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4.1 out of 5 stars
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With a thriving wine business to run, the last thing Jordan Rhodes expects or wants is a visit from the FBI. But with her twin brother in jail for cyber 'terrorism' and an offer to see him released early if she co-operates, well, sometimes a rich girl's gotta do what a rich girl can do. Even if it involves taking an agent to an exclusive charity wine tasting as her date. Good thing its the well-dressed Agent Huxley and not his rugged partner.

FBI agent Nick McCall was looking forward to a break after six intense months undercover. But as one of Chicago's top agents he can hardly say no when his boss asks him to help a junior colleague out. Even if it does mean meeting Jordan Rhodes, who's too rich, too blonde and too everything for Nick's tastes.

Luckily for both of them that Nick's role is strictly behind the scenes. Until a few unexpected problems throw them together for longer than either of them had planned...

In true Julie James' style, the lead characters of her fourth novel do not hit it off in the best way. With both of them too clever, too guarded and too sarcastic for their own good, the scene is set for a sexy personality clash of very strong wills.

Returning to the same setting as her last book - Something about You - there are a couple of cameos from Jack and Cameron, as well as glimpses of cheeky Agent Wilkins, combining with new characters like Agent Huxley and Jordan's brother, Kyle, all helping to keep the banter and wit going, even when the main two aren't together. Have to say Kyle very nearly stole the show for me, from the whole Twitter debacle (genius), to the Sawyer teasing, not to mention the incident with the fork, or the tales Jordan tells to disenchant people, I am so excited that James is writing about him next.

But amidst the teasing, sarcasm, macho grumbles and the constant wine, Jordan and Nick's tale comes together with plenty of heat, a smattering of misunderstandings and more than a hint of danger. I'll admit I felt there was something missing between the main two at times, lacking the wonderful magic of James' last two books, even if I still can't quite pin down why. Despite that this will still make you laugh, possibly drive you to drink (so much wine!) and provide a warm and fuzzy moment or two. Sassy, smart and fun - Enjoy!
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on 16 July 2011
Another fun, easy and enjoyable read from Julie James! This is my second favourite book of hers that I've read so far, better than Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Something About You but it still doesn't quite match up to my first and favourite: Practice Makes Perfect (I'm still obsessed with J.D.).

As her latest release, this was the steamiest of the lot with some very sexy and descriptive bathtime fun and the tall, dark and stubbled hero we can always expect from Ms James. The story this time didn't feature a heroine who's a lawyer but a billionaire heiress and expert wine taster (makes for some very interesting dirty talk about smooth fullness) called Jordan, whilst mr dark and sexy (Nick) is an FBI agent. The FBI approach Jordan to help them infiltrate the charity fundraiser of a fellow wine lover and suspected criminal. Nick is Jordan's fake date who's mission involves planting recording devices inside the suspect's office.

When not everything goes to plan at the party, Jordan and Nick are forced to keep up the charade a little longer than originally planned. As they are both so dedicated to playing their parts they 'reluctantly' smooch and get close - only in case anyone's watching, of course ;)

Julie James knows how to write excellent chick lit and always manages to pull off witty and sarcastic banter better than most writers I know. Even if you're not really into romance novels or chick lit, you can't help but be amused by the neverending humourous remarks thrown back and forth between the characters. That's what I love so much about James' novels and why I know I'll be reading more from her in the future.
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on 19 May 2012
Kyle and Rylann have history. Met in college arranged a date and it sort of didn't happen but the sparks were there. 9 years later they meet again. This time Rylann is an assistant us attourney and Kyle is a convict! The chemistry they had when they first met has not gone anywhere and they begin a relationship together but they have to overcome their own obstacles first.

I enjoyed About that Night immensely. Really loved Kyle and Rylann. They were "real" people and it was easy to care about them and relate to them. Rylann plans her life religiously and knows what she wants and what she will have to do to achieve that and she works hard to get to where she is. Kyle although he is rich he never comes across as spoiled or presumptious and he has also worked really hard to get what he has got.

Also liked the fact that their relationship developed quite slowly. They had to work things out like how they were going to make it work because of her job etc. They are really sweet when they are together too. It was so much fun watching their story unfold. They did fight their chemistry together but what was more fun what watching them succumb to that chemistry as well!

The book doesn't have the suspense or mystery that the previous books have had but saying that I enjoyed the fact that it was light on these things and focused more about the relationship between Kyle and Rylann.

