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on 8 February 2013
I am a huge fan of Maya Banks, I love her KGI Series, Colter Series and her histroic series are the only books like that I enjoy, so when I pre-ordered book 1 in the Breathless Trilogy Rush I was expecting great things, sadly I didnt find them, don't get me wrong if any one else had wrote it I might of given 4 stars but as Maya Banks writes such great books I expect more than this it was a little been there read it before for me, I will order the next two books as I prefered Ash and Jace in this than Gabe to be honest he annoyed me, he didnt stop moaning he didnt deserve Mia, Jaces sister, Jace also forgave Gabe pretty fast too for not telling him he was seeing Mia, and the fact he and Ash walked in on Gabe and Mia together in a bdsm theme scence, I couldnt take to Gabe, Mia in parts also got on my nerves too I think my main problam with this was it was not different enough from loads of other books and the leads were a bit dull sorry Maya Banks I hope I love book 2 .
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on 6 February 2013
I had every intention of loving this book, and I'm disappointed that I don't. For most of the book, I was leaning toward a two-star rating. The story just wasn't pulling me in, I wasn't feeling the romance, and I wasn't liking the hero very much. The thing is, if you're going to write a jerk hero, you must make him likeable in some way. It wasn't until the very end of the story that I started to warm up to Gabe, and that was just a little too late for me. However, this ending is what upped my rating to a 3. But mostly, Gabe was a really distant character. More like a sex addict or a sex robot. Just hammering away, no real emotion to be seen until the very last of the story.

Most of the story, Gabe annoyed me with his inner monologues. I got really tired of him thinking he was unworthy of the heroine(although I tend to agree at certain points); I got tired of him confessing to himself that he was an a-hole, a selfish bast@rd, and so on. It just got a little tedious his circular argument with himself, and then you begin to wonder, OK, so you realize you're being a big jerk, why don't you do something about it? The endless self-reflection and recrimination with no resulting action was frustrating.

I also do not believe or see Gabe as a sexual dominant. While he does not call himself a "dom," he is into dominance, and bondage, spanking and the like. I love to read that in erotic romance, but I must believe it when I do read it. I didn't believe it with him, nor did I feel it. It affected me not in the least. I had no desire for him, no need for him to be my book boyfriend, and I really could take or leave him. And that one scene, that sort of quasi menage attempt, really irked me big time. How can a man who is supposed to be in complete control do that to the woman under his care? I won't spoil the story here, but what he does, or really does not do, really bothered me. You don't bring people to play, not if you don't trust them, not if the rules are not firm and hard. This whole scene didn't feel right to me, and it didn't make a lot of sense why either Gabe or Mia were really allowing it to happen.

I also was not particularly interested in Gabe's parents' ordeal. Was this supposed to be some parallel with Gabe and Mia? Wasn't feeling it, in any case. Also, I wanted more out of the Charles situation, and for that matter, I have to wonder what else the author could have done with Gabe's ex-wife. I expected more out of that, maybe.

Other than not believing Gabe as the in-charge, possessive he-man lover, the main let down of this romance is the romance itself. I never believed that Mia was into bdsm, or that she knew what she was really getting into. But I did get why she felt compelled to do it for Gabe: she's crushed on him for years, and now here's her chance at him. Now, Gabe I got that he wanted her, had been jonesing for years over her, but whenever he was with her, I wasn't feeling any true passion or love-feelings in the making. Yes, some scenes were erotic, there were titillating scenes, with kink and even some raunch, but overall, it felt only like sex and not love or romance. Just wasn't feeling Gabe or this romance with him.

There was no strong connection for me with this hero, and no strong connection for me to feel between h and H. A lot of the story and inner thoughts felt repetitive, and the overall story failed to pull me completely in. Some hot, erotic parts to it, but mostly it's a story I could take or leave. Not a bad story, but definitely didn't wow me. The very end, that part where a better and more interesting and more likeable Gabe showed up, I liked that part, was the best part of the whole book for me, and that caused it to end on a bit of a up-note for me, not a huge one but just enough.
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I'm not going to review the book in detail, as other reviewers have done this, but this was yet another MB tale in the style of her 'meat-market' series, Sweet. OK, so the actual sharing didn't technically happen, but why do her female leads, who are allegedly independent, smart, educated women feel so unworthy that they have to agree to do anything and everything that the guy wants them to do?

In the Sweet series, Angelina and Micah's tale was basically nothing more than a gang-activity (the 'bang' word would probably get this review pulled), and this had shades of the same. No, the actual g-b did not take place, but she was totally up for 'being pleasured' by older-guys who were complete strangers, being photographed and blowing the male lead in a voyeuristic situation, then she cried like a kid when blackmail raised its head. She was up for being touched/mauled/pleasured, then when one wanted more, she cried wolf, and he beat the guy up. Then, he seemingly came to his senses and realised that he should not have treated her like this, and wasn't worthy of her, so backed off.

