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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 1998
At the urging of a friend I read Radical Honesty about 6 years ago. From the strength of the lessons I was able to admit to my failings and dishonesties, and rediscover my center self - honestly. I've since met Dr. Blanton, and have to relate that he is the same in person as he is in prose.
If you have stress - if you feel vaguely dissatisfied with life - if you are tired of "being" someone that you are not, take the first step to health by reading this book.
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on 29 December 1997
I first read Radical Honesty in 1994, reccomended by a close friend of mine. Quite simply, it changed my life and the way I look at people and relationships. And it continues to change my life and the lives of those around me.
If you are searching these pages for a compelling reason to buy a "Self Help" book, let this be your reason -- Blanton's words will open your eyes up to a world you have only seen from a distance before, in random nights of discussion and odd windows of honesty...
It will change you. Brad Blanton says, "The truth will set you free." And it will.
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on 14 December 2015
I suppose it's a cliché to say that reading 'Radical Honesty' changed my life, and maybe it isn't strictly true any way. I think perhaps my life was ripe for change, and that I discovered Brad's book at just the right time to make proper use of it. Either way I will always be grateful for its existence, and for the the accessible, no-nonsense way Brad communicates his ideas; peppered with his trademark irreverence and humour.

No part of RH is completely original in its theory (I don't think Brad will mind me saying that!), being a rich tapestry of ideas drawn from Gestalt, Humanistic, Existential and Person-Centred therapy, as well as philosophies grounded in Sufisim, Buddhism and what has become better known as 'Mindfulness', the way they are brought together in this book is both powerful and thought-provoking. Many may disagree with Dr.Blanton's assertion that the only way to live a meaningful life is by telling the absolute truth, but most will agree that it certainly provokes a great deal of debate and makes us consider deeply how little we allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable to those around us, and what that means.

Definitely worth your time and consideration, 'Radical Honesty' is not just any 'self-help book', it descirbes a new way of thinking and being that could revolutionise your life and all the relationships in its past, present and future. Take it from someone who knows.
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on 4 February 1999
I was in a dishonest relationship when I read this book. I knew it wasn't right but I couldn't break away because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Reading this book helped me to realize that I was hurting him and myself by being a big fat liar. I was telling him I loved him and not feeling it and he believed me so he was in a relationship he thought was mutual but was not. I realized that the most loving thing to do was to let him go. Thanks to that I found my current husband who I truly love. I was honest with him from our first date and it was exhilarating. I knew I didn't want to lie through the whole relationship so I told the truth from the start. There was an element of risk involved but it was worth it.
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on 21 April 2014
This book makes me feel very uneasy at times, when it is not annoying or irritating. Strange to give it five those five stars then you might think. I love his honesty and the concept of being that so radically and my mind hates it thoroughly. So a kind of war is going on inside of me about this book and this work and that leads to this weird review. It is one of the most worthwhile concepts and books I have come across in quite some time. I guess I will return to this quite often. I can't pretend to understand or embrace everything Blanton puts forward but it is all so intriguing that it has a great impact on me. Read it if you dare. It might shake you up more than you bargain for, but that is all for the good.
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on 18 January 1998
This was NOT the book for me - but I do really like the author - I've seen him on television and I like his style. However, Radical Honesty is a hodpodge of nothing more than way in which to be rude and insensitive - and I'm being honest! Radical Honesty taught me NOTHING about telling the truth, but plenty about being without an ounce of tact. I expected more from the book and was disappointed. I wished I had read it at the Library instead of purchasing it.
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on 26 April 2010
We all want simple answers, how wonderful it would be if simple also meant true and helpful, often it does not.
Brad Blanton is offering a simple solution, it obviously works for him. While there is much that is true and useful in the book and many of us need to be encouraged to be more honest and authentic, the solution offered in this book is unthinkingly simplistic. The truth is rather more complex and difficult to discern and requires a great deal more self-enquiry and thought. To become authentic is vastly important goal, how we do that while also taking into account the welfare of others as well as ourselves is an important question. To advocate the untempered expression of anger is something that, in many schools of thought, has long been acknowledged as being unskilful and unhelpful, even damaging. To ask the difficult questions such as: Why am I feeling angry? Am I masking other feelings? What is the most skilful way to ask for what I need? What am I denying in myself? What am I not seeing? is a more difficult route but one which will reap greater rewards. There are many books out there which will help you towards a more authentic expression of yourself; this is not one of them.
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on 3 July 2009
This is the second time I have purchased this book. Honestly I can't recommend in highly enough. Even if you don't come out of it a radically honest person, you will hopefully at least learn how to be a tactfully honest one, and that's the beginning of happiness and a sense of self worth in essence. Once you are honest with yourself and face up to your imperfections but learn to love yourself despite them, you become more tolerant of imperfections in other people, and you can see the imperfections without judging them. It's one of those books that really can be life transforming, but it takes facing up to your fears to benefit from it, and if you're not ready to do that then it probably isn't going to be the right book for you.
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on 29 June 1996
The author, Brad Blanton, is self-righteous and angry. Aren't we all? At least he

admits it! This is the most up-front, "out there" book I've ever read.

You might expect a book from a gestalt psychotherapist to be lofty and inaccessible.

Nope. Blanton's ideas are elegantly simple yet profound; his language is poetic and

gritty. I'm a Mensan and a voracious reader. I seldom reread books because I

constantly seek new concepts. However, this book instantly went to my "favored author"

shelf, and I've read it three times so far. Each time I absorbed different

meanings and improved my life through actions he recommends. There are nuggets here

for everyone. What's in it for you? Have a read and find out.

The subtitle is, "How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth."

Get mad and get over it. Stop being a victim. Learn to create your life.

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on 28 July 1996
Radical Honesty is a most refreshing antidote to the toxic
mountains of self help blather heaped on our bookshelves.
Blanton is no holds barred in his recommendations on how to
create vibrancy in our lives. Whether its telling your mom
about the time you stole her car for a midnight jaunt or telling
your boss what a jerk he is, if this book doesn't enlighten
you it will at least make your life more interesting!
Don't read my recommendation. Read this book.
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