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on 28 July 2013
Wow Lora Leigh does it again. Since reading Forbidden my first L L book I have been hooked. I couldn't put the book down and read until 3am. The stalker wasn't who I suspected which was great as it kept the suspense going unlike some books/movies where it's obvious from the beginning which spoils it for me. I certainly recommend this book and other Lora Leigh books. I would have liked to see the price of her older books to reflect their age. Good read as always LL. Was disappointed to find Wicked and Only pleasure missing from the kindle titles, I hope they make a return.
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on 10 June 2013
i don't like MFM FMF and so, it took me a little time,and reading lots of reveiws and talking to the women in book club and boy was in i a happy reader loved the story and so two days later i have read the five Nauti boys i laughted and i cry and fell in love with all the men as u can
well done lora leigh just love your books. i'm waiting on the men of summer slade and jessie story was beauitful can't wait to read about zack and jazz
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on 29 January 2014
Characters all seem 3d and not cardboard cut outs. I keep an eye out for her new books in print
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on 25 February 2013
I loved the book, good story, liked the characters, could not put it down, would recommend it to others, will be reading book 2 next.
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on 3 March 2007
....been waiting a long time for this book, because I kept seeing details of it coming!! Lora Leigh has done it again. The story of Rowdy Mackay and Kelly Benton is hot, sexy and pulls no punches. Knowing that there will be stories for Dawg and Naches gets me all hot with anticipation.

As usual there is an interesting storyline : Kelly has always belonged to Rowdy but he was waiting for her to grow up enough to handle what he wants/needs sexually. Unfortunately she is attacked before this can happen. Now Rowdy has to help her rekindle her inner sexuality at the same time as tracking down her stalker/attacker and keeping her safe.

The sex scenes were hot - who would complain about three hot guys on one gorgeous girl? But they were also full of feeling. Fabulous book and a major keeper!
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on 19 October 2014
This series was wrote quite a few years ago but I just couldn't resist the pull of the author. Lora Leigh writes some very erotic stories with alpha males in abundance which is something I can't ignore.
So this first book got me in the mood straight away with three hunky alpha' s Rowdy, Dawg and Natches and their need to protect (and bed) young Kelly.
Kelly had grown into a fine woman but after being assaulted she became very timid especially around Rowdy who had grown up with her and now after being away on military service has come come back to find out his family have kept secrets about what's happened.
His love for Kelly emerges and nothing and no one will stop him from protecting her. Their desire for one another was erotic and emotional making this very passionate at times.
Dawg and Natches the other two hunky alpha's in this story will just have to concentrate on helping Rowdy catch Kelly's assailant because for once Rowdy isn't sharing lol.
Nauti Nights book 2
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on 28 March 2007
Kelly has loved Rowdy for most of her life. Her mother married Rowdy's dad when she was a young girl. Rowdy, being a bit older, started noticing Kelly as she grew up. He loved her right back, but knew that she was too young and too innocent for him. He ran away and joined the Marines, giving him a dangerous edge. Everytime he came home, he was more and more tempted. Kelly flirted with him and ached for him to claim her.

He returns home for good finally, fully anticipating making Kelly his only to find that she has changed. She has been brutally attacked and is afraid of him. Her attacker is still at large and she is in danger. Rowdy has to deal with many things at once:

- his father and stepmother are watching his every step around Kelly

- he has to protect Kelly at all costs, nothing can harm her or he will lose his mind

- Kelly is nervous after her attack and afraid of the intensity of feelings he arouses in her

- Rowdy is a Naughti boy...He and his cousins have shared women since they were young. His cousins both desire Kelly. He doesn't know how she will deal with it and doesn't know if he wants to share his Kelly.

The sex scenes are terribly hot, yet wonderfully emotional. Kelly and Rowdy both have their own journeys, yet they manage them together beautifully.

Lora Leigh manages to blend erotica and passion so well. I started reading this book at my dining table, and three hours later I realised I hadn't moved position except to turn the pages! More, please, Lora.
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Rowdy has been crazy about his step-sister Kelly since she was 16 but as he was 22 at the time he didn't feel it would be right to take things any further until she was older. To escape from her flirting he joined the marines where he has spent the last 8 years until deciding that Kelly is now old enough for him to claim her as his. When he returns home he finds a very different Kelly from the one he remembers on his last visit a year ago. Having been the victim of a vicious attempted rape and still being stalked by the perpetrator Kelly has become a shadow of her former self and is very nervous around men - even Rowdy. With the help of his cousins Dawg and Natches Rowdy is determined to stop her stalker but he also wants to help Kelly regain her confidence and begin a relationship with her.

Having really enjoyed Lora Leigh's Wild Card I was looking forward to reading Nauti Boy but unfortunately I was disappointed and found this one just didn't work for me. One of the main issues I had was how quickly Rowdy pushed Kelly into a relationship with him and how he immediately asked her to allow his cousins to join them in bed together. Considering the nature of Kelly's attack and the fact that she was terrified of Rowdy when he first returned home it didn't make sense to me that she would get over her fear so quickly. I also couldn't understand how she would feel comfortable with some of the sex scenes but I can't really go into more detail without giving spoilers. I just felt that everything moved far too quickly which made it very unbelievable for me.

I did find I liked their relationship more towards the end of the book but I didn't feel emotionally invested in the characters. The sex scenes were hot but I noticed several places where the same phrasing was used from Wild Card, perhaps I noticed this more because I read both books one after the other but it still irritated me. I also found the showdown at the end with the stalker seemed a bit rushed and was over far too quickly and easily. I had enjoyed the build up throughout the book but felt let down by the ending. Overall I'm not too sure if I'll be reading the rest of the books in this series although I may pick up the next one if I see it in the library. I will definitely be continuing with Lora's Elite Ops series though and am looking forward to trying her Seals and Breed series, both of which I've heard good things about.
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on 25 July 2017
Love this series
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on 4 June 2007
Having read the "August Brothers" and by the 3rd book it was basically the same format, I gave "Nauti Boy" a try assuming it would be different.

Silly me,this was new names but same tired plot.It was basically a carbon copy of "August Brothers" different location slight change of story but very little else.Yes, the sex was a bit explicit but by the time you'd read the four books you became desensitised and it was very easy to skip pages because at the end not much change.

Next time I will read the first of any author before ordering sequal,except when it comes to Christine Feehan ar Marly Chance.
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