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"What Dreams May Come" is an anthology containing 3 short romantic tales.

Knightly Dreams by Sherrilyn Kenyon
When unlucky in love Taryn's car breaks down she tarries a while in a quaint little book shop. After meeting an old dear named Esther she finds her whole life changes. Enter Sparhawk, the Earl of Ravensmoor, a major hottie from a romance novel named "Knightly Dreams". It appears that book storylines do occur in another world, a world where Sparhawk actually exists. When his fiancée Alinor from "Knightly Dreams" (a nasty piece of works) obtains a copy of their own book, she finds herself in control of the story line and draws Sparhawk back into his own world. Taryn is heartbroken, however with the heart and soul of a writer, she has the ability to perhaps write her own happy ever after ending with a real life hero.

Shattered Dreams by Rebecca York
The son of gypsy fortune tellers, Caleb Mancuso is now a celebrated sculptor. Gifted with certain abilities, he is busy creating a familiar female form in marble when he receives mental images of an awful car crash, the victim Miranda Grove, his teenage sweetheart who cruelly broke his heart. With Miranda in a coma, he uses his gifts to mentally contact her; however Miranda is unaware she's trapped in unconsciousness. With the arrival of Miranda's father, the man who destroyed their young love, Caleb has his work cut out.. He also has to discover who and why someone wants to see Miranda dead, a someone with strong psychic power.

The Road of Adventure by Robin D Owens
Jake and Shauna have little in common except for dying on the same day, yet the harsh detective and tree loving spiritualistic landscape gardener were destined to be soul mates had they met whilst living. Unfortunately Shauna's cat Boris failed in his task to bring them together and therefore doesn't receive his wings, his crown, his temple or his road to great adventure. Given a second opportunity of life, both Shauna and Jake at last meet. Unfortunately although Shauna falls in love with Jake, he views himself as fundamentally unlovable and has difficulty accepting their relationship. With the help of the now golden winged ghost cat Boris, expect a happy ending.

I freely admit that I only purchased this book because of one author, the fantastic Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's always a treat when the rest of the stories within an anthology are great. This book is a fantastic mix of paranormal romance, with wonderful storylines and plenty of passion between the leading lovers. Bravo to all 3 authors!
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"Road of Adventure" by Robin D. Owens, is not one of her Celta tales, but it does have a charming irrepressible Cat - BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRISSSSSS. Boris is a ghost cat, more specifically an angel cat, even though Jake thinks he is the ugliest creature he's ever laid eyes upon. Borrrrrrriiiissssssssss belongs to Shauna, a gentle soul, loves growing things and animals, why she thinks Boris is beautiful! Boris cannot get his real angel wings - mine mine mine mine mine mine mine - until he brings Jake and Shauna together. Boris very desperately wants his wings and his golden halo, but sniffs at Jake as the possible mate for Shauna. HIS Shauna is much too good for the macho cop. They were destined to find their fates together, but something happened, and each took a wrong turn and died. Now with their guide Borrrisssssssssss, they are sent back, Jack to do it again and hopefully get it right. It's a delightful tale with Boris stealing the show, but isn't that natural??? Worthy buying for Owens tale alone.
Rebecca York has been a long time fav of mine with her consistent work for Harlequin and now her werewolf series. Again, she comes through with a delightful tale called "Shattered Dreams". Miranda often thinks of her teenage love Caleb. Once he sculpted her in stone. Despite time and separation, Caleb still wants Miranda. Their bond that defies all calls him to save the women he once loved before from an evil wanting to claim her life.
Sherrilyn Kenyon gives us a charming tale, though the weakest of the three, about "Knightly Dreams". As with all Kenyon tales read for the charm of the story not for the historical accuracy. When she catches her boyfriend with his secretary doing the Wild Thang, Tayrn is ready to put males on the endangered species list. Then a bookstore owner shows her a real knight in shining armour. It really stretches the imagination a tad. He is in a book, and suddenly he is there and she adores him. Face it, if that's all it took, J.D. Robb's Roarke would be giving me a massage right now!
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