Puhleese. Seen that, read that, didn't enjoy that, and frankly, this tale sucked, as did the female lead; in her case, literally. Not hot, not sexy, not romantic, as she went along with all of his plans like a mindless idiot, whilst just slightly more than liking him; MB was quick to tell us that the female lead could easily fall for the male lead, but hadn't yet. It sounded more like she had no brain or idea of self-worth. Menage is fine, with the right setting, leads and circs, but this was just an attempt at titillation - but not for me. I was actually turned off by the repetitive, 'copied and pasted' sex scenes, which have appeared in a number of MB's books. The sex talk? Sad and a bit desperate, as if MB didn't include any of it, the tale wouldn't sell - I'm just lucky enough that my local library ordered it in, and that I didn't pay for this rubbish.

MB makes the guys out to have 'kinks', but in fact, all 3 in the series are 38yo saddos (from the glimpse I got of the future leads of the other tales in the trilogy), who have issues with intimacy, feelings and trust. This female lead had no backbone and no self-respect or esteem. Totally sad and not what I need or want in a romance.
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on 15 July 2013
Can you believe I have never read anything by Jennifer Echols before? You probably can believe it, because I'm always way, way behind everyone else. I haven't even read any Sarah Dessen yet! Anyway, this one is a great choice if you haven't read any Echols before. At least, I think so, but since I haven't read any of her other books yet I cannot compare them. There's a lot of drama, an awesome main character, and some steamy scenes. Oh, and it's got some scary stuff in there too. If you're scared of heights like I am.

The flying stuff was scary and exhilarating at the same time. I hate heights so I was internally screaming, but also loving it when Leah flew over the beach or went to pick up or drop a banner.

I really connected with Leah, the main character. Like most people I know, feeling a connection to a main character is important if I'm going to enjoy a book. I just can't get into things with crappy protagonists. Leah really touched my heart. She lives in a trailer, and basically had to raise herself because her mother is hardly ever around, always going off with her boyfriends and forgetting about Leah and the rent. As someone who has never been very well off in the money department (though I definitely haven't had it as bad as Leah), I really felt for her. I loved that she wanted to work hard to get out of the trailer park, and to accomplish her dream of becoming an airline pilot. She just needed someone to give her a chance.

I didn't really like any of the other characters aside from Leah. And perhaps Mr Hall. There was a lot of blackmailing, bitchiness, judgement... The characters were awful. I hated them all, and I kind of wanted the Hall brothers to crash their planes and hand the airport over to Leah. I hated the fact that Leah was so nice towards them when all they commented on was how she was sleeping around, she dressed "inappropriately", etc etc.

Grayson, the actual love interest, is a complete prat. Sure, he's good looking, and I have to admit I did enjoy his shirtless scenes, but blackmail is not cool. He, along with several other characters as mentioned above, are complete butts towards Leah and I hated them for it. Leah deserves so much better.

Something I really loved about this story is how Mr Hall is so prominent. The guy dies very early on in the novel, and yet you could feel his presence the whole way through since he influenced the characters so much. Leah loved him like a father (despite Grayson suggesting they were sleeping together, ugh), and even though he was dead, she wanted to honour his memory and do him proud. Their relationship was the best.

I really did like this book, despite my issues with all the characters apart from Leah and Mr Hall. I wish I could have liked them, but I couldn't get past their spoiled rich kid attitudes and beliefs, and I didn't like that they didn't even improve that much by the end. Leah should have left them.
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on 2 June 2013
***3.5 stars***

I was soo looking forward to this book and it resulted in a good read. Such a Rush is well plotted, bit-by-bit hooking you in more and more with aspects of the story.

For me, I absolutely loved the first moment poor main character, Leah, from a trailer park with a scummy, careless mother realised she would learn how to fly planes and fly her out of her crappy home, even for just a little while. She was 14. Also, at 14, I see her interested in Grayson although she's quiet about it and he goes on his merry way without her noticing.

The whole book, Jennifer Echols writes in a compelling style. It's paced exactly right so you're never bored. The only issue was my interest. The style was too "plain vanilla" for me, and I only read on as fast as I did because the story was interesting, but reading the writing, I wasn't too interested since there wasn't much of a style to "wow" me.

I usually connect with a variety of characters, but the MC in Such a Rush was just "okay" for me. Maybe it was again that writing style that didn't develop her for me so I could fully connect, but she was a good narrator, and interesting to watch, but I didn't feel for her as I wanted to.

