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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2004
Our heroine, Becky Bloomwood, has finally snared the man of her dreams, the handsome and successful Luke Brandon. Together they live in New York and are about to get married. The only trouble is that Becky has somehow got herself into the position of having not one, but TWO weddings looming on the horizon, one in the States and one in England, both scheduled for the same day! On top of that she has the prospective mother-in-law from hell, Elinor Sherman, to contend with. This is a funny, and at times, very moving book. The unspeakable stresses of getting married are captured beautifully here. Anyone who has ever got spliced will sympathise with Becky wanting to reach for the vodka bottle every time somebody mentions the word "wedding" in the weeks running up to it! This is also a fun insight into the whole unreal world of planning a New York society wedding, where you're judged by how many stores you've got your wedding list registered at, and where wedding cakes start off at a 1000 dollars a time! This is cool chick lit of the highest order, recommended.
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on 15 April 2017
very enjoyable book
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on 22 September 2003
Whenever I feel a cake craving coming on in future, I’ll just reach for this book. A few pages is all it takes and it’s like I’ve eaten a luscious slice of strawberry cream gateaux. I swear I could taste sugar and champagne on every page.
Kinsella has done it again with the third in a delicious trilogy of books so frothy, it melts in the mind like pink-coloured candy floss.
There’s the sumptuous shopping detail again that makes you long to rush out, spend all day in the shops and return clutching posh plastic carrier bags.
But, even better, there’s a fabulous plot that has you rushing through it in a can’t-wait-to-see-what-happens way.
I think it was milked just a leeetle bit too much this time and could have been about 50 pages shorter, maybe. And some of the characterisation is more than a little stretch. Would, for example, Luke REALLY care so much for his mother’s approval when he has a much nicer step mum who gladly stepped into the gap left when his truly appalling mother took off?
Ah but then we wouldn’t have had the rattlingly good plot, would we? And the tension was such that you really couldn’t see a way out this time for Becky. This was just THE biggest mess she’d ever got herself in. Just how WOULD she resolve it?
A cracker. I read it on holiday and it felt exactly like a book of this genre should feel - a real treat. A true girlie read. Save it for a wet weekend, a night in when there's nothing on the telly, a long train ride - or just when you need to treat yourself.
Brain candy at it's very VERY best...
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on 25 September 2007
What a funny book. Coming away from the shopping a bit but making us like Becky more and more. We have all been in a situation where we got a bit carried away and didn't know how to resolve it. This book had me gripped until the end again to find out where she gets married and how she lets whoever down.
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on 8 July 2002
I loved the first two Shopaholic books, and I can thoroughly recommend the third in the series. When I heard that a trilogy was planned, I was apprehensive that there could be no more mileage in the format - in the first two books, Becky Bloomwood gets spectacularly into debt and manages to rescue the situation through a combination of luck and personal initiative. How could that work a third time? Fortunately, the author doesn't try to. The plot of Shopaholic Ties the Knot instead plunges Becky onto a rollercoaster dilemma unrelated to her spending habit, but arising nonetheless from her already established weaknesses. The cast of characters from the first two books are developed and deepened, and once again it's funny, light-hearted and spot on in its observations. It's also a compulsive page-turner and if I had nothing else going on, I probably wouldn't have put it down until I read it straight through. Extremely entertaining.
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SHOPAHOLIC TIES THE KNOT is the third, and apparently last, in author Sophie Kinsella's "shop till you drop" series starring Becky Bloomwood. The preview at the end of this book introduces a new character, Emma Corrigan, first appearing in 2004 in CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET.
In CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC and SHOPAHOLIC TAKES MANHATTAN, Bloomwood is continuously rendered incapable of rational thought by the euphoria of material acquisition, usually clothes and other trinkets, using credit she doesn't have. In SHOPAHOLIC TIES THE KNOT, Becky's penchant for denial and disaster ascends to a higher plane after Luke Brandon, her carried-over boyfriend from the previous book, proposes marriage. Should she be joined with her Prince back home in Oxshott, England in a garden ceremony being lovingly organized by her dear Mum and Dad for their only daughter? Or married in a posh, extremely expensive affair at New York's Plaza Hotel, paid for by her despised mother-in-law-to-be, Elinor. If you know Becky, you'll realize there's no simple answer. Choosing one and saying "no" to the other just isn't an option.
Becky's ditziness has always been one of her most endearing (and exasperating) qualities (along with generosity and a basic good-heartedness), providing the reader with an unending stream of hilarious scenarios. Perhaps the single most side-splitting episode in this novel occurs when Becky's best friend Suze goes into premature labor while the two are on an afternoon outing in London. Not in possession of her going-to-the-hospital bag, Suze dispatches Becky into a department store to put one together - one that eventually includes an inflatable canoe!
Because SHOPAHOLIC TIES THE KNOT is apparently Becky's swan song, the last three chapters come across as a somewhat forced attempt to tidily end the saga of a rampantly untidy personality. Because of this, I almost gave less than the usual 5 stars to a Bloomwood adventure. But, I relented in the end because this series has been so consistently entertaining. I'm grieved at Becky's departure, but am excited about Kinsella's new burst of creativity with a differently dysfunctional heroine.
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on 14 August 2003
Things all seem to be going perfectly for Becky Bloomwood. Great job as a personal shopper. If she can't shop for herself anymore then isn't it just great that she can do other people's shopping? She also has her perfectly romantic, perfectly gorgeous and perfectly RICH boyfriend, Luke Brandon.
The romance really kicks in when Luke proposes at Becky's best friends wedding. This really put the icing on the cake.
Their wedding would be wonderfully traditional and Becky's mother has been planning it for most of her life!
Things really spoil the plans when Luke's mother begins organising Becky's dream wedding at the Plaza. Becky would kill to be at this wedding but how can she let down her mother?
As the plans of the two weddings go ahead, Becky begins to worry. She didn't want to cancel either. She couldn't possibly have both weddings... could she?
Funny, romantic, sad and truly AMAZING. Definitely worth reading...
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on 28 July 2002
As a male, I didn't read this book for the shopping, wedding or baby stuff, but for the comedy. I like comic writing and there is little enough of it about in any genre.
The book is an enjoyable light read and it is very clever too -not many writers are as sharp with the jokes and one-liners as Sophie Kinsella, a.k.a Madeleine Wickham. The English scenes in this book reminded me of Alan Ayckbourn, but most of all Becky Bloomwood reminds me of P.G.Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster in her dim-witted, self-deluding indecisiveness. I laughed a lot reading this book, particularly the letters from banks, lawyers and the like - and I had a tear in my eye too at the throwing-the-bouquet moment.
The narrative style is a tour-de-force: the book is written in the difficult-to-pull-off present tense and is as light as a meringue throughout - no mean achievement. And the plot is very smart. (I didn't read the blurb - I never do - and good job too because it gives away the main plot device which doesn't start to kick in for about a hundred pages. It took my breath away when I realised where things were leading.)
My only criticism would be that at times Kinsella overpads scenes and goes round the houses with the dialogue - probably the result of not having enough time to revise properly, what with having to bring a Wickham and a Kinsella book out a year. Someone might criticise the book for being materialistic and showing how only one half lives, but that doesn't bother me, even though I'm not well off myself. I recommend the book wholeheartedly.
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on 21 January 2003
I loved the first two books but absolutely adored this third one.
I think because the first two were so fashion-conscious; which I, sadly, am not, so that although I thoroughly enjoyed them I did not identify with them. However, book three was very 'me' with the tasting of the wedding cakes, the wacky reasoning processes and the sheer indecisivenes. Bex came across as an utterly lovable person whose whole character seemed very 'real'. I would love to see a 4th book as Bex and Luce have babies, particularly as I can imagine Bex doing what my mother did once with her new-born baby, which was to do the shopping, go home, cook dinner, make the baby's bottle...then realise she had left the baby in its pram outside of a department store for the last 6 hours! She ran back to find him still there sleeping...mind you, that was nearly 50 years ago! It probably couldn't happen today.
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on 28 August 2007
I do like Becky a little bit more with each book, and i know her heart is in the right place but she still winds me up!

