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on 1 September 2013
I bought this as my first Kindle book, for reading on holiday. The story is fascinating (I had heard about it and seen a documentary about it previously), so I was sure that I would enjoy the book. The details of the UFO crash are outlined accurately, but the book evolves into a first hand account of the author's quest to find more information about the case, with very little new information forthcoming. I suppose the limitation of the book is not really the author's fault, but more with the US and Canadian authorities not releasing classified information that they surely hold on this event. What were the findings of the Navy divers? Where are the underwater pictures that were surely taken? Why all this secrecy and reticence after 40 odd years?

The reader is still left wondering whether this event was related to an experimental military craft that came down in Shag Harbour, or whether there was something extraordinary and extraterrestrial involved. Unfortunately only US and Canadian governments know the truth.
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on 30 November 2002
I remember seeing the Sightings segment about the Shag Harbor incident several years ago; it was an interesting story, much more interesting than this book. The first thing I noticed when I received this book was that it was short--really only 162 pages. Unfortunately, the authors' story could have been told in less than 100 pages. I don't mean to be too critical here; I accept the fact that something unusual went down in Shag Harbor in October 1967, but there just isn't enough here to justify a book. I don't even know what the authors believe really happened; they seem to jump around from one possibility to another. The end result is a confused, rambling tale based on notions and impressions and possibilities. This information belongs on a web site, but not in a book--not yet, at least. The statement that this is "the world's only government-documented UFO crash" is quite an overstatement. There are four photocopies of official documents in an appendix, and these basically just prove that some people called the Mountie police and they investigated the report. Not exactly a smoking gun. When describing their search for documentation, the authors twice state that most researchers would give up the whole search after being rebuffed by any single government agency--I just find that hilarious. So many UFO researchers have fought and clawed for every piece of possible documentation they can find, sometimes in the face of government "pressure" or outright threats; it is almost insulting for these authors to portray themselves as uncommonly vigilent searchers after the truth.
This subject deserves much more research and work in order to justify a book about it. There is just no evidence here. The story as it exists now is far too dependent on eyewitness statements (most of them made decades after the event itself). I appreciate the scientific work done exploring the waters of Shag Harbor, but that search turned up nothing. Admittedly, they were unable to check out a site they were very interested in, but that site remains meaningless until such time as the search can be undertaken. The final chapter sums up the book well--a new witness said so-and-so, another said that he could not tell them what he really knows, etc. All of this hearsay evidence is unsatisfying to the reader. I hope that someday a complete and factual book can be written on Shag Harbor--this offering is not that book.
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on 16 June 2013
Well constructed book.The authors have gone to great lengths researching this strange and famous happening a must read for anyone interested in this subject
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on 30 August 2002
A must have for all those interested in ufos.
What really did happen on October 4th 1969? we may never know the truth but Don Ledger and Chris Styles give us the facts about what happened that night and the events afterwards. Many people saw a strange glowing object fall from the sky and crash into Shag Harbour. At first the authorities admit it to being a ufo then all of a sudden they deny it ever happened.
As Chris Styles trys to dig out the truth he descovers that the goverment have already covered most of their tracks from shag Harbour. What makes this book reliable is that Chris Styles himself is an eye witness of that night and with official reports and military statements this story becomes more amazing and outragous as you read.
A real interesting ,TRUE story which may forever lie unsolved!?!
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