlie (real name Charlotte) is an eleven year-old girl. At school she has to do a project on the Victorians, so she decides to write a diary of an imaginary Victorian girl the same age as her, Lottie (real name Charlotte). The book switches between Charlie's life and Lottie's diary.
Lottie has a really hard life. She has to become a servant to support her family. She is bossed around by everyone and is always hungry and tired.
What did I like about this book? Well, it's a Jacqueline Wilson book! This means it's very realistic. The characters are real people in real situations. You see things through Charlie's eyes but Charlie is not as clever as she thinks she is and doesn't always realise what's going on. In other people's books, all the plot threads are tied up and everything is settled by the end. That doesn't happen with JW's books - I always find that when I have finished the book I still have questions about the characters and what happens next. She is writing for children but I think most authors writing books for adults could learn a lot from her. This book is particulary clever because of the way Lottie's life mirrors Charlie's.
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on 17 December 2000
This book was about a girl called Charlie,who did a project for school on the Victorians.Then things started to change,and she found that her life was simalar to Lottie's[the girl she made up].It was very funny too.I think it would be good for anyone aged 9-12.
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on 8 October 2008
I'm 8 years old and i think this book is the best book in the whole wide world
and if you have a child who is 7 years old for her 8th birthday get
The Lottie Project.
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on 14 April 2002
Charlie has a great mum, but her and her mum are having money problems. She hates her new teacher and is made to do a project on the Victorians. Charlie does her project as a diary, of a girl of the same age is herself, named Lottie. Charlie compares herself with Lottie and realizes how hard life could be.
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on 15 May 2000
This book was really good because Charlie turned a simple school project into an amazing diary of a young servant who had to leave school at a very early age. This book shows that a relationship between a teacher and a pupil can change because of a crisis. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone!
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on 11 September 2012
The Lotty Project is simply about a young girl. Involving a young girl, it is typical Wilson style, because all the girls in her books are bloody annoying. They've got split parents and stuff, but it's Ok. The project is not really nessacary in this book as I did enjoy the Charlie Chapters more, but the Lotty ones are Ok, as it is enjoyable to take hart to a Nursery maid! Anyway, as I was saying, thers is more, all when Jo, Charlie's mum meets Mark... or is it Mike???
And his son weedy Robin. Robin is a squirt but better than Mark. I also slightly have a Soft Spot for JAMIE, infact. I know it maybe silly, but he was clever enough although nerdlike at the start, but Charlie kisses him, belive you me! Her mum is made redundant and I, probably have told one about Mark, but that is when Jo falls in love with him! Her new jobby as a cleaner, although he is a slight wimp. Anyway, I am sorry for Mark as Charlie is annoying and upsetting. I actually hate Charlie when she told Robin, poor boy, about mums and dads running of together. I like Lotty, even thoughthose parts are tedium and knockout nonsense.
I am not amused, like Queen Victoria when Lotty is blasphemous amd big mouthed even though it sounds nutty about religion for me, in life, I am a little blasphemous but not very much. I also dissagree when Lotty does not like being Victor, Louissa, and Freddy babe's family. I would jump at the chance at being Louissa's F. Robin, back to Charlie, is a runna guy and has Pneumonia[newoomoneehyar]and nearly dyes. In the end it's happy enough. Well, I'd best be going at 22:17at night, please be happy with this large amount of NonSleepy information! Thankyou and merry days to you all!!!
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