The brothers, Grayson and Alec, are great to drive the story. Their personalities bounce off each other. I ended up liking the non-main brother more so and I'm not sure why--maybe it was he had more standout qualities and the other was too wooden. The other brother kept doing this thing that annoyed me! Even at the end of the book, he hadn't changed. That really disappointed me that his character issue was still present that late on and it meant I didn't see as big as a transformation in his character as I wanted to see.

But despite those things, this is an excellent book, well plotted. I'm in two minds about the rating. It high stars for many parts of the book.

I didn't expect to love the strong influence of small planes as much as I did. I truly felt transported when I read about the rush and the love Leah, the MC, had for planes and flying. It was beautiful, and it's probably even more important than the romance. This book wasn't all too romantic, and I still loved it regardless that it came second to flying. It felt right.

This book is a good, honest look at how it tells the story. I'm interested to read more Jennifer Echols books because this is a great book, and I can see why so many others fell in love with it, even if it wasn't for me.

***3.5 stars***
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2012
I have read all of Jennifer Echols books and The Boys Next Door was definitely my favourite, this book comes in at a close second. I am not a teenager or young adult but I just love the way that Echols writes. The stories are character driven with just the right balance of serious issues and romance.

Leah is the narrator of this story. Her mother had her at the age of sixteen and since then she has been moved from trailer park to trailer park across the country. At the age of fourteen Leah walks into the small airport next to her trailer park in Heaven Beach and gets herself a job. She soon becomes obsessed with aeroplanes and decides that she wants to learn how to fly. She asks Mr Hall who has a small company with a couple of light aeroplanes to teach her. She has no friends at school and lives a solitary life, her Mum has no idea that she is taking flying lessons. Leah knows that if her mother found out, she would never agree to let Leah spend her money on the lessons, she would just take it from Leah to waste on beer and boyfriends. Therefore when Mr Hall asks for her mother's signature on the consent form, she fakes it.

Mr Hall has three teenage sons, Jake, Alec and Grayson (twins) who hang around the airport in the holidays and occasional weekends. The rest of the time they live with their mother a couple of hours drive away. The Hall boys are cocky and good looking and Leah observes them from afar having little contact with them.

We then move forward three years and Leah is now flying as a part time job for Mr Hall. Her mother still has no idea that she can fly and Leah gives her some money for the rent and pays the bills. She keeps her extra money hidden from her mother. Her mother comes and goes, depending on where her new boyfriend is, so Leah is living by herself most of the time in her dilapidated home. She is still ostracised at school as most of the girls think of her as 'trash' but she does have one good friend called Molly.

Things happen....don't want to give away too much but when Grayson and Alec take over the running of the Hall company Leah has to deal with Grayson being her boss. Since the age of fourteen she has had a major crush on him, but he in return is mean and aloof with her. Then he blackmails her into going out with Alec (who is unaware of the deal).

The way that Echols writes about Leah's love of flying, really makes the book a stand out from any similar young adult books. I completely felt her passion and I was not at all bored about the airplane parts of the story, it made the book come alive for me. The book deals with lots of serious issues like grief, neglect and bullying, without making the characters appear sad and weak.

Leah and Grayson's love/hate relationship was amazing! I read the book in one sitting and am now feeling depressed because I didn't want it to end.
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2014
I love, love, love Jennifer Echols writing; she has a way of drawing you into the story and making you so invested in the characters that you just don’t want the book to end. Such a Rush was no exception.

The divide between rich and poor is starkly portrayed alongside the attitudes/expectations others assign to people who struggle to survive. While some people do become the quintessential self-fulfilling prophecy, others like Leah have the grit and determination to overcome the life they have been given. They are stronger than the ties that bind them. For Leah this escape comes with flying and the dream of becoming a pilot. While she is unable to avoid certain stereotyping due to second-hand and often too small-clothes (you can imagine the stereotyping from that). Leah doesn’t dispel the insinuations rather she avoids forming any relationships, afraid of the consequences to her fragile self-esteem. Leah is a complex character struggling against the life she has been born into; she is desperately lonely and insecure behind the barriers she has established.

In contrast, Grayson has grown-up in a privileged home although not necessarily a happy one. While he can act like a complete douche you can sense his vulnerability behind his defence mechanisms. Making him a lot like Leah. As the emotional barriers as well as preconceived notions are dismissed it is easy to see how perfect Grayson and Leah are together.

Jennifer Echols never fails to make me run the gauntlet of emotion. Such a Rush made me laugh, cry and shout in outrage. Every time I read one of her books I feel as if I’ve left a piece of my heart with the characters. My only wish is either for sequels or epilogues set in the distant future just so I know how the characters have got on. I literally begged Jennifer for this via twitter :)

Jennifer Echols is a must-read author; it’s an addiction you won’t regret :)
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on 16 June 2013
Originally posted on Serendipity Reviews.
This is my first Jennifer Echols book and I can assure it won't be my last. I really struggled over what star rating to give it and eventually decided it would have to be four and half stars. The main reason I didn't give it five was purely because of the first two chapters. I found the back story to be quickly condensed into them and I nearly put the book down. I felt a lot of information was thrown at us, which annoyed me. Luckily I didn't give up because by the end of Chapter 3 I was completely hooked. I could even understand why all the information had been related in those first couple of chapters as it explains the confusing relationship between Grayson and Leah and you are totally involved in their lives from that point on.

