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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2005
The era of knights and fair damsels is once again upon us through the brilliant work of Tamora Pierce and her heroically magical world of Tortall. This series of books introduces us to the fantasy world of life as Pages and Squires at the court of King Roald. But does our heroine...yes heroine, 'Page Alan', but really Alanna of Trebond, disguised as a boy. She works her way through the years of duty and honour, the hard work on the practice courts and in the classroom...but does she succeed in her one desire...to become a Knight of the Realm of Tortall? Her path is full of obstacles and if anyone should discover her secret...well...I'll leave the rest for you to discover.
This series is great for the whole family. I started reading them in Year 8 and I'm still reading them now in my second year at Durham university, and I still find them brilliant and I always find new bits to the story that I hadn't noticed before.
Enjoy the books...
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on 4 May 2004
I have been searching for a book that truly intersets me for a while now. When I got this book I was taken to another world, one that I had always dreamed of. I felt like Alanna as I went through the pages. I couldn't even put the book down to eat. Great Job Tamora Pierce! You've got me hooked!
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on 5 October 2003
I'm not gonna give any of the plots away at all i'm just gonna say that these are the best books i've ever read. i read them when i was about 9 when i found them in a library and then got completely hooked. i'm now 16 and still love them. Tamora Pierce lives in the worlds she writes about and the description she gives are amazing.She writes about different languages, magicks, cultures and you cannot fault each. All of her books ahve really inspired me and i think anyone should read these. They are way better than Harry Potter!!!! ;)
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on 3 February 2005
this book is probably one of the best books ive ever read, i could not put it down and read it in two days! i am really glad it was all four books in one because i could not stop at the end of each book and had to keep reading. i would definately recommend getting this story as one book that or make sure you have all four before you begin! having finished this book i cannot wait to get hold of another book about tortall by tamora pierce, the writing style is gripping and absorbing and there is always something going on that you cant wait to figure out plus the characters are witty and charming and very believable, i was wrapped up in alannas world right from the start! one word of warning for this story though, you wont be able to read just this story you'll want more at the end!
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on 15 August 2003
iv read each book in the quartet 3 times and they never get old i would recomend them to any one and almost any age.i first read them in 4th grade and now i am 14 and still love them. i know it sounds corny and fake but they really got me in to reading and were the first books i ever got compleatly consumed in. other reviewers are saying they didnt like the love story but i thought it was the best part. i love watching alanna fight her womanhood, freak out when she went through puberty and deny her love for as long as she possebly could.
there is also a lot of action and adventure in this book.in the first 2 books alanna is studying to be a knight at the palace with bullies school and combat training she has a lot on her plate not to mention the test of nighthood the dreaded chamber of ordeal (that some squiers dont live through). as one of her freinds explains to her the teachers dont expect u to finish all the work your asigned u just do as much as u can and take the extra punishment work with out arguing. in the 3rd book alanna is a full knight and is free to go where she wants during times of peace and decides to go tame the wild deaserts (she hates the cold). in the last book alanna gose to the roof of the world to battle a freezing blizzard and capture a magical jewle for the king
when alanna decides to switch places with her brother and learn to be a knight she knows what shes getting in to. with her brother and her servent coram being the only people that know she is a girl she has a hard time dealing with her bodys constant reminders that she really is a girl (turning in to a woman).
my only advice with this quartet is give the first book atleast 2 chapters before u decide u dont like it
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on 7 November 2004
I have read these books at least 20 times each and have loved them. they are the sort of book where you can read and reread them over and over again. I first read Alanna when i was 10, now i am 14 and still loving them. OK so they are not Dickins, so what, they are easy to read and great fun. I can't count the number of times when i have read them cover to cover without stopping. The trouble was i kept on having to borrow them from the library, which was annoying. So now I have finally brought them, and i can't wait to make them a perminant installment in my bookshelves. that is after i've read them all again.
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on 29 September 2003
I think that some of the best books ever written are the Alanna ones.They're kind of different to other magic books because they have a completely new world,new types of magic that none of us would have come up with.I love it that Alanna doesnt care about rules,and has the same problems with doing her homework as alot of other kids do. The quartet is brillaint because you get to see more of her life than just her training as a knight.Me and my friends have read every book of Tamora Pierce that we can get hold of.Tamora rocks xxXXxx
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on 18 April 2005
I heard about these books from several of my friends and they all said it was really good. i happened to find them in the library, so i got books 1 and 2 out and got reading! i read both books that night and i was practically in tears when i found out that they didn't have book 3 (not literally, and just to let you know this was last friday - look at the date). So i went straight on here and got it! But I'm still waiting for book 3 to come so I've only read book one and two.
It's set in the age when knights and things were around but it also has really cool things like magic and sorcerers. Each person who has the Gift (magic) has a different colour magic (completely irrelevant but hey). Alanna and Thom are twins, girl and boy, and when they are eleven Lord Alan, their father sends Alanna to a convent and Thom to a place where he can learn to become a knight. But Alanna doesn't want to go to the convent and Thom would rather learn magic. So they switch places, Alanna pretending to be a boy. You don't hear much about Thom really, it is all about Alanna posing as a boy at the palace. It sounds lame, but seriously, it isn't. :)
It is really well written, but with long chapters. :/ I just couldn't put it down!
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on 6 September 2003
I first read The Girl Who Rides Like a Man a couple of years ago when I was about eleven (Unintentionally I assure you).I loved it.Know why?I'd finally found a female who stood up to the opposite sex and did whatever it took to achieve her dreams.I'm a very strong believer that guys and girls are equal and I also love the period of knights and so on but was upset that no woman ever became a knight but Alanna does that.
At the age of ten,Alanna goes to the palace disguised as a boy whereas her brother goes off to convent to become a sorcerer.In the four books you follow Alanna as she goes through the distressing ordeal of puberty,the agonising torture of her lessons and the ever so romantic tales of herself,George the thief and Prince Jonathan [Personally I think Jon is the best for her! ;)].
An action packed quartet with ordinary womens' problems,butt-kicking and romance.I'd recommend this to older kids looking for a brilliant read full of fantasy and twists.
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on 15 May 2004
This series is amazing! I read it when I was about 10 and loved it. I'm now 13 and I've just read the "Protector of the small" books. That reminded me of this series and I reread it. Johnathon is sooo mean. He starts out really nice and kind to Alana and he's trustworthy and doesn't reveal she's a girl to anyone but then he breaks her heart-and mine! Alana's a very strong character. After reading "Protector of the small" I realise how different and similar Alana and Kel are. For instance, Kel's tall and Alana's short, Alana's got a bad temper and Kel never looses her temper, she always stays Yamani calm but in the end they both want the same thing, to follow what they feel is their destiny. I like Sir Myles, Gareth, Raoul, George and the rest. I love the cat and the horse but I really love animals. All in alll a very good series. Definately worth reading!
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