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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 15 March 2017
very pleased with this product
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on 29 January 2005
I first read this book when I was about 14, and I couldn't put it down. The rest of the books in the series (Wolfspeaker, The Emperor Mage and Realms of the Gods) were out of print at the time, and I had to wait for years to finish the whole series!
Forget Harry Potter... this series as far as I am concerned remains the undiscovered gem of magical fantasy.
The whole series is set around Daine, a teenager who runs away to the Kingdom of Tortall and discovers she has magical powers that link her with all animals. She and her new friends are forced into battle against the evil emperor Ozorne of the distant land of Carthak, who wants Tortall for himself.
But the whole series of books are filled with magic and fantastic mythical creatures such as dragons, basilisks, griffins, spidrens and stormwings. Add to that suspense, romance and drama, and interactions with real animals like wolves, horses and bats. The books are so well written and so imaginative, you can almost believe that you are there experiencing it first hand.
I am 23 now, and I still read all the books from cover to cover, and I still enjoy them as much as I did when I was a child. I will always be glad they were part of my childhood.
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on 3 July 2000
Wow! What can I say? I read this book when I was twelve and still read it continually now I am fifteen. Wild Magic has everything I look for in a book and because of this every time I reread it I enjoy it as much as the first time. Through the quartet you can not help but fall in love with the characters. When I put the final book down I was so upset to know I would never see them again. I especially missed Numair who I consider to be in the the same ranks as Mr Darcy when it comes to lovable characters. Whatever it is that makes you love a book I'm sure you'll find it here, so if you can only read one book in your lifetime it should be this.
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on 25 September 2005
"Wild Magic" is the first book in Tamora Pierce's "The immortals" quartet. "The Immortals" is set in the country of Tortall, and if you have read Pierce's "Song of the Lioness" series you will have the possibility of meeting old friends again. Notwithstanding that, this new series can also be read on its own, as it has more than a few different characters.
The most important one is Daine, an orphan girl who is 13 years old and can communicate with animals, because she has "Wild magic". In this book, readers will accompany her in a dangerous journey from her old home to the palace of her king. Things won't be easy, though, and Daine will have to come to terms with her powers, if she wants to survive the many dangers she will have to face. Will Daine become a mage and face her destiny?. Or will her fear of the secret she is hiding make that something impossible?.
The answers, of course, are in this book. I recommend it to readers older than 9, and even teens or adults that enjoy a charming and well-written fantasy epic. If you like this book check out the sequels, "Wolf-Speaker", Emperor Mage" and "The Realms of the Gods".
Belen Alcat
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on 21 June 1999
I was given this book for Christmas one year. I put it up on my bookshelf, and it sat there, gathering dust, for a few monthes. Before I picked it up and decided to take it on a trip for something to do in the car. Since then it hasn't returned to the shelf since. The book now looks about ten years old. The covers are dog eared and some of the pages are ripping. I think I may read this book every week. It is so like nothing I had ever read, until I read the Alanna series and the rest of these. Within the pages there are characters, that even though they are so different from us, we can see ourselves within them. The things that she spends less time discussing are the things that show us that they are real human beings. A question Daine asks or a response Numair gives her, the pleading look in the royal children and Alanna's children's eyes as they see what their parents must do. And we all know people who can remind us of the Immortals. We all know a stormwing (or two). This book is so wonderful and a perfect introduction into the lives of these normal, yet amazing people.
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on 2 January 2006
I loved loved loved this book! It is so incredibly magical and imaginative, with lovable characters (I like Cloud the sensible and stubborn pony) and the enjoyable plot.
Daine, a young girl with wild magic- the power to talk to and heal animals- is employed by Onua the royal horsemistress to help her herd ponies back to Tortall. But her tragic past is soon revealed- and so are her amazing talents!
A great book for 11+ age, but older teens and even adults would love it too!
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on 27 July 2001
I found this book a real escape. Its hard to maintain your sense of reality when reading "Wild MAgic"- ITS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I'll give anyone 5 mins with this book and the sheer force and impact of this magical fantasy will pull you into a domain of mystic enchantment, a world in which you'll find it hard to escape from!!!
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on 5 August 2002
A rivoting tale of a young girl who learns she has Wild Magic - a power connecting her to all animals. Struggling to cope with obstacles that face her as a girl, orphan & wildmage, Daine must learn to trust her new friends - both animal & human. Tamora Pierce hits the spot again following the, 'Alanna the Lioness' quartet. An immensely enjoyable read which engulfs you in a realm beyond belief, brought to life through Pierce's descriptions, ingenuity, and sheer talent with particular enthrallment wrapped around the characters as they ease through the plot.For Pierce fans, you'll be dying for the next three in the series! Magnificent!!!
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on 18 November 2012
After the death of her family, 13 year old Daine get a job as assistant to Onya, Horse Mistress of the Queen's Riders, as she has a talent with animals. However, when she rescues a hawk from Stormwings, a type of immortal, she discovers she has a type of magic which could affect all of Tortall. This is one of my favourite fantasy series, as I love how absorbing the story is and how brilliant the characters are. I wish I had read it when I was a young teen as Daine is quite a role model and generally a good person. I would recommend Wild Magic to anyone who like YA fantasy.
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on 13 September 2012
I've never understood why Tamora Pierce's work is marketed primarily as 'Children's Books', as her legions of fans show clearly that her work surpasses such silly restrictions. If you haven't encountered her before, I'm envious - there's so much out there now to enjoy. But I'm not surprised, as these books go in and out of print in the UK with no rhyme or reason, and in an effort to categorise, they've often been lost in library and bookshop shelves.

I first encountered the land of Tortall when the 'Lioness' series was first coming out, years ago. Slender books, serialised 'because children don't read long books', Tamora Pierce has since thanked JK Rowling for proving this statement entirely wrong, and for proving that books don't have to be age-exclusive.

This is the first of her second series, focusing on a girl who has 'wild magic' - she speaks to animals. And birds. And whales. And dragons. There's no species boundary she can't cross, it seems, and through her eyes, we travel on a wonderful fantasy journey that still manages to come back to basic human relationships. Moving between the 'wildness' of the non-human world to the very different societal standards of her 'own' world, Daine explores morality, reasoning and simple understanding of relationships between ourselves and those we share our lands with.

OK, this is primarily a book about a young girl, so some of the depictions may be considered a little basic. But when she doesn't understand something, Daine asks, and is answered. And the author doesn't shy away from the grubbier side of life: people (and animals) die, go mad, are wounded, make bad decisions. Fantasy universe it may be, but the characters still have human needs (I remember one of her books being the first time I ever saw a fictional character experience menstruation).

But what really draws me back to Tamora Pierce, aside from the outstanding characterisation, is the magic. Her worlds contain magic as an aspect of life as real and tangible as breathing (yes, tangible. You try not doing it). No magic words, wand-waving or theatrics - just simple personal skill, exploration, understanding and connection. Her characters train, learn, evolve - and so we see ourselves, child or adult, gaining new understanding through simply questioning what we've been presented with as 'normal' or 'fact'. Life isn't that straightforward, and in this fantasy setting, we're allowed to journey along those mysterious paths, to see where they might lead.

Absolutely magical.
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