Other character's from previous books show up in this and I would advise reading A Lot Like Love (Berkley Sensation)which is the previous book to this one before reading About That Night as Kyle plays quite a big role in that book and it's where we first meet him.

Julie James is a bit of a mystery to me because although I really like her books and I've read them all, I tend to find one or both of the main characters really annoying because they they spend the entire book arguing and bickering over whether they should be with each other. I get kind of frustrated with that and end up feeling like I want to hit both characters over the head! With this book I did not feel that and I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book because of that. The characters were relatable and not so annoying.

Overall a very enjoyable, fun, fresh and light contemporary romance and I look forward to reading the next one very soon!
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I adore Julie James. If you've read "Practice Makes Perfect" then you know that she can write witty, engrossing full-of-chemistry romance novels. Even "The Sexiest Man Alive" (though perhaps a tad M&B due to the rich badboy Hollywood actor-hero who forsakes all others for the love of our fair heroine) is still a respectable attempt on romance fiction for a debut novel (I tried amending my score to 4 stars but for some reason it doesn't change).

This novel, however, appears to be written for the sake of meeting the publisher's deadline rather than for the pleasure of an audience.

Julie James began writing for the more discerning romance fiction audience but that rapidly transgressed to a lower IQ level audience. Its completely unfair as those people have an array of trashy novels that they may choose from - no need to steal Julie James as well! But I've noticed this terrible fate awaits many a novelist and its an utter shame.

The plot for this novel (bad boy FBI agent forced to work undercover as our heroine's date to an exclusive party) is beyond cliched and overused. The whole bad boy FBI agent (predictably unintelligent) and the postgraduate-educated billionaire princess coupling is even further tediously exhausting. The two seem to have little in common and their conversation (that consists of sarcasm that isn't even witty) is appallingly tedious as well as unimaginative.

The only part of the novel which has any element of the Julie James style is the banter between the preppy FBI agents and the heroine and her brother. Otherwise I don't recognise who wrote this terrible excuse for a novel.

Even the suspense/criminal investigation is completely far-fetched and so lacking in plot that its rather embarrassing. Its so far removed from reality that one I shudder to think what a real FBI agent would think. I don't expect the novel to be accurate but some similarity to its subject matter would be appreciated.

I blame the publishers for this sabotage against a respectable author. Its vandalism against intelligent women. It appears that the author has been persuaded to immerse her talent into a wasteful regime of spewing fluffy cliched books that have been written and re-written in order to cater to the small imagination of the empty-headed masses.

However, I have hope and will read the next impalement. Hopefully this horrid FBI series will end very soon!
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VINE VOICEon 9 January 2012
As the daughter of a billionaire and the owner of her own boutique wine store, Jordan Rhodes' name is on the guest list of all the best parties in Chicago. But it's just one party that the FBI want her help to get into - the exclusive party thrown by a renowned restaurateur and alleged mob money launderer. Jordan's not keen on her "date" but she'll do what she has to do in exchange for her brother's release from jail.

As the top undercover FBI agent in Chicago, Nick McCall has been in his fair share of tricky situations. But pretending to date Jordan tops his list of difficult tasks when the pair can't be alone together for more than 5 minutes before the sparks begin to fly and the arguing starts. But when their one date turns into two, this straightforward assignment starts to feel like something a whole lot more that neither of them expected.

This is another winner from Julie James and it is chock full of her trademark wit, humour and smart and sharp banter. It stands completely alone but we did get little cameo appearances from Cameron and Jack from her previous book, Something about You.

My favourite thing about Julie James' writing is always the way that her main characters spark off each other. Despite this being a constant in her books the plot and characters are always so fresh and new and a joy to read from start to finish.

Jordan was a great character - strong and confident yet still likeable and relatable. But it was Nick who stole the show and my heart. I just love brooding, dark and mysterious men who fall hook, line and sinker for the girl of their dreams. Nick and Jordan together had great chemistry and some sexy scenes that greatly complemented the story.

I was also very happy to hear that Julie James' next book (About That Night) will be Jordan's brother, Kyle's story.

The more I read of Julie James the more I love her writing style and her stories. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking out for a sexy, sassy romantic story. 5 stars.
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on 25 February 2015
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on 25 March 2016
I enjoyed this story, part thriller and part romance. The chunky FBI agent and the billionaire heiress who despite assumptions is down to earth. Great plot with exciting g characters.
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on 19 February 2013
Great romance story - everything one needs, including yet again a strong female character and very sexy male! Couldn't put it down!
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