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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2004
I have to confess that I had no great expectations on opening the first page of this book and so was surprised when I had read several chapters without even trying. This book, which looks to be the first one of a series, sees the main character Betsy die and become the Queen of the Vampires. A good plotline, yes, but what makes this book far from the run of the norm, is that it doesn't take itself seriously at all, and is in fact hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing in places, it was that funnily written, and if the next one in the series is written with the same humourous and light-hand then I will be well and truly hooked! One word of caution though: this book is written in the first person (Betsy's POV), so it may not be to everyone's bookreading taste. I don't mind first person books, and in this case I think it suited the style of book. Final recommendation: anyone who enjoys the Sookie Stackhouse books will almost certainly enjoy this one too.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 October 2004
If Bram Stoker walked onto the set of Sex and the City and decided to pen a novel then I'm pretty sure he'd come up with something very like Undead and Unwed. At last we have a modern day Vampire Queen, a member of the undead more concerned with her Manolo's or whether her roots need retouching than acting like a typical denizen of the night.

We learn that Elizabeth Taylor (... ouch aka Betsy) is attacked a few months earlier. Screaming blue murder, she is lucky to escape with only bruises and bites, unaware her garlic breath saved her life. I can't say Betsy's luck improves as she is later hit by a car, sustaining none survivable injuries. She is therefore pretty bewildered when she wakes up in a funeral parlour and absolutely furious to discover her stepmother has dressed her in second hand clothes and cheap shoes. Spending the next few hours trying to finish the job the car failed to do and facing off potential muggers and rapists, she correctly concludes that she is an invincible vampire after displaying her super strength, speed and elongated fangs.

Betsy is an ex-model who firmly believes that just because you're dead, you shouldn't lose your fashion sense. She cannot believe the cliches that abound, vampires in tuxedoes and swirling black capes ... puhleese, and with her strange new abilities she suddenly finds herself a man magnet (not that she wasn't cute before). Completely flouting vampire tradition she glibly approaches family and friends, intent on carrying on with her life . Her mother and best friend Jessica are overjoyed to see her again and don't care about her new dietary needs. As Besty is introduced to other members of the vampiric race, we learn that she really is something special; crosses and holy water don't bother her and she has the ability to abstain from feeding (eeek!!), an event she isn't looking forward to.

