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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2014
I wasn't sure at first and I didn't think I'd like it but after floss abandoned her mum's family by not going to Australia you can't put the book down like all other jackline wilson books and you feel like your there dealing with flosse's situations with floss I am 9 and a half I definitely recommend this book for children 7 and older but you can read it if your younger but best when your 6/7 or older as some bits you might not understand
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on 11 August 2015
Bought this as a gift as I loved Jacqueline Wilson books as a child. The little girl absolutely loves it and hasn't put it down since. I don't think Jacqueline Wilson is capable of writing a bad book, she's very real as an author and discusses topics that Children need to.be aware of.
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on 19 March 2017
My 10yr old loves this book and is a real Jacwurline Wilson fan. Recommended
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on 23 March 2017
Slaughtered loved it
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on 7 June 2015
Amazing book floss is so awesome and so is Sarah...... Rhiannon Margot and Judy are horrible though but now floss has met her awesome aunt Rose and her cute cat lucky
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on 22 May 2017
Some of the other books pages are missing.
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on 19 August 2015
Another book that I decided to re-read again. I loved Jacqueline as a child and I remember reading this book however parts of the plot were missing from my brain so it was interesting to piece it back together.

'Candyfloss' is about a girl named Flora, or Floss for a nickname, who is living the life as a growing child whose torn between her mother and her father, divorced from each other and leading very different lifestyles. Her mum has settled down with a new bloke and has had another child. They live in a nice little family home and have fresh clean clothes and are just a 'normal' family. Her dad, on the other hand, lives on top of a greasy spoon cafe that he owns and although he's a loving dad, he hasn't really always prepared Floss for everyday. Things are just different there. She smells of chips and her rooms not finished, and although she utterly adores her dad (and his famous chip butties) she was always glad about having the two lives. However, on her birthday her mum announces that her new partner, Steve, has been promoted and has to move to Australia and although Floss thinks this is a good thing, she realises that her mum, her brother and Floss have to go with her. Despite the want and desire to travel and have fun, she loved her dad dearly and refuses to go. She stays with her dad and is soon forced to adjust to this new life. Floss finds out that her friend isn't really her friend and Floss begins to see what she used to take for granted.

The plot is really good and I think although it can be predictable, Jacqueline has always added in something new so you keep turning the pages and enjoy reading. However, I love Nick Sharratt's drawings, but the mural at the beginning of each chapter could be a problem because it kinda ruins what's to come and you can almost always work out the dangers ahead for Floss and her dad. Although, the pictures are pretty and are interesting - they can somehow spoil the book. But this didn't stop me from reading out and continuing with the novel.

Jacqueline has successfully presented the characters and the contrast of them all. She's able to highlight the effects of divorce on parents as well as children, and I think it's interesting looking at it from a fathers point of view as well as Floss's because in most books the father has left and the mum is dealing with it all. This sudden change is really enlightening and allows you to understand how both parents could cope.

Overall, I think there are several morals to this book. One being on the subject of change, another on the subject of being growing up and another being on the subject of life and how fate has it's ways with you. It's a very heartfelt book and a page turner indeed!
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on 24 April 2017
Im a 10 year old girl and this is my review:
This book is perfect one of the best i absolutey love it!
I'll try noy to give too much away but this is a bit about it:
The main character is a year six school girl named Flora but most people call her Floss, her parents have split up and she sees her dad on the weekend and her mum on the weekdays,her mum and her boyfriend Steve and her half-brother tiger go somewhere and they want to take Floss with them i wont give away where or who Floss picks her dad or her mum?

Floss goes through an emotianal journey through family, friends and other problems.

Jacky leaves us on a questionable ending that leaves lots of questions running through your head!

Overall i really recommend this book you will get hooked liked me!You might even shed a tear!
personaly i recommend this is to ages 8- 12 if you are a parent then it really depends on what you let your child read at their age.If you are a kid over 8 then go ahead though i think that teens would enjoy it as much but if you are a teen and you think you will enjoy it then go ahead there is no limit with reading even an adualt could read this!

i hope my review helped and didnt give anything away!!! :)

Book lover!
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on 23 March 2017
Good read. My daughter LOVED this book. Well written and great story. Highly recommended to KS2, tween age and even the grown ups love it too
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on 4 May 2017
This is an awesome book
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