In this book, her evil future step-mother hires a wedding planner to organise a stunning Plaza wedding, all Becky has to do is say 'No thanks, my mum is doing my wedding at home in the U.K and it's my wedding and that's how I want it.' But no, she says nothing and lets both planners on each side of the Atlantic carry on. But, i suppose it wouldnt of made much of a book if she had of said that.

Anyway, i did really enjoy this book, and meeting new characters like the fabulous Danny and Becky's work colleagues. Also the lovely Suze has a baby! And Becky calls him 'Armani' haha i loved that. Although Suze and Tarky choose a crappy name for him. I also warm to Luke more in this book, and i imagine him and how handsome he is. I love his little sarcastic chats he has with Becky occasionally.

And the letters from various people in this book are more hilarious. She writes to the bank and asks if they could change 'Gucci' to 'Gas Bill' on the joint bank statement. There are loads of funny things in this book which i really enjoyed. I adore Becky's parents. They are great with their dissagreements.

Also there isn't loads of shopping in this book, which i didnt mind actually because it would be dull if all the books were the same with Becky getting into loads of debt then finding some miraculous way to clear it, only for it to happen again in the next book. But she still found ways to get things, by registering in various shops and having everyone else buy crap for her.

Anyway, the book is better than the last two, and i really enjoyed Shopaholic Abroad, so i have high hopes for Shopaholic and Sister! I do love curling up at night and entering Becky's mad world. Even if she does annoy me sometimes!
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