Ms Davidson writes firmly tongue in cheek and many of the scenes in this book are hilarious as Betsy adjusts to her new life (or death) as a Vampire Queen, complete with a destined hunky blood sucking consort. This book was a lighthearted romp which brightened my day considerably. Long live (or not) Queen Betsy!!
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on 22 February 2005
Betsy Taylor has just been sacked from her secretarial job, her main worry being that now she won't be able to afford the designer shoes her shoul craves. Then she is killed in a car crash. She wakes up in the morgue and is outraged to find that her stepmother has dressed her in CHEAP shoes! She finds that she is now immensely strong, fast and charismatic, can't take solid food and has a craving to drink blood. The truth dawns on her that she is a vampire!
Betsy runs into trouble when she meets othe vampires who are shocked by her refusal to conform. She insists on letting her family and friends know about her undead state (her stepmother is livid), she is squeamish about drinking blood, attends church, isn't afraid of crosses and doesn't burn up in sunlight. She isn't just any old vampire, she's the QUEEN of the Vampires, and doesn't want to be. She is pursued by sexy hunk vampire Sinclair and his cohorts, who want to enlist her help in destroying the corrupt vampire master Nostro, who treats other vampires like slaves.
Betsy is a very endearing heroine. Her passion for shoes, her enthusiasm for 'Gone With the Wind' (she really identifies with Scarlett), her courage, her generosity and her resolute refusal to conform to vampire standards, all make her a very likeable and human character. There are strong supporting characters too, especially Betsy's rich, abrasive black friend Jessica, and of course sexy hunk Sinclair, and an exciting and funny story. A real treat.
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on 26 August 2004
I was reading this story on the way to work and one part made me laugh so much the bus driver jumped out of his skin and almost crashed the bus. I love love love this storyline, hunky guy (albeit dead), funny girl you can relate to (albeit dead), fun friend's, and plot gaps for future books. Oh and the sex scenes, well put it like this I have read Laurell k's series and this one actually had me blushing. Betsy is such a fun character, such an imperfect modern day girl obsessed with shoes. I love how it encorperates her being the average, although stunningly gorgeous ex-model to turning into this completely new life. You want to laugh with her, smack the annoying could-be boyfriend, and gag at the thought of drinking blood.
Love the fact shes the average girl dealing with a not so average world.
Mary-janice Davidson knows how to write!
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on 19 January 2005
My partner thinks I have gone nuts have been sat reading and chuckling to myself.
This book is great if you love a good lighthearted read it certainly cheered me up. I loved the way Betsy kept her own character and did not just turn into a mindless vamp, her obsession with shoes was something I could relate to I would definately want mine back!
It is the best book I have read in a while and I can't wait to get the next one.
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on 1 August 2004
This book does a great job of turning all those stuffy vampire novels on their heads! Here we've got Betsy, reluctant newly turned vampire, reluctant Queen of the Undead, who's refusing to give in to the vampire cliche with hilarious consequences!
It's a wonderfully refreshing change for those of you who enjoy books by Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, and Buffy (of course) etc etc and it'll have you chuckling away as Betsy laughs in the face of mean bad-ass vampires.
Can't wait to read the next one!
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on 9 February 2006
...is the perfect word to describe this humorous parody about a young woman who wakes up after a fatal car accident to find herself queen of all vampires. I cannot say that this was exactly a laugh riot, however, the story was funny, the main character was quirky (to say the least) and the book was short and read very quickly. I particularly enjoyed the characters of veteran bloodsuckers Eric Sinclair and Tina who may have been the only two rational thinking and mature characters in the book. The main character of Betsy was, as many of the other reviewer have stated, extremely immature. Her frequent rants and constant interruption of everyone who attempted to say anything to her became rather annoying as the story went on but her wisecracking comebacks were often clever and did cause me to chuckle from time to time. The romance between Betsy and Eric Sinclair however, was somewhat of a mystery to me because I couldn't figure out what this cool and charismatic vampire saw in Betsy. But I am looking forward to solving this mystery in the next installment of this cute and clever series. I just hope that the character of Betsy grows up a little in `UNDEAD AND UNEMPLOYED'. 3 ½ Stars!
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on 5 June 2007
I finished reading this book yesterday, it only took me 2 evenings to devour, and I am now a fan of this author and this new Undead series. The main heroine, Betsy, is such a fantastic character. Dim-witted, funny, sarcastic and sassy! What more could a reader ask for? I also Love Marc, I thought he bought something else to the story with his wit, and Sinclair is a good male figure who brings sex appeal and tension.

I laughed out loud many times reading this book. MaryJanice Davidson has a wonderful sense of humour and it really shows in her writing. This is a comedy with a sinister edge, with enough of everything. There are a few sexual scenes which leave you hot under the collar, but without them being too obscene.

If you like sarcasm and witt, you will really like this book. Definately one for the ladies and a keeper! I'm definately going to read the rest of this Betsy series.
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on 11 July 2006
Although the whole story is based on complete and utter nonsense, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If your looking for an easy, light read I recommend these series of books. I found some parts (actually almost all) of these books completely laugh out loud-able, some of the situations Betsy gets herself into are hilarious, and her personality doesn't help to suppress your laughter either, she comes out with some of the most randomist, vainest comments you'll here, especially about her HUGE obsession with shoes.

I can't wait to read the next in the series...and I hope Mary will keep writing them as I found them thoroughly enjoyable.
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on 2 March 2006
If you're looking for a light read, that's great fun, then I recommend this book.
I laughed out loud a few times and generally just enjoyed reading something that I didn't have to concentrate too much on.
The story itself is pure nonsense but who cares ....
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