The book has that Pretty In Pink feel to it, as you watch the underdog from the wrong side of the tracks take on the richies and turn her life around. She shows them how much stronger she is than them and how much they need her in their lives.

I loved Leah. She was on the verge of becoming trailer park trash girl, but her quick thinking and determination changes the direction of her life. She knows exactly what she wants and intends to get it. She fights against the stereotypical person she is believed to be. She is passionate about flying - she has no intention of following any other path in life and her focus on it appears so controlled. And Grayson! Whoa! He was HOT! The bad boy turned serious and sensible, yet still oozing badness out of every pore. I don't think any reader would be able to resist his charms. Together Leah and Grayson make a sizzling couple and the romance aspect of the novel is swoon worthy.

The book deals quite heavily with flying; this is a subject I haven't ever seen in a YA book before and I really enjoyed it. Either the author actually knows how to fly or she carried out a lot of research in order to give the story an authentic feel.

I really enjoyed losing myself in this story. I've got a couple more books by this author that I will be delving into soon. This is a beautiful summer read and it would be ideal for the beach!
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on 5 June 2013
It's been a long time since I've read any of Jennifer Echols work, so I was excited to see what she had in store with Such a Rush, and in all, Jennifer provides a swoon-worthy read!

Such a Rush is based around a teenage girl named Leah. Leah's absentee mother spends all her money on gambling and booze, leaving Leah to fend for herself. Leah's only escape from her problems are flying air planes for a banner flying company, but when Mr Hall dies - the owner of the company, Leah's future is suddenly looking bleak. When his son's Grayson and Alec take over the company, Leah finds herself in a worse position than ever, because Grayson starts blacking mailing Leah into dating his brother. Can Leah really date Alec when she's attracted to Grayson when it's pretty clear that Grayson feels something for her too?

I really enjoyed Such a Rush, probably not as much as I was expecting too but still, it was definitely worth a read. This is the sixth book I've read by Jennifer and even though I've enjoyed more some than others, her works never disappoints. She provides good summer reads and I definitely plan on reading more of her work.

Leah despite her problems is a very likeable character. It was easy to get lost in her world and feel her pain that's causes by her mother. She's got no-one other than Mr Hall and her best friend to lean on, so when Mr Hall dies, I think a piece of Leah died too then. Through out the story Leah never wallows, she always remains as hopeful as ever. I was glad when Grayson and Alec entered the picture though- even with Grayson being a jerk, because the story became pretty entertaining and of course, the boys provided that hotness factor. What I liked most was there wasn't really a love triangle involved in the story, it's pretty clear who likes who and I loved that.

Overall, Such a Rush is a likeable and entertaining read and I can't wait to read Jennifer's next book; Dirty Little Secret.
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on 20 March 2013
Rush(The breathless trilogy)
This book is on similar lines to fifty shades so if you enjoyed that you will this.
Gabe Hamilton is super rich and gorgeous,he has women falling at his feet. Hes at the opening party of his hotel. Then in walks beautiful mia his best friend and business partners little sister. She takes his breathe away and wants her badly but he also knows she's forbidden fruit. Jace (mias brother) would die before he let someone as dark as gabe go anywhere near here.
But gabe has lusted after mia since she was young and she's now ripe enough for him to taste.
Mia has also fantasized about gabe since she was 16 but him been 14 yrs her senior what would he want from her.
Gabe approaches her and asks her to dance and says to be in in office the next day. He snogs her face off then sends her home in a car.
Confused.com is what mia is but decides to go along to see gabe anyway. What does he want from her?
Gabe offers mia a job as his personal assistant but also has a contract for her. He wants her To succumb herself to him completely submitt in all aspects of her life. In return Giving her him and lots and lots of pleasure.
Can she submit and sign his contract?
The book is filled with a lot of sex and BDSM, Soo you'll definitely get your fill with this book haha.

I liked mia and gabe but I loved jace and ash characters and can't wait to read the second instalment....fever (the breathless trilogy) what's all about jace and ash antics.whoo

I won't spoil the story but I didn't like the incidicient in the hotel room in paris.That was a bit sick!!
Is there going to be as happy ending? Does gabe and mia belong together?
Will jace find out and kick gabes ass?
It was a good book to read,a little bit expensive though.
Would recommend!
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