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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

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on 9 March 2017
This is the second in the series, I found it interesting because it contains some info about alpacas, and about breeding them. At one point the characters make an inventory of all the alpaca and sheep fleeces they have, and describe the natural colours of the fleece, which is rather attractive.

I do rather wonder whether the newcomer to the community, around whom the plot centres, would really be allowed to go into the yarn store and fiddle with all the yarns, however soft and pretty they are.........She is learning to knit, and is attracted by all the bright colours.

There are also patterns and a recipe
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on 28 April 2017
Not great literature, but no one is pretending it is. Murder mystery meets knit and natter - for me and my crochet cronies a winning combo! We shamelessly try out the recipes and patterns in the back, too.
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on 26 March 2008
I was mighty intrigued to hear about this knitting murder mystery. I love to read and knit so this seemed like a perfect combination for me. The story is sugary sweet, and not like the gritty & disturbing books that I normally enjoy. However, it's great for a bit of escapism and explores knitting in a way that I had never thought about before (committing crimes!). And two of the characters own alpacas so this leads to plenty of daydreaming about lovely soft alpaca wool, mmm! This isn't meant to be taken seriously, the writing is very easy to read and it's a nice bit of fun if you have time for a break from the knitting.
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on 2 August 2010
A great book following on from an enjoyable first in the Knitting Mystery series- I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like these! In this one, Kelly discovers the body of her friend and neighbour at her Alpaca farm, her throat cut and bleeding all over her homemade rug. After this gruesome discovery, more corpses follow. Kelly is perplexed... who would want to kill businesswoman Vickie and what motive do they have? As is her way, she does some digging and what she finds might just surprise her...

It was nice to be back with the growing-more-familiar characters at the Lambspun Knitting Shop. Kelly and her friends are all really great characters to read about and the Colorado setting with its sprawling ranches and cosy cafes and shops just sounds more divine by the page. I'm not a knitter either (no patience I'm afraid!) but these books make me wish I could sit down and whip up my own scarf and the blueberry pie recipe that came with this story sounds completely moreish. Cosy mystery fans will really enjoy these books- but I would definitely recommend reading them in order. Four stars from me, now on to the third one!
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2011
We are back with Kelly Flynn and friends and more knitting in Colorado where finding a dead body is as easy as dropping a stitch!

Kelly is settling into life still living in her aunt's house but more and more aware that she cannot do this forever. Legacies left by the death of her aunt have still to be finalised and she now as to wake up to the fact that she also has responsibilities in the form of acres of ranch, cattle, sheep and alpacas.

When a local alpaca farmer is found dead in her home, Kelly's detective nose starts twitching again and she knows the death was murder but by who? There is only one clear suspect and everyone agrees but when the farmer's daughter arrives, Kelly is brought even deeper into the case as she is asked to sort out the finances so the estate can be disposed of correctly. The figures do not add up as vital data is missing and exactly where were large cash payments going in the few months before the murder. When a second related body is found at the alpaca farm the story begins to knit together, if you pardon the pun as I used this is my review of the first novel Knit One, Kill Two

Throughout the 'crime' element of the book is the new found passion Kelly has of knitting and all things yarn like - colour and texture. The locals can be found in the yarn store where they sit, knit, drink copious amounts of coffee in Kelly's case and bring each other up to date with the gossip. Any death affects them all. Along the way Kelly is learning to knit. The book provides patterns (and a recipe) at the back as well, although please note that these are American patterns and terminology does slightly differ to the UK.

An easy and quick read which is not a crime thriller it is just cosy - simple reading with a simple plot line, theme and dare I say on the odd occasion simple characters seem to have slipped in. However there is something about Kelly that I want to see everything turn out alright for her so that means I will have to read the next in the series.
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on 16 June 2012
Well I persevered with the first book figuring that the writer needed to settle into a style but I was so very wrong at one point I threw the book across the room becaue of the endless pointless babbling about coffee, yes she babbled on and on about the heroines favourite addiction luscious delectable coffee especially from Petes coffee shop - never mind the damned cinnamon rolls.

So of course in this book our heroine has become a much loved member of the lambspun knitting group with members who I still couldnt identify well I lie one she describes in such a manner I wouldn't be surprised to discover was actually a man in drag.

I cannot bring myself to finish the book I'm utterly bored by it and the characters but more by the writers endless not to mention repetitive descriptions of events or in her case food, drink and yarn I almost wonder if she has A software program that just plops in the same boring phrases.. The point at which I have given up is the two or three paragraphs approx one and half pages dedicated to the heroine Kelly eating blueberry pie at a dinner party, the word purple puddle, pie, blueberry appeared three or more times.

So it was at this stage I screamed with rage because I could have used the time wasted on this utter tripe doing something constructive like actually Knitting.

As I've said before you do not need much in the way of intellect to read these books, if it's a mystery thriller you are looking for this isn't it, you will have sussed the culprit by the fourth or fith chapter, you will not learn much interesting ie in this book there is a chapter dedicated to a conversation about alpacas, you'll learn far more from wiki or looking online actual Alpaca breeders.

I'm donating my books to my local knitting group but will issue warnings that they will find this writer seriously wanting.
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on 6 November 2011
Thoroughly enjoyed this book as a knitting crime reader. I finished it fast and have passed it on to my knitting daughter.
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on 18 September 2007
Kellie finds her friend, Vicki, murdered at her alpaca farm. As a way of helping Vicki's daughter daughter get the accounts ready for her lawyer,then while Kellie is away, the daughter is murdered, after discovering there are some inconsistancies with her mother's bank accounts. Meanwhile, the solicitor dealing with Kelly's aunt and cousin's estate, suggests that Kellie heads off to see the ranch and the cattle she has inherited. Will Kellie get it together with Steve?.......
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on 10 August 2012
Have read several books in this series, and all are very easy reads. Although murder is involved in the story line,it also follows the lives of a group of friends who frequent an absolutely fabulous wool shop.

the descriptions throughout the books are excellent, you can almost 'taste' the colours.

All in all an enjoyable read
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on 25 March 2015
I did enjoy her first book in this series so decided to read the second just to see if it was a fluke it wasn't they just get better I am just going to read the 3rd in the series I am sure it will not disappoint so give them a go ,
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