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on 5 April 1999
Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has had a radio program marked by recklessness, viciousness, and unintended hilarity (He once said that styrofoam was biodegradable). Until the mid-1990's, he received a free pass from the same media he excoriates as biased against the Right (Ted Koppel once said that Limbaugh does his homework; Edward R. Murrow, we need you). It took a media research group--Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting(FAIR)--and comedy writer Al Franken to do the media's job. Franken effectively nukes his target. He exposes Limbaugh as a war wimp (Rush thought the Vietnam War was great, just as long as guys from Harlem and East LA did the fighting), a former welfare queen (the same guy who calls poor people "piglets" is the same guy who was able-bodied and collected unemployment), and an overall empty suit.
For those of us who have followed Limbaugh, there's nothing particularly surprising here. But the way he scrutinizes Limbaugh is laugh-out-loud hilarious. With Franken around, there will be hard times for the hard Right.
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on 22 June 1999
I am a moderate with a tendency to vote Republican, and consider myself a conservative Christian. However, the hypocrisy of those leading the party and the Christian Coalition continues to alienate me. This is the hypocrisy that Franken attacks so well, and many of the reviewers here either don't see this or just refuse to. Franken does not attack the conservative values; he illuminates the inconsistencies and lies of those who tend to profess them the loudest, as these are usually the same individuals who harshly criticize the moral failings of others. Furthermore, the destruction of Limbaugh's many "facts" was long overdue. I have yet to hear anyone here or in the conservative media refute Franken's data. Well done!!! The fat jokes were a bit too harsh, though.
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on 10 March 1999
What a wonderful read - hilarious and smart. If you don't think that the ultraconservatives of this world deserve to be skewered, scroll down and read the one-star reviews. If you love Newt and Rush and the rest, you certainly won't enjoy this book (although Rush is in fact a flat-out liar; I'd like to hear what he has to say about, for example, Franken's economic charts - about Reaganomics - that directly attack Rush's calculations. But of course Rush is strangely silent - as Franken proves, he's only able to preach to the converted is is never up for a healthy debate.) I digress - if you're sick to death of the Morals Nazis, then this book is not only funny - it's like an emotional release. I felt so GOOD after reading this. Perhaps there is hope for the democratic party yet... (Another note: this is a satire - it's intelligent and funny - and I think that many non-Democrats might get a kick out of it. You don't have to agree with Franken, but do give him a shot if you'd like an interesting, smart read.
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on 27 April 2004
If you've read Al Franken's more recent "Lies and the lying liars that tell them..." you may find this book a touch dissapointing. It's a little less well structured and there is an over-reliance on the 'fat' element of the title for cheap laughs, while most of it's readers are probably more concerned with reading evidence of the 'idiot' side of things.
Anyway, I hear that Rush has lost weight now, there's even rumours that this book might have been the spur he needed to make him do it. One can only hope it might also spur him to increase the accuracy of his facts too.
No doubt about it though this is a funny book and it makes some serious points in a humorous manner.
I come from the UK and although I'm aware of Rush Limbaugh, who he is, what he does and the way he does it, I am well aware that the majority of my countrymen don't. Well let me say right now that this doesn't matter, you don't need to know Rush to enjoy this book. If you've ever wondered where those right wing folks who post their "liberals are evil, smoking doesn't cause cancer, the US doesn't pollute" rants on disscussion forums get their ready-mixed 'just add water' opinions from then there's a pretty good chance that old Rush is source. So why not save yourself a whole lot of hassle and read about them here with Franken's amusing commentary.
I read this one before "Lies...." and it makes a good intro to the later book, but if you only read one Franken book, then read "Lies..." it's a far more cohesive expose of the political dishonesty of US right-wing media pundits, and it's got less lard jokes too.
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on 8 November 1996
As a distraction from monotonous election coverage (5000 more votes are in Jane, this race is still too close to call, repeat every 20 minutes for 5 hours...), I decided to finally read the copy of this book I initially bought because the title was so funny.

I had put off reading the book because I feared that it would be funny, but essentially a one joke premise. I mean Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot, but 200 pages of pointing out how ridiculous Rush's claims are would get old fast. If anyone is out there avoiding this back for that reason, Don't. This is a must read for anyone who is sick of the right getting a free ride by the (supposedly Liberal) U.S. media.

Franken's gift is to be both hilariously funny (read the book with his deadpan delivery in mind) and very astute about the US political and economic scene. Any serious commentary on Rush and his ilk is of course pointless; how can you have a serious debate with someone who claims "we have more trees in America now than when Columbus first arrived" and other such nonsense. What makes this book work is that Franken combines broad satire (beat them at their own game) with well researched data.

Hopefully this is just a beginning for Franken. We could use a PJ O'Rourke of the left.
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Al Franken jokes that he first thought of this book's title and then panicked when he realized he would actually have to listen to Rush Limbaugh. That's the kind of hilarious pathos that Franken passes on from his days at "Saturday Night Live". He never lets up with the Rush Limbaugh fat jokes and just when they an seem to be on the edge of 'just plain mean', he blasts out another semi-truth that's even funnier. Limbaugh is only one of many conservatives that get analyzed, chewed and spit out. No one escapes the humorous wrath of Al Franken, especially regarding hypocrisy in issues like war, marital fidelity and religion. Just take a look at the chapter selection to see who's lined up for public ridicule. Jeane Kirkpatrick's New York Times book review is at the beginning of the book with a riotous response from Franken that sends the highly respected reviewer into a frenzied, screaming, man-eating maniac! Also, the entire Index is a faux - relating every word to Rush Limbaugh and his extraneous girth. How Franken gets away with his highly amusing (and rightfully deserved) conservative Republican bashing is confounding. There is still hope for a dreadfully depressed and ungainly uptight America!
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on 25 August 1999
Franken delivers the fat mans lies with deadly accuracy at the funny bone.Rush and the right-wingers supply the material, and Franken brings it home.Truly a very funny read for anyone who isn't brainwashed by Rush, which is his fans, of course.
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on 22 February 1999
As much fun as it is to make fun of the innaccuracies that spew out of the mouth of Rush, the big fat idiot every few seconds (and Franken does this), it's even more fun to make fun of the fact that Rush IS a big fat idiot, which is probably why this book was such a big seller. It doesn't matter that most of the cracks are about the personal appearance of the big fat idiot, because no matter what they're about, Rush is a deserving target. This book is funny as hell.
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on 20 June 1999
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Al Franken read his book on cassette recording. From the start (Jean Kirkpatrick's NYTimes review of the book and denial of her love affair with Franken), I was hooked. Yes, some of the humor was rather juvenile (e.g. the name-calling), but that was often when I laughed the hardest. It would just sneak up on me; and Franken's delivery was so emphatic and convincing! Furthermore, it is clear that Franken is an extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and discerning fellow. I loved the stories of his family -- particularly enjoyed the efforts he went to in order to keep his brother from being drafted. I was sorry when it was over. It made my commute a pleasure. Thanks Al!
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on 2 May 1998
This book is hilarious, but it also made me sad. It is hard to understand how someone (Limbaugh) would day after day go on the air and make up "facts". It is also frightening that a lot of people will believe whatever Mr. Limbaugh says. He states that there are more trees in America now than were here in 1492, and millions of ditto heads nod up and down in agreement. There is plenty of room for various political philosophies in this country, but to me it is immoral to state things as true when they are not. In addition to making us laugh, Al Franken has made us wary again of demagogues following in the footsteps of Father Coughlin, Huey Long and Joseph McCarthy.
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