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on 25 February 2006
I have to admit that I bought this book purely based on its knitting connection. A mystery involving knitting intrigued me and although I wondered whether the author might possibly be jumping on a trend and milking it, I decided that as I usually enjoy the odd cosy crime, I'd give it a try.

I think Ms. Sefton probably had good intentions with the story but unfortunately it didn't work for me. There were far too many characters involved and as their personalities weren't well developed, it was difficult to differentiate between them and keep track of who was doing what and why.

As far as the mystery itself goes, it didn't exactly keep me on the edge of my chair although it was ok. Big clues as to the answer started to turn up about two thirds into the book and it was all nicely unravelled at the end.

All in all the book's not too bad but nothing to get excited about. If you've nothing else to read on a wet afternoon and enjoy cosy crimes without demanding too much of them, this is probably worth reading. I certainly wouldn't recommend putting it at the top of your 'must read' list, though.

(If I could have given this 2.5 stars then I would have. It isn't quite deserving of 3 but deserves more than 2).
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on 2 August 2006
This is a typical "cozy crime", as opposed to Patricia Cornwell et al. I am a fan of her as well, but sometimes I prefer to bundle up with a cup of tea and a book like this.

The characters are likeable, the setting is rural and comforting, the plot has interesting twists. Also, the cinnamon buns (recipe included) are lovely!

You don't have to be a knitter to enjoy this book, but you may, like me, get the motivation to begin.
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on 16 June 2012
I must admit I wasn't expecting too much from this except a reasonable light read, however this was awful I almost gave up half way through but kept going till the miserable end. So what is wrong with this book?

A) thin plot with massive holes and gigantic gaps that are never covered such as another murder occurs our heroine hears about said murder and suspects who the victim is but never actually rings anyone to find out rather she heads out for a run to clear her head.

B) paragraphs dedicated to the taste off coffee, if I wanted to read about coffee I'd watch adverts or go to costa coffee

C) poor character descriptions so much so I kept forgetting who was who and tbh they all became blurred

As said before I almost gave up but persevered because it was the first in the series and I figured that maybe it gets better but trust me it doesn't in fact it gets worse much much worse.

I'd say that the average reading age For this book is ten to about thirteen even then I think that's being generous.

If its an exciting read involving fiesty women who knit then thid isn't the book or series for you .
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on 20 May 2008
I've read and enjoyed other knitting stories, but this one really grabbed my interest. It's a clever little plot and I honestly didn't figure out the killer until it was revealed at the end. The ending is very swift and leaves it open for the author to continue the series so you'll have to read the other books to see where Kelly ends up. I thought the style of writing and emotions displayed by the characters was more developed than some of the other knitting mystery books I've read, and I like the bold personalities that the author has created for her characters. In my opinion it's a good book, and I hope the rest of the series is as fun to read.

The book also includes knitting patterns for a chunky scarf and a shell top, and there is a recipe for the cinamon buns - all are refered to through the book so if you're inspired to get creating the information is all there for you!
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on 18 September 2007
The first in the series, and what a great book - I'm glad I bought the other two in the series!

Kate has returned to the town when she spent some time growing up. She has inherited from her Aunt a lovely cottage, following her aunt's murder, add to that the appearance of a distant cousin, and a missing family quilt, then another death........
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on 6 November 2011
If you are a fan of cosy crime and knitting you might enjoy this book. But I found the knitting theme was over worked and there seemed to be more written about knitting than actual plot line. I ended up skimming through all the descriptions of wool, knitting patterns, spinning etc etc. I also had trouble differentiating between some of the main characters; Megan, Jennifer and the other younger character (whose name I can't even remember she made that much of an impact on me) seem interchangeable. I kind of liked Kelly but the rest of the cast didn't really jump off the page and come alive.

If the knitting aspect had been toned down, and the characters rounded out this could have been a good book. I was wondering if the 2nd in the series improved, but I don't think I will be spending the money finding out.
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on 26 August 2011
I found this book in a take a book, leave a book shelf in a campsite in France. And I wish I had left it.

Interestingly the book I read immediately before this one was also crime novel. In 'The Bugles Blowing' by Nicholas Freeling, the murderer makes himself known to the detective in the very first chapter. That book had more suspense and intrigue that this book.

The dialogue in the book is simply dreadful; it's full of unnecessary descriptive words. Nobody actually says anything but they gush, tweak, sooth and do dozens of other things when they talk; this gets pretty annoying after about two pages.

The characters are not very well written either. Pretty much stock characters such as the slightly slutty one, the stern but matronly one, the sweet but slightly dotty old lady etc. all straight out of central casting as they say. A few background scenes are inserted to give the characters a bit of depth are often as not handled with such bland, mealy-mouthed prudishness that completely fails to be either believable or humourous.

The main character, Kelly, is neither credible nor interesting as a protagonist. She's supposed to be some sort of whizz-kid accountant but has only a few thousand dollars of savings to show for it, and who goes around speaking of financial prudence, despite owning an expensive (and unbelievably intelligent) dog and renting a townhouse in Washington that is clearly too large and expensive for her needs and budget. Basically, she has most of the hallmarks of a classic Mary-Sue character.

The whole story wraps up with a bunch of clunking great plot devices being slung in pretty much at random from about the middle of the book onwards.

Avoid this book. If you enjoy reading about knitting, get a book about that and if you want to read a crime novel, there are plenty of better ones than this piece of rubbish.
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on 14 October 2013
This is a first time read for me and I loved the flow of the story, none of the going back and recapping all the time. I also don't like books in which there are too many characters and too many twists in the tale - I like to enjoy an easy read and this was just that. I will be looking out for and reading more of Maggie Sefton's books in the future.
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on 2 August 2010
As a big fan of the `Coffee House' mystery series but as someone who hasn't been too enthralled by the `Flower Shop' mysteries (I gave up after book 4), I've been looking for a new cosy crime series to get hooked on and I think the `Knitting mysteries' could be just the books to do it.

Not only do they have a feisty heroine in the form of Kelly, but they bring along with them an appealing Colorado setting, her adorable golf-ball chasing Rottweiler Carl, and a set of female allies to not only help her solve murders, but to teach her how to knit and ensure her caffeine cravings are well catered for in the process.

When DC dwelling accountant Kelly returns to her deceased aunt's house following her unsolved murder, she never expects to feel quite so at home there given the circumstances. As she deals with her sudden inheritance and is pulled into the comforting small town life making makes new friends at the Lambspun Knitting Shop, the city suddenly seems very far away. The only trouble is, a murderer is still looming and Kelly won't rest until they are caught...

What a great series. A none too taxing read admittedly and a bit predictable in places, but at the same time it's nice to read something so fresh and comforting that you can dip in and out of at whim. The characters are all well written, and interspersed in the chapters are knitting tips, followed by a pattern at the end to attempt if you are so inclined and a delicious recipe from the book to try (I might just do that). There's the merest suggestion that at some point in the forthcoming books romance for Kelly might be on the horizon too- all in all this was an enjoyable read and I hope the others are just as entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go.
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on 2 March 2015
I was interest in the concept of this series. However the last 50 pages where as painful to read as the first 50. There are a few good descriptive passages about colour and texture - that's it. I stuck with it to the end only to conclude it does not even qualify as "passes the time". Sadly I can not recommend this book.
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